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Found 12 results

  1. Just to get the ball rolling. Ladies, what sort or spanking or punishment would you give a man who has a roving eye and looks at porn for far too often? Is this a serious offense for you or just "boys will be boys" getting out of hand?
  2. Male looking for female near Georgetown Texas. I prefer either role. I am experienced, discreet, clean, and respectful. Please be the same. Look forward to hearing from you. Michael
  3. Hi there, I am spanking naughty men and women in DC. You must be willing to take COVID-19 precautions, be respectful, and not involve me in any bullshit. If you need your bottom bared and blistered contact me, and I will find a way to give you the spanking you need.
  4. I will keep it short (please have a peek at my profile). I have been a dominant since my seventeenth year. I have been a successful disciplinarian for over thirty years. However, I have to come to terms that the greatest pleasure (physically and to some degree, emotionally) is simply spanking in role playing situations. I have been spanked a few times and found it rewarding. Sadly, I approach the realm of BDSM (discipline inclusive) with the mind. It is the mind that must put forth and receive energy. Verbal commands and cues (IMO) are best when the spankee is humbled prior to the spanking. When I do take one (male or female) through a stress release and/or ridding of guilt there is no sexual pleasure. I find an emotional connection. However, conversely with my former submissive and those throughout my life (as per negotiations) taking them to that place that subs refer to as sjub space is a glorious trip! I find everything in me comes to life. The sexual urge to act is abated by the concentrated energy I expel as I travel with my sub to that place where she knows that if she were at the precipice of a cliff and began to slip and felt like she was going to fall my hand was there. Always there. I prefer to role play. However, I am not against working with one should sincerity be established.
  5. I feel that things run smoother when she wants to have structure, accountability, and boundaries to live with. Yes, this is your choice but I’m older and, I have worked with many women in my life who feel the same way. If this is not you, then that is your choice and I am not forcing you to do anything against your will and of course, everything is always consensual and you can always change your mind. She then knows that if she breaks a rule, procrastinates, or shows bad behavior she will be immediately punished. I have over 50 years of experience in dealing with errant women, I am slender, 5’9”, 145# and I enjoy working with a woman who is fit, petite, or slender and not overweight. I can be severe if you need it or you repeat the same act of disobedience. I will spank you with my hand and implements, as your behavior calls for. I believe that other forms of punishment are also needed such as lecturing, corner time, embarrassment, writing goals or reports, etc. I only work with females, so males, please do not reply. I live in Colorado west of Denver and I cannot host, please contact me directly to, Doug, at tisdoug@protonmail.com
  6. I need a spanking and to be properly corrected with corner time. Please PM me
  7. I'm a naughty female looking to find a strict female (hopefully) who can teach my bratty little ass a lesson
  8. Hello there, Experienced spanker from RI USA, 5'11 decent build. I've been in the scene and interested since I can remember. I am currently looking for Female spankees in need of discipline/therapy. Age and ethnicity does not concern me (18+ is a must!). I have my favorite implements and am currently expanding upon my collection. I am 100% discreet and never share/discuss personal information outside of a session. Nice to meet you all! Looking forward to speaking with you and getting to know and learn from everyone here. I simply go by the name "Sir", and if contact me it would be preferred if you use it. Thank you!
  9. Hello: this is my first new topic. I once had a completely unexpected experience in spanking a woman I barely knew to orgasm. I didn't even realize what was happening until I slowed down and she told me she was coming and to start again harder. if someone else told me this story I probably wouldn't believe it. I had absolutely no experience playing with anyone at the time aside from my spouse. That wasn't going well. I was getting colonics from a mature open-minded woman who saw them as physical, spiritual, and sexual. But, there was never anything sexual went on with us.. She knew about my interest in spanking and told me that she was trying to get a young woman started in being a dominatrix. The woman rented a small apartment behind the spa t where the colonics person had her shop. So, she called her and I walked across the alley to meet her. I figured this was the safest it got. I was not ready to jump into anything like this on either side and asked her to dinner. I think she was probably shocked because I treated her as I would any other woman. I took her to a fairly nice place and, of course paid. She then asked if I would like to see her apartment with the understanding that I was taking this very slowly and had no interest in booking a session at the time. She also made it very clear that she did not switch. Without writing too much detail, what wound up happening was that she put on her outfit, let me hold her implements, lay down on the bench, took off her panties and asked me to whip her. I was really shocked in that I'd never done anything like this before. So I started whipping her lightly with a crop. She yelled at me she couldn't feel it, so I switched to a tawse that was really more like a leather cane. I really laid into her and was afraid it was too much: She started slapping the side of the table and I stopped because I thought she was asking for mercy. She yelled back at me that she slapped the table when she was coming and start again. So I laid into her again until she screamed and collapsed. I never touched her with my hands. She then told me how privileged I was and how many people would've paid anything to be able to do this. I didn't disagree with her but decided it was time for me to get out of there. I'm still confused about what happened. While I've spanked a few women close to orgasm. I've never had anything like this happen this. I still can't even believe this happened. Have you had any sort of an experience similar?
