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Found 7 results

  1. Some girls seem to live their lives cautiously, perhaps sometimes too much so. They always check to see that the door is locked, that the alarm system is on, and that they park under bright lights. They are the kind of girl who walks about with her arms tightly folder across her chest, as if she’s a castle with the drawbridge up, the portcullis dropped, and the defenses on the ramparts; indeed, as if she’s wearing a sign saying, “Not interested, go away.” Then there are girls like Keira. Keira grew up the kind of girl who takes chances almost as a man does—a reckless, foolish man. One of her worst habits was hitchhiking. If she wanted or needed a ride, there she would be on the side of the road, her thumb up, a naïve grin plastered on her face. Her parents tried to dissuade her, and so did her friends. But she just wouldn’t listen. Keira hitchhiked through high school, and even into college, where she met Alan, the star defensive lineman on the school football team. They were quite a couple to see—Alan, 6’5” and 275 rock-hard pounds, and Keira, 5’ tall and not more than 105 pounds soaking wet with rocks in her pockets. Their friends called them “Mutt and Jeff”—not to their faces, of course; they wouldn’t have hurt them for the world. Alan and Keira finished college and married. Alan was no dumb jock—he had graduated with a finance degree, and soon he was moving up in the business world, and able to give Keira a very comfortable living. Because of this, Keira didn’t have to hitchhike, as she had her own car and a top of the line cell phone, besides. Alan knew about Keira and hitchhiking, but it seemed that she had left it behind, especially after he made it quite clear—or at least it would have been to most people—that under no circumstances was she to think of doing such a thing. Everything seemed to go well until the day that Alan was to go out of town on a business trip. Keira drove him to the airport, and as he got out, Alan noticed that her fuel gauge was quite low. “Keira,” he said, “you’d better fill up as soon as you can.” “Of course, honey,” she replied as she reached up (and he reached down) for a good-bye kiss. “Call me when you land!” Keira, although a bit reckless, wasn’t stupid. She was, however, somewhat absent-minded. So, it was no great surprise, when she went into a restaurant on the way home and ran into one of her college friends, that she spent hours catching up and chatting, until it was quite dark. She finally left, and Alan’s instructions about filling up were quite forgotten. A few miles down the road, the car began hesitating, and then stopped. It was only after several tries to restart the car that she thought to look at the gas gauge, which was all the way on empty. She then remembered that she had passed a convenience store a few miles back, and that there wouldn’t be an open one for a few miles further ahead. She checked her cell phone: it read, “No Service”. “Oh, man!” she fumed. Putting her cell phone back in her purse, she got out and checked the trunk for a gas can. There wasn’t one, of course. “Okay, time to hitch a ride, then,” she thought to herself. She began walking up the road, hoping for a friendly passerby. She kept walking for a mile or so, but there were no cars coming by on that rural highway. Suddenly, she saw headlights coming her way. Brightening, she stepped to the shoulder and put her thumb out. As the car approached, blue lights began to flash from the top of the windshield, and when it stopped, a state trooper stepped out. Her hopes were dashed as soon as he began to speak. “Young lady,” the trooper began sternly, “don’t you know it’s illegal to hitchhike in this state? I’m afraid you’ll have to come with me.” Keira started to protest, tried to explain, but to no avail. She soon found herself in the back seat of an unmarked vehicle. “Officer!” she wailed. “This is all a mistake!” He shook his head. “No mistake, ma’am, the law is very clear, and the fine is $200.” She sank back in dread; what would Alan say? It didn’t take her long to find out, when she made her one phone call. “Keira,” Alan said, quietly, but with an unmistakable edge, “I can’t leave until tomorrow. I’ll get you out when I return. I’ll rent a car and come get you, and we’ll get the car back. Then we’ll have to discuss this.” Keira’s heart sank. That meant a night in jail, with loud drunks and other such people nearby! And what would “discuss this” mean? It took her a long time to get to sleep, and she hardly seemed to have slept at all when she heard the door open and the sergeant said, “You’re free to go, ma’am.” Keira got up and followed the sergeant to the front desk, where Alan was waiting after he had paid