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  1. I am curious to know if there are stirght men that desires to get spanked by a man? Thought of having a Man over my lap and dominating him is very exciting. Masculinity in my control and over my lap is such an empowering thought that creates a phenomenal energy that boots through me...
  2. Hi just curious to know if close friends ect know you are spanked or do you keep it purely between you and your spanker? My twin brother knows I am in to this as we share a lot! Some female work mates sometimes joke about how I need a spanked bottom sometimes! But are not serious. And I would not tell them I am serious?!! Any thoughts anybody?
  3. What color of underwear do you prefer to wear when you know your gonna get spanked? White, red etc. I like to wear white tighty whites to feel little but sometimes she plays out red or pink underwear for me.
  4. Someone said this to me. Do you agree or disagree M/f couple only please. "I do strongly believe that men should spank their wives and that ought to be the norm, not the exception as it is today." Men 1. You agree? ___________ 2 You disagree? ________ Women 1. You agree? ____________ 2 You disagree? _________
  5. Hi everybody. Im lucky to have regular spanking from an older male friend for rl issues and know first hand the benefits of discipline in my life. I dont have other friends who share this interest\ experience and hope to make some friends here. Id love to chat with any genuine people. Thanks Karen
  6. Which of the following punishments do you think is the most embarrassing? 1) Being spanked 2) Being put in the corner 3) Being grounded Bob
  7. She annoyed me, that shop girl. They sometimes do. Didn’t seem to be paying attention. And I have a short fuse. I know. I explode with anger and then regret it. And this was going to be another one of those times. I could feel it coming. And then there were tiny, faint bells, glingleglingle, and I was somewhere else entirely. A cloudlet of dry white mist danced round my feet. But the floor was solid enough. There was a large ornate desk and a smiling white-clad lady behind it. She spoke. “Ah, Dorothy. Welcome. You may be a little confused. Don’t worry.” Behind her shoulders I caught a glimpse of tiny wings. Not big enough to fly with, certainly. Must be some joke shop thing. But where was I and who was she and why was I suddenly not where I had been? I looked for words to ask these questions, but she answered before I found the words. “We’ve taken you out of time for a while. A time-out, if you like. I don’t suppose you believe in fairy godmothers? “No, of course not” I spluttered. “Good. We’re not them. Don’t worry who we are.” From the desk she picked up a short wand. Like the wings. Joke-shop tat. A little bell on one end and a glittery star on the other, a few flakes of glitter even falling off as she picked it up. What nonsense was this? She waved the wand off-handedly and the bell gave a tuneless tinkle. And then immediately I was in a different room. Still a little mist swirling around my feet. A different desk; a different lady, a little older; black dress but same joke-shop wings. What IS this? “Ah, Dorothy” she spoke. “In the world you just stepped out of, you’re about to be very nasty to that poor girl, and that won’t help either of you, will it? In fact, it will make both your days worse than they need be, hmmmm?” I was lost for words. She was right, of course. But could I help it? And who was she and how did she know? She continued. “When you go back you will still have the choice what to do. We deal with consequences, not choices. You don’t believe in fairy godmothers, do you?” The same question the previous lady had asked. The same answer. “No, of course not.” “Good” she said. “We’re not them. We may or may not exist. You may or may not believe in us. Think of me as …. your fairy spankmother, if that helps.” “My … what?” “This is what you deserve if you’re nasty to that poor girl, as you plan to be”. She picked up another joke-shop tat wand, identical to the other, and waved it. A tinny single bell sounded. And I was facing carpet. Over her knee. Skirt up and knickers down. I hadn’t moved, and yet I was there. A firm smack landed on the left side of my bottom, followed by a twin smack on the right. Then the spanks rained down, without pause, fast and hard and building to glowing soreness. I wriggled. She held my waist and smacked and smacked, relentlessly. Tears spurted. Mine. Wriggling, kicking, but nothing could alleviate the fire consuming my bottom. Until suddenly I was standing again, in front of the desk, and she behind it, with the silly wand and the silly wings. She spoke again. “Now, Dorothy, you are going back to the place and time we took you from. If you do as you were going to, you will have deserved the spanking I just gave you, will you not?” This was absurd. “But” I stammered “what if I don’t?” “Ah” she almost smiled. “The paradoxes of time and choice. Do we exist? Did this happen?” She waved the joke-shop wand and there I was, back in the shop. Nothing had changed. I took a breath, ready to vent my exasperation at the girl. And then I became aware. A millisecond ago, my bottom wasn’t sore. Now it is. Very. I shivered. The world spun. I forced a smile where the angry voice would have been. A “sorry; let me try to help” in place of the anger. And struggled through it, and home as quickly as I could, still not quite knowing what had happened. Drop the shopping. Quickly to a mirror. Skirt up, tights and knicks down; what’s real? Red or white? Red. And sore. Every sign of a spanked bottom. But did it really happen? Briefly and faintly, the word ‘yes’ appeared in the mirror, then faded. Or did I imagine that also? A good spanking, by somebody who couldn’t possibly exist, for something I didn’t actually do, but something I would have done if I hadn’t been spanked for doing it, which I didn’t. Fairy godmothers. How silly. Ouch. Ouch.
