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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone been spanked while wearing an anal plug? Thoughts?? Was it for punishment or pleasure/any precaution measures taken? I want to be safe going forward! Thanks for the input.
  2. Hello. I just had an exciting spanking-sex weekend. My spanker was a guy I've known for 4-5 years, but we only had 2-3 sexual encounters. First time there was no spanking, and next time he slapped my bottom by hand, before (anal) penetration. He is very dominant, but the spanking is my thing. He enjoys more other things like blowjob, light face slapping etc. But for this encounter, for the first time we had 2 full days to enjoy and it finally happened. Day one, he only hit me occasionally with his hand, and he used narrow belt and gave me light strokes, not only on my bottom, but also upper and inner thighs and my back. It was almost sporadical, but I understood he tested how much I could take and if there will be bruises. Day 2 he finally did it. First I gave him oral sex, and then he took me over his lap (we were lying on the bed) and started slapping me with his hand over the panties. Then he pulled panties between my cheeks and slapped me some more. Later he sent me to fetch the belt. I asked him which one and thiw time he wanted real wider leather belt. I climbed on the bed again, and he took me over his lap, and spanked me with the belt, again first over the panties, but then he pulled them down. He told me to get on all fours, kneeled beside me and started to spank me quite hard on my bare bottom. Some strokes I enjoyed, although they hurt, but since he was on my left, the belt hit my right cheek much hardet and I started to move to avoid strokes. My dog, which was outside the bedroom, started barking at the sounds of belt and my cries. I told my spanker belt only hits one cheek, so he moved to the other side. Finally, he told me to spread my knees and he entered me from behind - and during penetration, he used both hands to slap me on my already burning cheeks. Then he just laid on me, and continued to make love until we both came. He also hit me on my back, near shouders, and thigs. My bottom was red and sore, but I omly got bruised on the left and right side, thighs, not the center of the bottom, and therr were marks on my legs too. All in all, it was exciting, it did hurt, I guess next time we will both know better. We had sex again later in the evening, but I omly wanted normal no-spanking sex, so he gave me very long and intense clitoris massage and stimulated my vagina with his fingers.
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