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Found 11 results

  1. One question to all of you that got experience. This maybe is a strange question but i will ask it. If a stress relief spanking take place and the person that is EE starts to cry is it better to stop spanking and allow the EE to let go by just crying or is it better to continue spanking despite crying of EE? Thank you for all your answers.
  2. How many of you all were introduced to this lifestyle in less than ideal circumstances and how does it effect your life and relationships today? Do you hold a grudge or were able to move on for your own sake? I was not treated well early on and it does effect me still though not like it used to. Also that's why my posts tend to be long. When I recount something and start realizing details and how I felt then. Sometimes I might not think something is serious and laugh about it while a loved one I'm telling starts crying or is angry (not at me). I would REALLY appreciate anything anyone has to say and you can ask things. I will try to answer. Never asked or made a topic. Thank You!
  3. "When you get spanked as an adult, do you cry? Have you ever been spanked to tears?" The answers to these questions are not so simple! ・ This poll is for female spankee's - there is a separate but equal poll for male spankee's! ・ Spankers may respond to the poll by describing typical behavior of a female spankee with whom they have a frequent/sustained experience and who is unlikely to respond to the poll themselves ・ The poll is about punishment spankings, please do not include other types of spankings in your responses ・ My own behaviors and the spankings I get have changed over time, please try to answer the questions in light of current behavior, and although the questions allow for a range of behavior, when necessary answer based on typical behavior and a typical spanking
  4. I live in Colorado Springs, CO and I really need someone who is willing to discipline me. I have been into spanking since I was 18 and I am 33 now. I need structure with very real consequences. I need some one who is consistent and not afraid to spank me hard. It is difficult at times to get me to cry but I need to most of the time. I am also looking for catharsis spankings, I have found in the past if I will ask for a spanking before I get in trouble it will keep me out of trouble. I hope that makes sense. Thank you for your time :-)
  5. I was getting out of line lately...late to work, got speeding ticket and was late on two bills.so I put a search out for a real disciplinary spanking, and I chose to go male because I new I would get the spanking I needed, I found a strict spanker older 50+ male we talked and I gave him full control of my spanking the next day he ordered me over to his house after work, I was scared the whole day and took me everything for me to go over there but I did when I got there " he sternly said I need to talk to you and led me to the living room and lectured me about my behavior then told me that I would be getting spanked, and grabbed my arm and stood me in the corner then pulled my pants and underwear down, and I waited for 15 mins bared and scared I heard him say ok come here I turned around and saw him in a chair and with heavy hairbrush by his side now I was seriously scared I walked over to his side and he asked me if I new y I was going to get this spanking, I said yes he lead me over his knees and position Ed me where he wanted and as he scolded me he began spanking and half strength this went on for 5 mins tell I began to react as I started to wiggle and kick he scolded me stricter and the "sorrys began" I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Then it continued on at this point I was wiggling even put my hand up on my back and that's when he got the hairbrush out he just continued the discipline with scolding and hairbrush in now I was kicking and begging " please sir!!!!!" They went unheard he now had my intention fully my pants were on the ground underwear around one foot and pleading and whining like a little boy as I began tearing up he paused and ordered me up he grabbed my chin and " said you go stand in that corner with your hands on your head and think! Do you understand me!" Yes sir I stood in the corner and thought about how this is a real punishment after 10 minutes, I heard a knock and was startled he told me stay right there so I did another guy walked in past me in the corner then grabbed a enevlope and left, after another 5 minutes he walked into the room on the phone " yes hello do you know if Justin worked yesterday?ooohhhh really, thank you" my stomach dropped because now he new I liked to him saying I couldn't come over yesterday because I worked, " Justin dale Olson now you lied to me! Un exceptable!" He walked over to me and brought me up the stairs and which I new what was happening he was going to spank me tell I was bawling, he always told me real severe real life discipline is given in the bedroom so I could cry...I tried saying sorry no avail he stopped by the bathroom and got the bath brush and stormed me into the bedroom and shut the door he then sat on the bed and ordered all the clothes off I took my shirt off and he lead me over his knees and lectured me he was genuinely mad, now I was at the worst it could be naked over a strong knee about to be spanked tell I cryed he grabbed my wrist and started and started hard within a minute I was begging and pleading and looking into a mirror watching the spanking I kicked and wiggled and begged after about 2 minutes I began to cry and was really,really sorry about it all after a minute I was crying hard and wiggleing as he held me down he spanked harder he knew he had my attention I caught a look in the mirror and saw tears dripping from my face that's when I knew it was real discipline, another minute went buy and I was bawling my eyes out and begging, he then finished with extremely hard spanks and I bawled he let me cry over his knees for a minute then he lifted me off his knees grabbed my chin and said I hope you learned your lesson! No lieing I cryed I'm sorry!sir he grabbed my arm and marched me downstairs butt naked bottom bright red in tears he kneeled me in the corner and scolded me then I spent 45 minutes with my nose in the corner crying and thinking......I'm so sorry