  8. That big taboo subject that nobody likes talking about, the one that makes you feel all cringy inside and you're scared to admit to having problems with. Yet, in the world we're living the statistics for Mental Health Problems are shocking, causing drives such as Mental Health Awareness. We're more then comfortable to complain of our awful cold (man-flu), yet can't admit we have anxiety and so I am here to open up some discussions and hopefully freedom about this topic. STATISTICS How common are mental health problems? (Mind uk) 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England . 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (like anxiety and depression) in any given week in England. Suicidal thoughts and self-harm aren’t mental health diagnoses. But they are related to mental health. Over the course of someone’s lifetime 1 in 5 people have suicidal thoughts 1 in 14 people self-harm 1 in 15 people attempt suicide. Women are more likely to have suicidal thoughts and make suicide attempts than men. But men are 3 times more likely to take their own life than women. Approximately only 1 in 8 adults with a mental health problem are currently getting any kind of treatment.  So if only 1 in 8 are getting treatment, how are the other 7 coping? We need to feel free and able to seek help, know that it is ok, acceptable, helpful and you are worthy of all the help that is out there! PANIC ATTACKS So here is my own story and how this lifestyle has helped along the journey. If you have read my two previous blog posts you will know some of my history and where I've come from. It took my YEARS to admit to myself and even longer to admit to others that I do suffer with my mental health. My first taste of it was 12 years ago when I was 18 and my brother left (none did I know - for 6 years!) and I started getting panic attacks. I would be laying in bed or watching TV or reading a book and would feel this wave come over me, suddenly I was hyperventilating, my heart was racing, my whole body shaking, and I was filled with this horrendous overwhelming fear so strong that I would end up throwing up. It would then disappear as quick as it came. I had this for over a year and spent every minute of every day wandering when it would happen again. My dad is against medication due to the effect it has had on my mom so I used distraction and grounding to get myself out of it. DEPRESSION / GRIEF Fast forward a few years and I had just got out of a relationship where I was being raped. I was taught to drive by being punched in my arm if I made a mistake. But in the midst of this I lost the child I so desperately wanted to adopt (looking back now it's the best thing that could've happened, that was no place to raise a child - but I had so much love for him I was determined to make it work). The whole thing fell through, he promised to attend anger management classes, but I was done. Without my baby there was no way I was staying. However I also didn't want to move back in with my parents, and I was so hurt, and depressed, lonely, despondent and hadn't learned basic lifeskills like EMOTION as a child that I couldn't deal with it. I had a job 2 days a week so made myself completely drunk on the Friday, stayed drunk until the Wednesday night and then sober up to work on the Thursday. I didn't eat much as that just inhibited the alcohol! My mom convinced me that I would kill myself if I stayed so I needed to return home. SELF DESTRUCT I then entered a period where life was a game of risk, driving my land rover 50+mph over a humped bridge and getting all weeks off the floor, spinning (wheelies) it on gravel, getting up to 6-7 coffee's a day, not sleeping more then a few hours a night, walking in a forest at midnight, drunk driving, drinking too much in general...I did it all. I wasn't necessarily trying to harm myself but my fear had gone and something in me needed to prove that someone cared enough to stop me. DENIAL Alcohol wasn't allowed in my parents house, so I needed a new coping strategy and I worked - I worked myself to the bone. I was doing 120+ hour weeks, working 6-7 days at a time, 15 hour days. I then got accustomed to that and needed to up the anti, so I started doing a 12 hour day straight onto a 12 hour night or a 15 hour day straight onto a 9 hour night. I got accustomed to that so I started doing more and more. Eventually I was working 3-4 days and nights all at once then would sleep for 2 days and restart the cycle. It got to the point where I was hallucinating in my sleep, I would hear the hospital bells go and wander around my home trying to find 'the patient'. Another time I had a man in my home - or at least thought I did, I fell asleep in a traffic jam, I ate dried pasta because I thought it was crisps, I lost my car in the parking lot outside my own home. The wake up call for me came when I slept through Christmas only waking up to eat and drive home. Boxing day I slept until 4pm and felt so guilty that I hadn't walked the dogs, fed them or let them out. I knew I had to change! I got a different job working 30 hours a week and for at least a few months kept to that while my body recovered. Fast forward a couple of years though and life in my new town was tough, I wasn't earning enough and so once the bills were paid there was nothing left for food. I lived in my brothers house and was too proud to admit how bad things had got so was making a potato last as long as possible, was feeding the dogs and having nothing leftover. It broke my spirit and I needed a way out, so on top of my job I started volunteering at the church. I volunteered for everything going and soon I was back in my old habits of hiding the pain in my mind, hiding my mental health with work. PHYSICAL STRESS RESPONSE Fast forward 2 years and I was doing an Internship at the church taking up 4 days a week, then working my 30 hours around this, and then volunteering on at least 4 different teams and what I wouldn't fill up with this I would fill with 15 hour overtime days and once the week was complete I was back onto 80 hour weeks again. I did this for months and then my mind started struggling again because of the Celebrate Recovery course, the Internship which in parts focused deeply on my past and counselling my mind started struggling again and it all got too much. I ignored my brain and so my body shut down. I went from doing 80 hour weeks to not being able to make it up the stairs. A visit to the doctor and 2 weeks on the couch later I was fine. It was a stress response and a real wake up call. I needed to cut back on things and deal with what was going on inside me rather then trying to cover it up so started writing an autobiography which I found therapeutic and was able to deal with memories as they came up. ANXIETY Fast forward 3 years and I am now a single foster carer to a little boy with a life limiting condition and complex care needs, a mother who may not make it to December she's so ill, having had to give up work and recently moved house, a big meeting coming up and so much else going and yet again not dealing with the problem. But now I can't drink or work because of my son, I can't be self-destructive as I need to be on form to care for him first and foremost. Then I had my first anxiety attack but for 3 hours I thought I was dying and too ashamed to tell anyone...finally figuring out what was going on I was able to calm myself down. Then the next day while eating crisps in the garden I could feel my heart start to race, my breathing getting heavy, my hands shaky, my legs wobbly and a feeling of absolute dread. I was able to talk to someone who was able to share their own experiences with me, offer practical advice and basically just support me through it. I felt so ashamed that it was happening, that I wasn't strong or in control of my own emotions, I felt like such a burden and a failure, weak... because I couldn't be completely independent, all of a sudden I need help. Yet, as they told me of their own struggles and how they have worked through them I felt so much repect for the amount of strength they had, admiration for how they dealt with it, gratitude for being there for me the whole time I felt horrendous. I felt so positive about them and their ability to share their journey and yet like a piece of crap for going through it myself. As humans we are so hard on ourselves, where we see strength in others we see weakness in ourselves. We need to be kinder, more honest, more accepting with ourselves! I think the real lesson I have learned is to be open about struggles, I share if I'm feeling sick from a cold and I'm learning I need to share what's going on upstairs too, that having anxiety is no more shameful, taboo or makes me any weaker then any physical problem I could have. I'm learning thats its just as OK to have medication for anxiety as it is for me to have medication for a cold. I'm learning it's OK to talk. My biggest lesson has come from having no other option then to deal with it head on, I cant drink now with a child, I cant work until I'm too tired to think, I can't run from it, so all of a sudden I need to deal with it...and it feels a million times better then all my other strategies! Spanking and PTSD In November 2020 after suffering with flashbacks of various traumas in my past, reliving moments not necessarily through pictures but also the emotions and physical feelings would come back if triggered; I was diagnosed with PTSD and panic disorder. This is from repeated abuse and childhood trauma. I was so embarrassed and didn't want anyone to know, I kept it from my parents for ages, from family and friends. I'm on a high dose of meds which really help now, and the stabiluty, safety, structure and accountability of DD really helps with my self destruct mode. Mental health matters, if you are struggling please open up and talk about it - learn from my own lifetime of mistakes, running doesn't help!