the fine. She quailed at the look on his face. Alan didn’t say a word as he drove home, then phoned AAA for a tow truck to bring Keira’s car in. After signing the paperwork for the driver, he shut the door, then turned to face Keira. “Keira,” he began, “didn’t I make it clear to you a long time ago that you were no longer to engage in hitchhiking?” “Well, yes, honey,” she said softly, “but I was out of gas, a long way from a convenience store, and my cell didn’t work.” Alan sat and looked her in the eye. “Yes, all that’s true. It’s also true that I told you to fuel up the car before I got on the plane, isn’t it?” Keira dropped her gaze. “Yes, Alan, you did.” “And you didn’t, did you?” “No,” she whispered. “Look at me, Keira,” Alan continued. “As a result of not following my instructions, you ran out of gas in an isolated area. You compounded that mistake by not remaining in your car until a state trooper came by. Not only was that a dangerous, risky thing to do, but you got yourself arrested. I had to pay to rent a car, which I shouldn’t have had to do, and I also had to pay to get you out of jail. Do you remember what the fine was?” “T-t-two hundred dollars,” Keira squeaked. “That’s right,” Alan answered. “You’ve behaved like a foolish girl, and you’re going to be punished accordingly.” At the word, “punished,” Keira looked up with alarm. “What do you mean, Alan?” Alan stood up, took Keira by the arm, and pulled her to her feet. “I mean, Keira, that I am going to spank you. Maybe that will teach you what other people have tried and failed to do.” “Nooo!” Keira wailed, and tried to pull loose from his grasp. She might as well have tried to pick up the refrigerator. Alan’s big, meaty hand held her as securely as a set of handcuffs would have done. That didn’t keep her from pulling, as futile as it was. Alan grabbed a side chair from the dining table, sat down, and pulled his petite wife over his knee without a sign of effort. Holding her down firmly, he grasped the waistband of her pants and pulled them, along with her panties, down to her knees. Keira kicked, pleaded, and even swore, but it was no use. She was trapped, and she knew it. “It’s time you started acting like a grown, responsible woman, Keira,” Alan growled. “You could have been kidnapped, even raped or murdered doing what you did.” With that, Alan brought his big right hand down on her right buttock. He was holding back; he knew he had to. But to a small woman like Keira, it was still devastating. She arched her back and howled as his hand left an angry red spot. “OWWW!” “Next time I tell you to do something, you’d better pay some heed!” Alan continued, and brought his hand down onto her left buttock. For the next twenty minutes, he kept scolding and spanking, scolding and spanking. After a while, she quit trying to squirm away—it was useless. She was sobbing and wailing after only a couple of minutes, and eventually just went limp where she was. Finally, Alan let her up. She stood, slowly, holding her hot, sore, aching bottom and still crying uncontrollably. After a few minutes, she looked up at her husband and sobbed, “I-II’m so s-s-s-sorry, Alan! P-please t-tell me you f-forgive me!” The bear of a man who had just given her the hardest spanking she had ever experienced gently took her in his arms. “Of course I forgive you, Keira. It’s not the money that all this cost—it’s my wanting you to be safe, and to think about what you’re doing.” Still clutching her burning backside, Keira nodded. “I-I kn-know, Alan, but it hurts!" “Am I ever going to have to do this again, Keira? Are you going to hitchhike, ever again?” Wiping her eyes and nose, Keira shook her head. “N-no!” “When I tell you to do something, are you going to do it?” “Y-yes!” she wailed. “Good,” he smiled. “Now come up to the bedroom.” Hesitantly, she obeyed. When she got there, Alan had her lie on her stomach while he lightly rubbed aloe gel on her scarlet bottom. As the pain subsided, Keira raised herself on her elbows, pulled Alan down, and kissed him. “What was that for?” he smiled. Grinning weakly, she said, “For being my big strong man, and for loving me enough to correct me.”
  2. How many of us look at spankings as a reward vs as a punishment? I thoroughly enjoy receiving a spanking & often I will get one as a reward using that as my reason since it's so pleasurable to me. At times I will get a spanking to remind me to remember something. Now I will also get the corrective spanking, which I completely enjoy also. This may lead me to get paddled harder and longer. Overall in the end, it's all for pleasure and I don't really NEED a reason. It kind of sets the mood, etc. Unfortunately for me, at present my spankings are selfies. Pondering my thoughts & wondering how others feel.