  6. "When you get spanked as an adult, do you cry? Have you ever been spanked to tears?" The answers to these questions are not so simple! ・ This poll is for male spankee's - there is a separate but equal poll for female spankee's! ・ Spankers may respond to the poll by describing typical behavior of a male spankee with whom they have a frequent/sustained experience and who is unlikely to respond to the poll themselves ・ The poll is about punishment spankings, please do not include other types of spankings in your responses ・ My own behaviors and the spankings I get have changed over time, please try to answer the questions in light of current behavior, and based on typical behavior and a typical spanking
  7. (MY FIRST POST) I read dozens of posts on here before starting this one, but never found what I was looking for. Like so many others, I would LOVE to be able to turn loose enough mentally/emotionally during a spanking to cry. So you'll know, I'm a control freak and a perfectionist - which probably doesn't help things. I've found a spanker that I really trust. He's also strong enough to hold me in place if I do struggle, so the "helpless" element is there, and I think the intensity is high enough, but not too high. What I CAN'T do is turn my hard-wired brain off! I've read that I need to "relinquish control", and I don't "top from the bottom". Actually, I don't SAY much at all. We tried again on Friday, and it seemed I got closer to the "edge", but my thoughts were numerous and all over the place. I was trying to turn loose, but my mind was constantly analyzing things. I had ALL of these thoughts and more: "Was that smack hard enough that I should say "Ow"? "I feel like I need to give him some feedback, but don't want to be fake." "There's no way I'm going to cry before he gets tired of this and gives up." "If he keeps hitting the same spot with the paddle, I'm going to blister." "I don't know how to do this (turn loose)." "WHY can't I do this?" I tried to think of something sad, like others suggested, but the spanking was intense enough I couldn't focus on that long enough. I "think" I'm trying too hard to make it happen (crying); trying to will/force myself to do it - and that seems to make turning loose even more difficult. He's been doing some reading on therapy/discipline spankings himself, and actually asked me "What are you thinking?" at one point while I was over his knee. I told him ...after a long pause.... that I was afraid I was going to outlast him. Unfortunately, we didn't have a long enough time window for him to prove me wrong. Have any of you had the same struggle ("thinking/analyzing" too much), and figured out how to stop doing that? My hunch - and that's all it is because I've never cried during a spanking - is that he is going to have to "prove" to me that he is willing to go as long as we need to to make it happen - even if it takes an hour or more - and to make sure there are no time constraints. We can take "all night" if we need to. I think he is willing to do that. Is that too simplistic? We've only tried twice, so it's not like there is a long history of failure, but each time it doesn't happen I'm likely to be even more anxious about the next time. Perfectionists don't like failing. I've read some about "subspace". Are there some keys to getting there? I seems like I've rambled too much, but that's the nature of the beast. Thanks so much for any & all suggestions.
  8. After the War: A WW2 Spanking This is a scene from a story in an anthology titled Till Then: Spanking Stories of the 1940’s, by S. M. Sandalwood. The story is titled “Basic Training,” and is about Nick’s efforts, after he gets home from the war, to get his young bride Jackie to be more responsible about keeping house. In this scene, Jackie decided to call her new friend, Francie, to ask about how to cook dinner. I got up and tried to figure out what do about dinner. Then I had an idea. I’d call Francie. I bet she knew how to cook. “Sure!” she said. “Let’s meet at the supermarket. I’ll help you pick out stuff.” She told me that meatloaf would be a great dinner, and helped me pick out ground beef, bread crumbs, a carton of eggs, and some seasoning. I was a little nervous. “Meatloaf doesn’t seem very glamorous.” ‘Men love meat loaf,” she assured me. “You’ll see. Now let’s just get some baking potatoes. You can just throw them in the oven for an hour. And how about some summer squash? It’s simple. Just cut it up and boil it for about ten minutes. Maybe put a little butter on it.” “It all sounds simple except for the meatloaf,” I told her. “Would you come home with me and help with it? I just have to have a decent dinner tonight or I am in big trouble.” “What kind of trouble?” Francie asked. “Nick will spank me,” I admitted, with flaming cheeks. But Francie was not impressed. “Oh, Tom