  9. Corporal Punishment.... an evocative phrase conjuring up images from a spanked bottom, through school punishments to brutal judicial floggings. I am not sure what started my fascination with Corporal Punishment. Perhaps it was accounts in books such as Jayne Eyre and the harsh environment of Lowood School. I do not think I ever finished that book, I never got beyond Jayne Eyre being Birched. Jayne Eyre - Lowood School I think the first ever proper spanking I saw was in a film called 'Roots of Heaven' where a lady received a 'good hiding' Roots of Heaven I have a deep interest in the school setting, maybe it was seeing the St Trinian's films, and the tantalising glimpse of the cane, though sadly never used, that aroused those interests. The first time I realised I was not alone in my interest of spanking and Corporal Punishment was when I came across an American magazine called 'Sting' An then I discovered 'Janus'. An UK magazine which often had a school theme. There were pictures and stories of schoolgirls being punished, as well as a letters section with some true life accounts. A new level of interest arose, and how I used to wait in those pre-internet days for a month between issues. The fascination has been a lifelong interest
  10. This question is mainly targeting Spankers. Are getting Cs a spankable offense? Seems kind of like a gray area and wanted some opinions on the matter.
  11. Any females like being spanked with vintage implements if so what's your favorite
  12. Seems like it's not a very common problem especially for us guys, but on a few occasions I felt like I was getting close to an orgasm during a purely disciplinary spanking (no genital stimulation). Has that ever happened to you? Should you tell your disciplinarian that you're getting close or just ignore it and hope that you don't pass the point of no return? I'm not sure as to how he might react if it does happen one day - and obviously for us guys an orgasm is messier than for girls.
  13. It had been a week since her mysterious breakdown and Sandi was beginning to reflect on what this sudden rush of emotions was doing to her life. There had been no more scenes from across the courtyard, yet she continued to covertly spy on her provocative neighbors. Sandi sat down at her computer running her fingers across the keys, her eyes focused intently on the browse box. Timidly she hit the mailbox icon. She had the usual compliment of Spam and friends wanting to rehash conversations and issues they had already discussed in real life. Hitting the back key without reading a one she turned her attention back to the browser box. Looking over her shoulder conspiratorially as if there might be a disapproving presence in her apartment, she began slowly typing…first S…then p…a second later…a, then she quickly back spaced them away. Jumping up from her chair she went to the kitchen immediately going to the fridge and taking out a bottle of Rose she had opened the day before. As she poured a glass, she took a deep breath before quickly downing the entire contents of the glass and poured another then another. Slamming the glass down she snatched the bottle up and headed for the computer steeled by her liquid courage. Taking her seat, she plopped the bottle down and began typing once more. S…p...a…n…k…i…n…g. There she had done it. She reached for the bottle taking a long swig. With the bottle still pressed to her lips she hit the enter key with her right hand and watched as the screen filled with results from her Google search. Slowly she lowered the bottle her eyes widening as she saw that there were over 10,000 results possible for her to search. She was dumbfounded as she scrolled down reading the headings…School Girl Spankings…Naughty Spanked Nymphets…Tied Tickled and Tormented…! Sandi pushed back from the computer clutching the bottle tight. Taking another swig, she slid back and hit the key on a random website promising pictures and video clips. The Shadow Lane website came up. Sandi scowled as she realized that it would take money to access the site. Well, this is a load of crap she thought to herself. Why would anyone pay money for this? Reading on she saw that she could at least access the website’s product area for free. Clicking on she decided to check out the video section. There in front of her was a list of videos for her to click on and get descriptions of the videos that were…for sale! Sandi read the list from top to bottom with names like…Spanked Secretaries…Spanking in the 21st Century…Older Men Younger Wives…Gentlemen Prefer Brats…with wide eyed innocence. Where had she been living all these years, in a cave? How had she not known about his world? Sandi scrolled down and hit on the title Brotherly Advice. All at once there was a full pictorial description. She stared at the pictures of a bare bottom woman probably the same age as she is being spanked. Excited she read every video description. Her curiosity peaked she went back to the browser and searched through more websites eagerly taking in the pictures. Suddenly she found one that had free sample video clips. Without thinking she downloaded the free Real Player device and waited for it to become part of her computer as she downed the remainder of the wine and went to the kitchen returning to the screen with a fresh bottle. Now she was ready…clicking on the free title she watched as it downloaded to her hard drive. Done…now there it was opening her screen…an image first then the clip began to play…a young woman lying across a man’s lap being spanked! She watched in gap mouthed shock and excitement. All at once a smile crossed her face as she watched each free clip the website offered. Drinking and watching and re-watching the clips the evening was flying by! Sandi startled awake to the sound of her doorbell ringing. As she rose to her feet, she felt the effects of the wine on her legs and her head. The bell rang again, and Sandi tried to block it out by covering her eyes and moving towards the door. “Ok…ok…I’m coming…I’m coming”, she shouted. Finally, at the door she opened it wide. “What!” she commanded. As she lowered her hands from her face, she saw Aletha standing there, hands on hips an expression of displeasure on her face. Without an invitation she pushed past Sandi into the apartment. Sandi followed her still trying to shake loose the stupor from the wine. “What is going on with you?” Aletha demanded. She stood in front of Sandi her eyes flashing. Sandi focused on the figure standing there…slowly she was making out the blue business suit…Aletha’s long legs extending towards the floor from beneath its mid-thigh skirt…and up to her face. Aletha stared back at her the anger plainly registering. “You missed the presentation! A million-dollar account and you…” Aletha stepped back and glared at Sandi standing there in her flannel PJ’s and bare foot. “Do you know what time it is?” she asked. Sandi looked at the clock on the wall swiping hair from her eyes. She groaned as she saw that it was 2pm. She turned to look at Aletha who was moving towards her desk to sit down. Sandi covered her mouth to hold back a gasp as her eyes hit upon the