  3. Ok so here is some background we are in our new home, more space better floor plan a barn back in the woods. This follows 6 months of being apart on and off and him being in the new state due to a job promotion. Fast forward now we are here and we both agreed that we need to really concentrate on his spanking needs which mostly fall into the range of anything from corrective action, dicipline and up to and including punishment. So how do we build on this? I have quickly learned he functions better when he is spanked as needed. He may not like it when it is happening but he understands he needs this and feels much better afterwards. In the past I have administered spankings spankings for three or four nights in a row, which by the second night we seem to be getting the desired result. So now that we will have more time and dont have to worrry so much about noise I really want to meet his needs. We already have a specific paddle which is used only when he misbehaves. So I am really looking for ideas that would reinforce that this is not fun and games and he is going to be punished. We have talked about this and what really drives the point home to him and he has said that he being embarrassed is a big part of it for him. We use a safeword although he has nevere used it so, as long as that is in place I feel like I am at liberty to experiment a bit? I know everyone is different but can any one share any ideas that you have? Any rituals or routines that you have that really help? I am particularly interested in hearing from men that are spanked but welcome all responses? Thank You
  4. It occurred to me the other day that there are certain spanking people who just want to cram control into the everyday ordinary world. I happen to know one currently and quite frankly, it cheeses me off and rustles my jimmies to no end. The other day, I was upset with someone and was in an overall crappy mood when my spanking interest buddy starts chatting with me on Skype. I tell him how I feel about my situation and I'm just venting as I would to any other friend of mine. He then starts saying how "un-lady-like" I am being for being upset. He then "instructs" me to go change into my pajamas and then go stand in the corner and think cool-off. Pardon my French, readers but the thought that crossed my mind at that moment was: "SCREW. YOU. SIR." Its my right to be angry about someone canceling a nice evening out together. Also I was upset since the buy who canceled on me had a problem with my weight and that also didn't make me feel good either. So no, I will NOT have someone telling me to put on my pajamas, ('cause I already had 'em on, knowing my night was now ruined) and telling me to go stand in a corner in my own home and cool off and think about my behavior when I am at right to feel the way I do about a situation. As long as I'm not hurting anyone or myself, its my right to be upset. So after I tried to politely steer the conversation the other way, to prove that I'm being serious and this is not helping, he's still at it, as seen below in green text. Him: "Did you obey me and pick out a corner to stand it, yet?" Me: No because I'm being serious with you. I'm sharing this info with you 'cause I consider you a friend over a potential spanking partner. Him: Looks like this discipline is over-due" Me: why? for being upset about someone basically calling me fat and canceling on me? Him: "For being upset" Me: is a human emotion. Normally I'm very calm and blah-zee about things. But this just really made me infuriated. Him: "I need to give you a good talking to, I think you need some corner time to think about your behavior and an early bedtime." Me: what I need is a good book and some alone time. Him: "You do as I ask you to do or I will drive out there and hand out one good spanking" Me: ... Him: "I can see we need to work on that attitude don't we?" Me: Not really. You just happened to catch me on a bad day. People have those. Him: "I am not convinced" And that's where I just stopped responding to him. I can understand if people need mentors and liked being talked to in this way, shape, or form. But not me (and I'm sure a few others). Spanking is a fetish for me and not a means of correcting me. I make this clear when I start to branch out to someone with the same spanking interest. I was corrected and taught well by my family as a child and it has formed the adult i am today. Correction, to me, is not the job of whomever I end up falling in love with who happens to have the same fetish as me. It is alright for foreplay, but not for out of the bedroom situations, in my personal opinion. Any other time "correction" is used it makes me feel belittled, inferior, and just stupid. So maybe it was another fluke, but so far this site has brought TWO very unfavorable people into my life and I've only been here 2 or so months. I guess I'll just keep trying. Safely, of course. Curry, out.
  5. Hi - I am looking to be mentored by a couple or a male or female. Need assistance with setting and meeting goals and correcting self-defeating behavior. Prefer older - someone with some life experience - and maternal/paternal in approach. In SF Bay Area or northern CA in general. This kind of relationship is difficult to find (because it's politically incorrect, I guess). Looking forward to joining your community. Pammy
  6. I am looking for some true behavior modification to help me lose weight (30 pounds). I seek to be put on a program which includes weekly meetings with SEVERE corporal punishment if i do not meet the agreed-upon goal (a certain amount of exercise, eating the right foods, a minimum of 1 pound a week). You may be male or female, any age, race, size. But you muts be an EXPERIENCED disciplinarian (not necessarily professional). Your hand is not going to achieve what I need, and I can and have taken every implement. The ones that seem to get my attention the best are the prison strap, school paddle, and cane. You must have a clean place to host. I would like to meet regularly one evening a week. This is a very serious situation for me; my doctor has told me my cholesterol is too high. So please be willing to do this for real, not just for kicks. i am not obese but I am heavy: five foot ten and 225. I am white, 49 years old, married (so you can only leave marks on my ass), DDF, discreet, clean, Christian. Please someone, help me be a good boy!
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