spanks me all the time. He was a drill sergeant in the army, and when he got home and saw that I didn’t know the first thing about keeping house, he organized me like I’m one of his recruits.” “Really?” I asked, stunned. “Really? And you don’t mind?” “Wouldn’t do me any good if I did,” she said practically. “And I love Tom. Plus, you know, I am learning about keeping house now. After we do your meatloaf, come over to my place and I’ll show you.” So Francie went home with me first, and showed me how to mix up a meatloaf. We put it in the refrigerator for cooking later, along with the potatoes for baking and the squash, and then went over to her place. I felt so great. So relieved! Wait until Nick saw dinner tonight! At Francie’s house we mostly just hung out. “Is there something you need to be doing now?” I asked, keeping in mind what she had said about Tom spanking her. We were sitting at her kitchen table having a cup of tea. “Oh no,” she said airily. “You know, I can’t let Tom rule my life completely.” Just as she said it, we heard a car drive up, and then Tom’s key in the door “Hey, hi honey!” he said. “Who’s your friend?” Francie made the introductions. “So nice to meet you,” he said politely, and then turned to Francie. “Where is your list of chores for today?” She walked over to the counter, and found it by the flour canister. Tom studied it. “Did you clean the downstairs?” “Yes,” she said definitely. “Good!” He put a checkmark on the paper. “Dinner almost ready?” Another check. Francie had made a meatloaf as well. “How about laundry? Did you get it done, and my shirts ironed?” A stricken look on Francie’s face. “Oh Tom, I’m sorry. I forgot.” “Well, go get the hairbrush then. You know what that means.” Francie’s eyes got big. “In front of Jackie?” “Oh, I’m sure Jackie’s seen spankings before. And you know I don’t wait to give them. The hairbrush! Now! Or you’ll get much more than the ten you earned for forgetting the laundry.” Francie trailed out of the kitchen, and I sat nervously at the table. But Tom didn’t seem nervous at all. In fact, he was making polite conversation with me. “Are you married to that JAG lawyer? His name is Nick, or something like that?” I nodded, so nervous about Francie’s upcoming spanking that I was having trouble concentrating. “We’ll have to have you guys over for dinner sometimes.” Just then Francie returned with the hairbrush. “Oh good,” Tom said casually. “Over my lap now, honey. You know the drill. Skirt up and underwear off.” Francie quickly stepped out of her underpants, pulled up her skirt, and lay over Tom’s lap. I felt like I shouldn’t be watching, but I was riveted to the picture of Tom in that big, wooden chair, and Francie lying over his lap. He was so big that, draped over his lap, neither Francie’s hands or feet touched the floor. Tom, still chatting with me, shifted her a bit so her rear end was in the perfect target space. Then he spread her legs a little, pinned them under one of his, and put a firm hand on her waist. “Are you going to do a warm-up?” she asked nervously. “Of course I am, honey. I always do, don’t I?” Tom answered genially. He started to spank her gently with his big hand. “So Jackie, how do you like Clarksville?” he asked, as he continued to give a warm-up spanking to Francie. “Oh, I like it fine,” I gulped, fascinated that he was so casual and matter-of-fact about this spanking. “Yeah, we really like it here too,” he remarked, as he picked up the pace with his smacks. Francis had been lying quietly but with the harder smacks she started wiggling a little, and moaning. “Feeling it now, are you honey?” he asked conversationally. “Well, I’m almost ready to start the real spanking.” He reached over and picked up the hairbrush. At first he just smacked her lightly with it, but within a minute or two he gave her the first really hard smack. “There’s the first one!” he announced, and Francie gasped and let out a little shriek. “Francie can’t keep quiet during a spanking,” he confided to me, as he smacked her hard again a second and third time. “But I don’t mind her squealing a little bit. At least then I know I’m getting through to her. Isn’t that right, Francie?” He stopped spanking her for a minute, and repeated his question. “Yes,” she admitted, a sob in her voice. “She’ll start crying soon,” he confided to me, and he resumed counting the smacks. “Five. Six. Seven!” Franice had started sobbing quietly, but by the time he got to seven her crying had gotten louder and more frantic. “Yes,” he said thoughtfully to me, as he delivered a very hard number eight smack. “These spankings really help Francie. The difference in her behavior is amazing. But I think I’d better finish up.” He gave two more very hard smacks. “Nine! Ten!” he counted, and then threw down the hairbrush. Francie was now sobbing hard, and he rubbed her buttocks and started murmuring comforting words to her. “You did great, honey. You didn’t try to squirm off my lap. You took your spanking like a real lady. I’m proud of you!” He stood her on her feet, and gave her rear end a little pat. “Go and wash your face now, and put your underwear back on. Then you can finish your tea with Jackie.” Francie walked sniffling from the room, but was back in a few minutes with a washed face, and a smile. She sat down again across the kitchen table from me. “Whew! Glad that’s over. More tea, Jackie?” More stories available at my blog: http://smsandalwood.com/ Share this:
  9. I'm a 54 year old man married to an 80 year old man. I say that primarily to avoid the silly playing with pronouns that I often seem to engage in when discussing spanking in primarily straight venue. I'm well educated and a professional. We have been together now for 22 years. My problem/issue is this. My partner has spanked me. After the spanking I'm sent to my room until he tells me I can come out.. The problem is that for the rest of the day things are "awkward". I am not angry with him but he acts as if nothing happened and we both know I just got punished and (usually) was in tears. (cry from shame and disappointment not pain). I become quiet and solitary. I don't feel like doing much and on occasion have been threatened with ANOTHER spanking if I don't "shake it off". That's the problem. I can't seem to "shake it off". To make things even worse, we spend a lot of time with my father who is 75 years old and lives just a couple of blocks away. He and Mom moved there at our urging because they are getting older and less able to care for things alone (My partner is 5 years OLDER but is amazing. Goes to the gym everyday, cycles, teaches ball room dancing.. and STRONG). Well my Dad and I have always been very close I love him dearly. He spanked me growing up ..though not often. In fact, the paddle that often gets used on me was given to me by my Dad many years ago when I left home. It is a souvenir paddle from Niagra Falls and has Attitude Adjuster on it and "Niagra Falls" 1950". My Dad was on a road trip to the Falls and was acting up and Grandpa while at one of those roadside stores bought the paddle and used it on Dad's 15 year old bare bottom back at the hotel and a few more times during that trip and after they got home LOL Anyway, That was the paddle Dad used on me and is the same one my partner uses when he uses a paddle as opposed to belt or a switch (Just the words 'OK go get me a switch" bring on tears IMMEDIATELY I HATE it and i hate having to fetch it). Anyway MY Dad found out by accident that I get spanked. He discovered it many years ago (15 years ago or so). He had come in the house thinking we weren't home to fix our garbage disposal (he has a key as do we to his home) and I was getting a spanking in the bedroom. As usual after the spanking I was told to stay in my room and I lay there crying and then heard voices and realized that my Dad was there. I was mortified.. he heard everything. Nothing was ever said that day. But a couple of weeks later, when we were alone Dad asked if I got spanked because I "liked it". I was shocked. not like him to ask such a thing.. and I told the truth and said 'No I don't like it, but Bill and I agreed that he has the right to spank when he thinks I need it as he feels it really changes my behavior. Dad said simply "whatever works"! But NOW.. if I've been spanked during the day and we're with Mom and Dad later that day or evening Dad ALWAYS can tell if I've been spanked by the way I act. He says it's EXACTLY how I acted as a kid. He will ask (privately) Ok, kiddo.. what did you do this time?" I once tried to pretend nothing happened but he knew better and I felt lousy for lying .. so now I just tell him what I did if he asks.. "I forgot to take the trash cans to the curb" etc. Dad says something like "Well it's over so cheer up and make a mental note not to do it again. Don't take it so damned hard!" SO.. I know a LOOONG way around to the problem of HOW DO I SHAKE IT OFF??? HOW DO I STOP THE "AKWARDNESS"?
  10. OK... I am such a bad bad bad naughty dirty perv that I can't take it sometimes when there is no one around to bend me over and beat my bare butt Black&Blue...(I need it hard). Self SPANKIN' sux. So... my question is this: Has anyone tried the so-called "ROBO-Spanker"?? It looks (as my gay awesome cousin/friend fellow perv would say) "HELLA-Cool". However there've been SOOO many times that a toy looked UBER-Awesome, but then I got it home, and it sucked, and I pouted, and (a couple times - not often) I got spanked for being an "ungrateful" or "SPOILED" (my mom Loved that friggin' word) BRAT... hey mom, the stupid doll's hair was so thin... u shoulda returned the defective doll but... lol. I digress. Back to the "P o i n t" of this post (if my rambling ADHD mind is capable of making a point). Ok, lemme find a Link to the one I was thinkin' of buyin'. The girl in the demonstration video... I've seen her b4. I actually had a subscription for (only) a month to "realspankin's" and I saw her get it pretty good so I think she's got a decent tolerance (not as good as me of course :P ). Soo... I'm wonderin' ... will it fullfill my sincere f^^^ing N E E D to be bent over like when I was a teen, and WHIPPED with (usually) a belt til' I was BLACK & Blue. Keep in mind. I am a totallll perv. Not a slut (despite what my stupid mom thinks ), just KINKY + kinky + really kinky + high pain tollerance due to the severity I experienced as a kid and teen. any thoughts, comments, opinions would be v e r r r rr rr y appreciated . PLZ!! Pretty plz with whippings on top, help me out. It's like 500 bucks, so i don't wanna get it if it sucks... heres a link: http://robospanker.com/oscommerce/video.php
  11. Crying is one of the hardest things for me to do,even when in pain. Half of it is from being used to keeping a strong front for everyone else. The other is.....I embarrass easily. I find crying to be very embarrassing. I know when I am getting punished or maintenance spankings,I should be able to cry freely,or be more embarrassed of getting spanked than about crying. So,I was wondering if anyone else has a hard time crying when getting spanked,or even just in general.
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