monitor. There in plain view was the full screen image from one of the spanking video clips she had been watching. She watched as Aletha blindly spun the chair around and sat down. Sandi could not believe what she was seeing. There with a simple turn of a chair was a very real reason as to what she had been up to. She prayed silently that Aletha would not turn around. She immediately went into damage control. “Aletha I am so sorry…I don’t know what happened.” “You have been distracted for a long time now…I am very concerned.” Sandi moved towards the living room hoping that Aletha would turn the chair to follow her. She sat on the floor by the sofa and covered her face. She took a deep sigh trying to gather her thoughts. Aletha began to detail the events of the meeting and how she had done her best to satisfy the prospective clients, the very jeans company whose ad campaign she had been working on. Sandi listened trying to block out her evening of searching and the images, which were burning into her psyche and separate Aletha’s admonishments. But it wasn’t working. She felt herself leaning forward her face buried in her hands. Aletha reached to the desk without turning around playing absentmindedly with the mouse. She shook her head and smiled looking down at her disheveled partner/ protégé. “Do you have any coffee in the house? Sandi nodded and pointed to the kitchen without looking up. Aletha stood accidentally clicking the mouse. Thinking nothing of it she half muttered… “Oops.” She moved towards the kitchen without giving it any thought. Hearing the oops…Sandi looked up. Aletha was halfway to the kitchen when she stopped dead in her tracks. Sandi bolted to her feet and tried to reach the desk, but her legs and head were still groggy, and she had to steady herself. Aletha turned having been caught by the sounds of slapping ringing through the apartment. She spotted the screen and her eyes fairly popped wide. Sandi stood there like a doe in the headlights of oncoming traffic. There she was between Aletha and the desk. She started a wild wobbly dash towards it but before she could make it, she felt Aletha’s hand on her arm pulling her back. Aletha held her there as they both watched the spanking clip playing on the screen. “What in the hell! Please tell me you have not been…oh...my…god! Is this what you were doing last night when you were supposed to be working on your presentation?” Sandi couldn’t answer she was frozen. She felt herself being dragged along to the desk. Aletha took a seat and began back clicking through her computer. Sandi watched in horror as the spanking websites and images flashed across the screen. “I can…explain…ok maybe not explain…but…” Aletha waved her off turning to fix a gaze on Sandi. As she spun, her foot kicked the empty wine bottles. She looked down then back at Sandi. Taking a deep breath Aletha pursed her lips and tried to gain her composure. All Sandi could do was stand there staring at the floor like a recalcitrant little girl. Which is exactly what she was feeling like. She couldn’t look at Aletha as she shuffled from foot to foot. Aletha reached for Sandi’s chin and lifted it up. For a moment they looked into each other’s eyes…as they did Sandi watched as Aletha’s eyes narrowed into small angry slits. A cold rush swept through her as she felt herself being jerked forward until she was resting across Aletha’s nylon covered lap. Her eyes went wide, and she could feel herself struggling as an arm wrapped around her waist holding her in place. “How appropriate that you were watching spanking videos missy! Since I recall telling you that if you screwed up this presentation that I would be…finding out how spankable your jeans were…well seeing how you aren’t wearing jeans I guess we’ll just have to see how spankable…” and with that Sandi felt Aletha’s fingers at the hem of her PJ’S lifting it up and over her bottom and resting it on her back exposing her plain blue cotton panties. “…your panties are!” Sandi’s eyes went saucer wide as she tried in vain to reach back and cover her bottom with her left hand. Aletha deftly picked it off pinning it to her side. In one motion she spun the chair around to face the computer monitor. “Please Aletha. Please…let me up!” “Oh, I will…I will…as soon as I have thought you a lesson.” Aletha clicked on the screen again bringing up the real player box. She hit play and the video began. “I think I’ll just use this as a guide since I have never spanked anyone before…wouldn’t want to do it wrong.” Sandi began to kick and struggle, but she was going nowhere. She pleaded with Aletha to let her up but to no avail. Suddenly she felt the first smack on her pantied bottom. She yelped in response. She turned to look back at Aletha but all she could see was her arm lifting and her palm descending towards her bottom. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth…soon the air was filled with the sounds of her bottom being smacked mixed with sounds from the video clip. She was taken aback by how stinging the blows were and the nonexistent protection her panties gave. As the spanking continued Aletha continued even after the video clip had stopped. Obviously, she had been a quick study since her bottom was heating up under Aletha’s steady stream of smacks. Sandi was back at work now feeling refreshed and ready to jump back into things. Aletha had welcomed her return with a lavish office party and a new account to run. As she prepared to leave Aletha entered her office taking a seat on the edge of Sandi’s desk. “So how are we doing?” she asked. Sandi looked up smiling. “I’m doing great, the time off really helped.” Sandi gave Aletha a shy glance before continuing. “And so did the spanking.” Aletha nodded reaching out and touching Sandi’s hand. They knew that there wasn’t a need to talk further about it. It was a spontaneous reaction between two friends who truly care for each other. Aletha stood and tussled Sandi’s hair playfully. “Well, don’t bet on it not happening again you little brat.” Sandi laughed nervously as Aletha walked from the office. Sandi stepped from her car and headed for her apartment. She looked up the pathway and noticed the girl from across the courtyard walking towards her. She hadn’t seen her since that day in the ally way. In fact, she had purposely avoided looking out her French doors during the entire time. As the girl approached Sandi tried to look anywhere but straight ahead. Once they were side by side the girl spoke. “Hello”, she said. Sandi looked up startled at first yet stammered back a hello. The girl smiled. Her face was full of light and youth and her voice was inviting. “Can I ask you a question?” the girl asked. Sandi nodded. The girl smiled once more and pointed in the direction of Sandi’s apartment. “You live, there don’t you?” “Yes, I do…why do you ask?” “I…I mean we…my boyfriend and I have been looking for you. By the way my name is Nikki Adams.” “Sandi…” Nikki cut her off before she could finish. “I know who you are. I have some things I think you might want back…some things you left…in an ally,” Nikka said giving Sandi a half smile. Would you like to come get them?”