  10. Hi there, I am looking to give spankings in DC. I can meet at a hotel or you can host and I will come over and spank you to your hearts content... And mine. 😈 Email me at incognegrowth@gmail.com or DM me to chat.
  11. Even though it hasn't been that long since I've joined, this forum has changed my life a lot! I thought I'd take the time to write out what's happened since and how I took my first spanking today. Feel free to scroll through and skim what you'd like. As you can tell from my name, I do love to write (and may ramble a bit?) 😀. Setting up the Spanking A few weeks ago, I joined this community for the first time and posted my introduction. I outlined my need for a mentor for my college years to keep me in line. Since then, I've met several members of the community through my pm's and chat, and I have to say, it was a quite a warm welcome that I received! I scoured the various threads looking for safety advice, bracing myself for what to expect, and developing my idea of what it was I wanted from an ER. I wanted someone who would listen to me talk about my day to day happenings, who would become a friend alongside a mentor, and who would push me to be a better person. Someone who voiced their disappointment when it was warranted and had a firm hand when needed. And well...I seem to have found that person through here. I was going to start college soon, and I knew my procrastination was getting out of hand. I was certain having an ER would change that. Everything seemed to work out perfectly. He lives close to my current home and the university I would be attending. Right from the start, he was friendly enough and seemed perfectly fine with letting me decide the pace. Our conversations were more about our hobbies and what we were currently doing rather than just spankings. I liked that. We had our first Skype call a week after we met through SN. Then followed a meet-up at a restaurant where we talked a lot about our love for math, Italian food, and general expectations for the future spanking. He made it clear that we don't have to rush, that I don't need to get the spanking until I feel ready, etc. Honestly, even if I told him then that I didn't want to continue, he wouldn't have been mad. I didn't feel pressured at all, another reason why I clicked so well with him. Through our conversations, he reminded me of safe words multiple times. He told me I could stop it whenever I wanted, especially since it was my first time. A lot of people talk about being very nervous or scared for their first spanking, but...the days before today, I wasn't terrified at least. While I was mildly worried (which was to be expected), I had no doubt that he'd take care of me. Before the Spanking The night before the spanking, we talked a bit more about what would happen. I set up my safe call, we got the location and time picked, and that was that. The next morning (aka this morning), I spent an hour getting ready and checking the forums again to make sure I didn't miss anything. I took a tube of my lotion with me and we met up at another restaurant to eat, talk, and help me de-stress a bit. Mentally, I was worried when I had woken up. But after we talked at the restaurant, I felt much better. He let me know that I was the one in control, that I could tell him to stop whenever I wanted. We headed in his car to find a secluded parking lot nearby with no people around (his back windows were tinted enough that no one course really see into it.) We moved to the backseat and he asked me to position myself over his lap. I did, forearms on the seat and head lowered between them, feeling like I was in my own little space back there. That was the moment that I realized I was actually about to get my first spanking. During the Spanking The spanking was meant to be an introductory one to let me get a taste of what was to come. It wasn't focused around discipline this time but rather, just a sampling. We started with just a slow hand spanking over my pants. After a minute or so, he asked if I would be okay lowering my shorts. I said yes. My ER moved to spank me over my underwear while I debated in my mind. He moved the fabric aside once in a while to check whether my butt was turning red or not, respecting my boundaries all the while. This time, I was the one who said I'd be okay lowering my panties after another minute or two. A bare bottom spanking really does make a huge difference. I could feel the sting from his hand much better, and it was starting to hurt a bit. I stayed mostly still though, barely moving at the time. He'd build up sometimes, moving from the top to the bottom and placing several smacks in a row. It was starting to feel like a real spanking now. He asked me if I was ready to test the wooden paddle, and I said yes, handing it to him. He had explained that paddles were "thuddier" rather than stingy, and I didn't fully understand until the paddling started. Even though he started off very slowly to help me get accustomed to it, it still came as a surprise. When he placed three or four harder swats in a row, I was completely unprepared for how fast the pain would build up and called out "Yellow". He stopped immediately since that was the first time I used the system, asking if I was okay. And to get a small change of pace, he picked up the leather paddle next and went to work on my poor behind for a few minutes. (There were small bouts of hand spankings mixed in here and there.) The leather one felt different, and I definitely prefer it to the wooden one (which is why I asked him to bring the wooden one for disciplining in the future! No pain, no gain, right?). I was beginning to fidget just a little, though not much. It was nearing the end of the introductory spanking now, and he asked if I would be okay with the wooden paddle once again. Since we didn't get to use it much before, I agreed, wanting to get a better taste of that implement in particular. And this time, I did squirm about a bit as he started spanking me with it, with a small whimper here and there. And just like that, the worst of it was over. After the Spanking He put lotion on my cheeks, rubbing it in and massaging it as I relaxed and came back down to earth. He told me how proud he was that I took it so well, how I did great, and after...we hugged for a while as he talked to me. It was a very nice experience, and it felt like this huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was a bit exhausted and disconnected, but he mentally brought me back through his gentle words. My family was never much for expressing emotion, and I've never heard either of my parents drop the "L" word (love). This was a nice change of pace, and I felt closer to my ER compared to before. I didn't realize it was possible to trust him more than before, but I did. He walked me through the entire process with as little stress as possible. I went home and stayed on my bed for a while, butt in the air and far, far away from the hard chairs all around our house. We messaged a bit to go over how the experience was and I took a bubble bath to relax, taking a peek at my reddened and marked behind in the mirror. And now here I am, sitting on a not so soft chair as I type out how today went. Thoughts The spanking was everything I had wanted and more. It did exactly what I wanted it to, hurt a bit more than I expected, and will certainly act like a great deterrent in the future to keep me from procrastinating. The pain wasn't unbearable, but it would be enough to leave a lasting impression in my mind. And really...It's been a while since I felt as relieved as I did right after the spanking. Of course, none of this would have worked without the proper ER. Before today, we went over in excruciating detail what would happen during the introductory spanking. He asked if I wanted tears, if I wanted marks, how serious it would be...the whole shebang. We went over safety words as well. And right before the spanking, he asked if I wanted to talk more with him first to ease my nerves. During the spanking, he would pause often to check up on me and ask how I was feeling, or what I was thinking. He would ask if I wanted him to continue, tell me when he thought a bruise might form, and ask how if I was okay with the intensity. Our communication throughout was clear and exactly how I wanted it to be. He wasn't demanding, wasn't overbearing, and for me, it really showed the difference between someone who's a mentor vs someone who's just a disciplinarian. And even if my bottom is now sore as I type, I feel like a new and improved person already! I feel much better after the spanking and we're working on setting up meetings every other week once college starts, so I'll have motivation to stay on top of my classwork. Thank you, @spoonybard, for helping me out today and being an amazing mentor! Questions For those of you that made it down this long post, I have a few questions if you have time to answer! EE's - How often does your ER discipline you? How would you describe your relationship? Do you have a safe word when spanking? How long did you know them before you started to trust them fully? What do you look for in an ER/love most about your ER? What's your favorite and least favorite implement? ER's - What are the main reasons you discipline your EE? What do you think of your relationship? Do you like using a safe word through your discipline sessions? What do you look for in an EE/love most about your EE? How do you determine the time and intensity of the punishments? What's your favorite and least favorite implement? And finally...I saw that there's a blogging section on the forums. Maybe in the future, I'll record my college experience and discipline sessions there so I'll be able to look back on them one day. Thanks to everyone who read my post, and thanks to this community for being so accepting! (Also, sorry for any grammar mistakes. I'm exhausted after today and ready to pass out 😴)
  12. Hi there-- I'm editing this topic a little. I'm wondering, for people who do enjoy erotic spanking, or the act of spanking, when did you know that spanking was more than just discipline or some such? When did you know it would be important to your life or identity? Was it hard to come to terms with that? Rich.
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