  14. PART 1 Sandi Dennis stood on her balcony looking down on the courtyard below aimlessly sipping her coffee. She could always find interesting life playing out there. It was closing in midnight and she knew that the last thing she needed was caffeine, but she also didn’t want to sleep, after all wasn’t this better than cookie dough ice cream. As she turned to go back inside something caught her eye. For a minute she wasn’t sure what the image was but now she was caught in that place we find ourselves, knowing better but too damn curious to care. Across the courtyard she could see through an open window a woman standing still, her face to a wall. Her eyes went wide as she could tell the woman was naked except for her panties, which were bunched just below her bottom. Sandi tried not to look but couldn’t help taking in a full view. Suddenly a man appeared from the right side of the woman and with striking resolve took the woman’s left arm holding it away from her bottom and delivered ten full swing swats to the woman’s bottom. Sandi gasped as if the man’s palm were striking her own bottom. Sandi eased conspiratorially back towards her French doors into her apartment. She couldn’t believe what she had just seen but after all she thought this is Hollywood, so what if they did things different here than in Kansas. “Oh well Dorothy you wanted out of Kansas”, she laughed to herself. That night Sandi smiled to herself remembering what she had witnessed as she curled up under her sheets and closed her eyes trying to lock everything in her mind. It was a hot night and Sandi tossed and turned, pushing the sheets away from her body exposing her tiny boy shorts and one long leg. All at once she felt herself being yanked abruptly from the bed. Her eyes tried to adjust to not only the shock of what was happening but the dark room as she felt herself being unceremoniously deposited over a lap. Finally, her eyes adjusted, and she was shocked to see the face of the man from the apartment across the way. “Wha…wha…what are you doing here!” she blurted out. Kicking and squirming trying desperately to free herself from his grasp. The more she fought the firmer his grip. “Let me up! You can’t do this…” she never got to finish her rant as she was shocked to feel his hand at the waistband of her panties. “Oh my God Noooooooooo…Noooooooooo…you can’t!” she screamed. “So, you like to watch do you… well this is how I deal with naughty voyeurs.” he spat out. He yanked her shorts right down and off. Sandi kicked and tried to reach back to protect her modesty from this stranger. “You may like to watch but I think it’s better to experience it for real.” He took Sandi’s arm and held it to the small of her back. Sandi looked back over her shoulder watching in horror as she saw his right hand lifting high into the air and descending towards her bottom. She closed her eyes tight awaiting the impact of his palm against her bare bottom. Sandi bolted straight up as her radio alarm blared a wakeup song. She looked frantically around the room gulping air trying to regain her composure. Jumping from the bed she back peddled all the way across the room. She sighed realizing it was all just a dream. Brushing her black tresses from her face she let out a long breath. Her sense of calm was disrupted as a cold rush of morning air ran across her bottom and she realized she was bare bottomed. Her hand shot to her mouth as she raced back to the bed frantically searching for them. Tearing back the sheets she watched as they fell from underneath a corner coming to rest at her feet. She ran from the room and checked the front door. The latches and chains were in place so there was no way anyone could have gotten in that way. Immediately she went to the French doors leading to her balcony, again the locks were in place. “This is definitely a double espresso day.” she said finally relieved. She headed to the bedroom for a much-needed cold shower. That next day at work Sandi was strangely distracted, finding herself drifting in and out just barely aware that she was even sitting at her desk. She had been staring at the same ad copy all day. It was 2pm and she had for all intents and purposes gotten no work done. She had had days like this before growing increasingly restless for the past month. She wasn’t sure what it was that had found its way into her psyche all she knew was that there was an emptiness welling its way into her consciousness. A knock on her office door jolted her from her malaise. Sandi looked up to find Aletha Harridson standing in her doorway. Aletha was Sandi’s business partner. She was 10 years older and had taken Sandi under her wing when Sandi was just 19 years old. As she studied her mentor standing there in her cream-colored Donna Karen wrap dress, she was drawn to the flash of leg cutting wide the slit all the way to the top of her thigh. Her gaze traveled up along the lines of the dress past the knotted belt further along to her long neck left bare by the short boy cut of her raven hair. Sandi had always admired the porcelain whiteness of her face and how her skin almost glowed from the greenness of her eyes. This was the woman that Sandi hoped she would one day be, strong and fulfilled. Aletha strode over to Sandi yanking her up by her arm. Sandi wondered had she done something wrong. She started to protest but was too shocked to even utter the smallest words. “I am very disappointed in you young lady. Do you know how late you are?” Aletha fairly screamed. She dragged Sandi to the middle of the room and bent her forward at the waist. Suddenly Sandi felt Aletha’s palm striking her bottom with a loud SWAT! “Are you ok Sandi you look a bit pale there”, Aletha asked entering the office. Sandi looked up trying to hide the heat building on her face. Sandi ran her hands through her hair to appear nonchalant. “Sure, I am, why?” Sandi asked. Aletha shook her head smiling as she took a seat at Sandi’s desk. Aletha looked down on Sandi’s desk glancing at the layout and ad copy. She looked up just as Sandi’s eye moved to the paper. Sandi blushed bright red and quickly flipped the copy over. “You know Sandi this is a pretty edgy client but I’m not sure ‘Our jeans are…spankably soft’… is the direction they were thinking of going.” Aletha took a long look at Sandi and leaned back in her chair. “Are you sure everything is ok?” Sandi nodded a half believable yes as she swept her bangs from her face. Aletha stood up and smiled at her protégé as she turned to head out of the office. “Take the rest of the day off cutie. Then be back here fresh and ready to get that campaign done we have one week before the presentation.” Aletha stopped at the door and turned with her hands on her hips fixing Sandi with a stern look. “And if you don’t little missy…we’ll be finding out how...spankably soft your jeans are.” Aletha looked at the shocked expression on Sandi’s face. Without another word she turned on her heels and walked down the hall smiling to herself. Sandi felt her face flush and her knees almost go weak as she slumped in her chair. She immediately reached for the copy and without looking sent it through the shredder. That evening Sandi spent watching cable TV movies and vegging out. This time she decided cookie dough ice cream was the way to go. Without looking she glanced out the French doors leading to her balcony. She sat up slowly, realizing that the apartment across the courtyard’s blinds were open. At first, she resisted looking for longer than a second figuring that last night was just an interesting coincidence. She tried to put it out of her mind as she turned her attention back to the TV. Every few seconds, she found herself taking guilty glances across and turning back as if she might be caught. Sandi huddled her face close against her legs feeling the coolness of the cotton from her sweats against her cheek. She groaned knowing she was going to give into her curiosity with one more look before reaching up and turning out her lights. She went to the doors dragging a chair behind and jamming a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth holding the spoon there as she pulled the blinds just closed enough so she could see out. There was nothing to be seen even though lights were on. She watched, as the woman appeared moving in and out of what Sandi figured was the living room. Nothing happened but for whatever reason she couldn’t leave her seat. She just sat transfixed her ice cream and…the window…across the way. Sandi was jerked to consciousness by the container of ice cream dropping from her hand. She opened her eyes spotting the container on the floor. As she leaned forward to pick up the container there it was…she lifted up leaving the container where it had fallen. Sandi knelt and moved closer to the doors. She could clearly see the back of the man’s body sitting on the sofa. Then something struck her…she could see his right-hand lifting and falling repeatedly and then first one leg then two, scissoring up and down between the hand lifting and falling. The spanking went on for what seemed an eternity and Sandi wondered how the woman could take such prolonged punishment. She turned from the window and stared at the floor trying to make sense of what she was seeing and why she was so drawn to it. Everything she had been going through over the past few months was rushing through her head. Was there a connection a meaning? She looked back and now there was a new image. The woman was bent over the back of the sofa her face looking out from the window. The man was behind her, his arm pulling back and coming forward in a wide arc. Sandi’s eyes widened in shock as she realized the man had a paddle in his hand. When it disappeared the wide-eyed look that came to the woman’s face and the jerk of her body told Sandi that the paddle had made contact with the woman’s bottom. Sandi couldn’t see the woman’s face clearly, but she imagined her face devoid of makeup. Sandi could see she was an attractive woman. Sandi felt if she tried, she could reach over and touch her. The paddle came back and landed again…then a second went by and again the wide arced swing and the shocked face of the woman. As the spanking went on Sandi could see that the woman was openly crying. Sandi watched thinking didn’t this constitute abuse…should she call the police…but somehow, she was actively trying to make sense of what was going on. Finally, the spanking was over, and the woman slumped over the back of the sofa her face buried in her hands. She looked so fragile there, her shoulders lifting and falling. Then the man appeared kneeling by her, leaning close he kissed her on the cheek his hand clearing her face of stray hair and down the side of her cheek in such a tender manner that it took Sandi by surprise. How could someone who had been so rhythmically cruel be so loving and soothing? He began to speak, and the woman rested her face against his palm and closed her eyes. Sandi reached over picking up the container, she looked in and was relieved to see it was empty. As she got up to go to the kitchen, she took one last look across and there the man was hugging the woman. Sandi was struck once more. She started towards the kitchen but stopped to brush something from her cheek, a tear. She swiped again and there were more and before she could figure out what was happening. The tears and sobbing were suddenly coming so hard and uncontrollable that Sandi slumped to the floor by the refrigerator her entire body shaking.
  15. A bond stronger than steel It was an early morning and Mark was looking on eBay. He found some cock rings that he thought would assist him in pleasing his Ma’am. He thought hey that’s perfect to help him not blow his load so fast. So without hesitation he purchased them. He then got shaved and showered for work. He stepped outside smoked his last cigarette before work and then went inside and kissed his wife goodbye for the day. Kim was his wife of the last 11 years. They met eleven years ago and it was a whirl wind romance for sure. Mark fell in love with her Alpha personality from day one. They were both spanking enthusiasts from day so natural they clicked and were best friends. Mark was the taken in hand and Kim was the head of household from the day one of their marriage. What that means is Mark was subject to be taken in hand and hauled over Kim’s knee and spanked anytime she saw fit. Mark had no objections it loved it and so did Kim. Anyway about 2 hours into Marks shift he gets a text message from Kim call me young man! He thinks to himself great what did I do now. So he steps into the office and calls her. He says yes baby when she answered (ignoring the text tone she took with him). Young man did you make a purchase this morning on Ebay without consenting me? Yes I said I got a ..... he was immediately interrupted by Kim....yes what she said? Yes Ma’am I said. Have you forgot our contract you signed over eleven years ago young man? No ma’am I said. I thought this would be a surprise..... I don’t care she said you know better and when you come home from work I am going to pull down you pants and spank your bare bottom mister, do I make myself clear? My stomach just hit the floor from the butterflies of nerves that just took over and I had to clear my throat from the lump in it. Yes I said, YES what? Yes Ma’am! Good she said. Now I will be at my sisters house when you get off work and I have laid out your punishment panties and pajamas on our bed. I will expect you to be dressed for punishment and your nose in the corner when I return, I will be home shortly after you get off work. Yes ma’am I said. So has I hung up the phone I was going over our contract in my head. It was our Female Led Marriage contract. And here is a break down of it FLR set up What is more sexy that your husband handing you control of his orgasms and sexuality? I want to please my Ma’am in the best way she sees. In the bedroom Kim will be called Ma’am for she is my Ma’am. It fits with her natural dominant personality. So I would like to lightly expand from the bedroom. Punishment to be carried out at her whim and I will not object or be forced to further punishment Types of punishment Paddling Line writing Cornertime Grounded Unauthorized masturbation Not paying the bills on time Unauthorized internet purchases with permission Unauthorized purchases with a credit card Running out of allowance money Assigned household chores not done to your satisfaction Being disrespectful Interrupting Not helping with the kids Not servicing my Ma’am first Not picking up after my self Not keeping a clean vehicle Being selfish Being self centered So the day drug on as all I could think about was how I was gonna get it. Finally the work day ended and it was time to face the consequences of my actions. I got home took off my work clothes and went into our bedroom and there folded neatly was a pair of plaid pajama bottoms a pair of panties and a red t shirt. She laid out her favorite Leda Hairbrush paddle as well. I was changing into my punishment outfit and I noticed out of the corner of my eye she had our spanking bench uncovered with her favorite board of education paddle leaning on it. Oh man I thought I’m not gonna be able to sit for a month. I changed and put my nose in the corner held the Leda paddle behind my back. It was about five minutes later I heard the garage door open. I was starting to get real nervous now. I heard her open the door into our house and close it. I could her hear walk across the kitchen floor and down the stairs. As she entered our bedroom I could hear her pick up the wooden stool and set it in the center of the room. She walked over to me and grabbed me my the ear and pulled me over to the stool. She said apparently you need a reminder of who is in charge young man. She then in one solid motion pulled down my pajama bottoms and panties and sat down on the stool. She pulled me over her knee and I was dangling over her lap. This was different I was off the ground my feet and hands didn’t touch the ground I was helpless no where to go. With that she said I am very disappointed in you young man and she brought down her paddle on my bare bottom and she paddled me in a rapid fire way. I started to kick and plead but she had no avail. Please please I said I’m sorry I’m so sorry. My cries fell on def ears. She paddled me in volleys of 5O each cheek. What happens to naughty husbands that make purchases without consent?? They get paddled I screamed yes that’s right and you are gonna be one sorry young man when I’m through with you!! My ass hurt so bad. I attempted to cover my bottom with my hand and Kim grabbed my hand and pinned it to the small of my back. She continued to let her paddle fall with grace on my sore bottom. Whack, whack, whack, whack......Then it happened, I went into a fog the sudden shock disappeared and i was in a high state of arousal. My pleading stopped and laid there my whole body limp over her knee. She instantly saw this and stopped. Felt something cool on my ass and it was baby lotion. She rubbed in baby lotion to lock in the sting and proceed to paddle my thighs and that hurt like hell. I yelled and screamed for her to stop. Stop please I will be a good boy I promise..whaaaaa I was bawling 😭 😭 she brought that paddle down all over my ass and it hurt so bad from the baby lotion it was like she was welding fire. Finally she stopped she took me of her lap hugged me and told me that she needed to drive the lesson home. Don’t I naughty boy? Yes ma’am I trembled She stroked my cock whispered in my ear what happens to naughty boys? They they ga ga get pad pad paddled I stuttered..she sucked on my nipples as she stroked my cock. Then without warning I cummed all over. She hand me a towel and she made me clean the mess. And I thought it was over. Oh no she said we just started and she grabbed me by the ear and placed me over the spanking bench and started to paddle my already paddled bottom. Lecturing to me how she was the head of household and I was to obey. Remember our vows to love honor and obey your wife? I’m so disappointed in you young man she said as she brought down the paddle crack crack crack crack I was starting to cry, blubbering like a baby she didn’t care she kept on paddling my bruised and sore bottom. Yes ma’am I screamed... she ignored my cries and kept bringing down the paddle. She continued this for thirty more minutes. I was pleading and making promises. Then as soon as our session began she stopped. She sat on the straight backed chair and motioned my to sit on her lap. I sat in her lap and she looked me in the eyes and said you know I love you and I care about you that is why I have to correct my naughty boy. Yes Ma’am I sniffled. She lead me to the corner where I had to put my nose back on the wall. She sat down in her favorite chair and admired her handy work. A well paddled husband with bright red bottom and pink panties pulled down. It made her so wet to look at his bright red bare bottom. She then picked up her favorite book and started to read. Mark just stood there in the corner sniffling trying to regain his composure, he could hear the pages turning from Kim’s book as his bottom was on fire it stung so bad. She sat an read her book for an hour or so. The afterglow was starting to set in on Marks bottom. He couldn’t explain it, it hurt so good. Kim got up and whispered into his ear good boy it’s all over now. She grabbed him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. She took her shirt off, and turned around and instructed him to undo her bra. He did as told. Then she slid her pants off. She laid on the bed where they passionately kissed and mark slid off her panties. He kissed her on the lips and worked his way down to get belly and then to her pussy. He ate her pussy like no else ever has. She climaxed on his face. Mark then slid his cock in her and he made passionate love to his Ma’am!!! After her multiple orgasms she climbed on Marks face a took a seat. She took out her latest novel she had been reading. Kim sat on Marks face while she read her afternoon novel. That was their love their bond was stronger than steel just like Marks bottom!
  16. Get off your damn phone How many times do we have to talk about this Mark, Kim scolded! You are always on your phone, you never pay attention to to anything or anyone else. What the hell is so important on your phone? I dunno I said. Really you don’t know? Kim continued to scold. Well I’ve had enough give me that phone. Kim grabbed Marks phone and she started looking at his internet search history. What are these sites? Nu West Leda, DWC, dirty panties?? I’m very disappointed in you young man, she took him by the hand and she led him to the corner. You stick your nose in that corner and you do not move until I tell you understood? Yes ma’am I said. We will have one of our talks over my knee in just a minute! Kim went into there bedroom and she grabbed her favorite Blue Mahoe hairbrush paddle and the Canary wood Leda style hairbrush paddle. The blue Mahoe was her favorite because it was 4 inches wide and 5/8 thick it covered both cheeks and was thick enough to do some much needed tanning of her husbands hide when he was in need of correction. She knew from the moment they were dating that he needed correction and accountability in his life and she was up to the challenge. He was her naughty boy and she was his Ma’am! It was a perfect match, she always soaked her panties thinking about putting him over her knee and it drove him crazy in the bedroom after she blistered his bare bottom! She then grabbed a straight back wooden chair and she moved it to the living room. She took a seat, set her favorite paddles down on the carpet and began to flip through Marks phone. She already knew what Nu West Leda was that company helped train her as a Ma’am with there videos and she was a fan of the Leda Hairbrush. But DWC the Disciplinary Wives Club? This was great it was a handbook from other ladies that spanked their husbands on a regular basis. Hum she thought this has some great information. But really dirty panties, he likes dirty panties? No wonder it takes a few days to get her panties back from the laundry. Well ok she thought. Get over here young man. I stepped out of the corner and came over to my ma’am. She unbuckled my belt and pull down my jeans and underwear. Look at me she said, you have been on your phone way to much and what are these sites! Dirty panties? Well if that is what you want then here she slipped of her panties and put them Over Marks head and pulled him over her knee. She picked up the canary wood and whack whack whack whack oh my god I cried this hurts so bad owwww I’m sorry please please ma’am stop. This DWC site is great I will be reading it and using that site as a guide As she carried on paddling my bare ass! Whack whack whack whack you stop hiding this from me. Whack whack the paddle Was intense It hurt so bad no warm up just a punishment spanking. You think I’m so stupid don’t you whack whack whack you think that I don’t know your looking at porn on your phone? Whack whack whack whack whack whack you dirty boy She finally let me up and she scolded how dare you look at those websites you dirty dirty boy. Hand Me the Blue Mahoe. I handed her the Blue Mahoe and she rubbed the paddle against her hand, silky and smooth and heavy. She put Mark back over her knee and she really blistered his bottom. That Blue Mahoe was smooth and weighty. She began to continue blistering Marks bare bottom. Owwwww owwww owww whack whack whack whack how many times have you sniffed my panties this week. Four times? Whack whack whack she then began to continue blister my bottom if I ever catch you with that smut again whack whack only once ma’am yeah right she said. Whack whack whack she worked his bottom over and over again. She thought to herself as she was paddling the daylights out of him he really was a good man just needs a firm hand! Whack whack whack whack owww honey I’m sorrrrrry I’m sorrrry I’m sorrry he was screaming he starting blubber like a baby she could feel his tear drops on her feet. She had a deaf ear to his cries whack whack whack time to drive the lesson home and she delivered a rapid fire round of swats that he would never forget. She paddled his ass in earnest she delivered 300 rapid fire swats. He kicked and screamed and she just leg locked him and grabbed his arm and held it to the small of his back this naughty boy was going no where! After she was done she let him up gave him a hug and caressed his bald head and she explained to him that his behavior would not be tolerated in this house. Kim informed Mark that before his spanking began she installed an app on her phone that monitored all his phone activity so she sees what he sees. She made him stand in the corner. She starred at her handy work, his bottom was a pleasant shade of dark purple all over in an even tone. She really didn’t care that he got off on sniffing her panties the thought that he did that made her wet such a good man he worships the ground she walks on he gets off to her when she is not around with her panties! He was definitely going to be thinking about her her tomorrow when he sits down. This was her favorite game her naughty boy and his ma’am!
  17. Foul Mouth Son of a bitch I cursed because I had just busted my knuckles on the oil drain plug from my truck. I forgot that the door from the house to the garage was open. Spring time in Kansas and it was a beautiful day to air out the house. I heard Kim holler from the kitchen Language young man watch your language. Yes Ma’am i said loudly in an ungrateful tone. I drained the oil and removed the filter and replaced the filter, and finally put the drain plug back in. I was adding the fresh oil back into my truck. I could not find a damn funnel to save my ass. So I improvised and I used my thumb to cover the top of the quart of oil and removed it when I poured the quart into my motor. Well on the last quart my thumb slipped and I spilled oil on the garage floor. MOTHER FUCKER i shouted! Hey what did I just tell you less than 10 minutes ago young man???? I know I said but I just spilled oil on the garage floor. Well it will clean up she said. And you address me as Ma’am! And I have had enough of your fowl mouth. The neighbors can hear you cursing and know they are going to hear you get punished. Get in here and get wash up. Yes ma’am I said as I headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I scrubbed my hands and forearms from being dirty from working on my truck. I then jumped in the shower. I got out of the shower, dried off and put on my punishment panties and my red flannel pajama bottoms and red t shirt. This was part of the punishment ritual: punishment panties to humiliate me by wearing ladies underwear, pajama bottoms to make me feel like a naughty little boy and a red cotton t shirt the goal is that I will have a redder bottom than my shirt. I went into the kitchen. Kim immediately started scolding me (this always drops me into sub space) young man I have warned you and warned you about your fowl mouth. You have had more than one warning but you keep on swearing. You know how much that offends me don’t you? Yes ma’am I know. Well since the neighbors could hear you swearing and losing your temper know they will hear you getting paddled like the naughty husband that you are. She grabbed a bar of ivory soap open up she said and she stuck the soap in my mouth. Here this will clean out your dirty mouth. She then bent me over the kitchen table and pulled down my pajama bottoms and panties. Crack the paddle landed full force on my ass, errr umph i gargled, Crack crack crack whack whack! You whack are such Crack crack a naughty boy crack crack umph errrr owwww I was gargling out You and your dirty fowl crack crack crack crack language will NO Longer be tolerated crack crack crack crack crack crack crack crack crack she wailed on my bare bottom with all out might. My mouth was so nasty from the irony tasty and tears were coming down my face. I was sobbing uncontrollably and starting to swallow some of the soap. Crack crack the soap slipped out of my mouth oh oh i said please ma’am I will never swear again ever please I’m sorry! No avail she was deaf to my pleas crack crack crack crack crack my bottom was burning like poured gasoline on my ass! Oh my god it hurts it hurts I’m sorry sorry. There she scolded in the corner don’t you dare touch your bottom. Hands on your head! Yes ma’am i sniffled and went to the corner to think about my transgressions. As I was standing in the corner Kim stepped outside to the back porch and i could here her talking one of our neighbors. I’m sorry she said for all that racket but I promise Mark will not be yellin
  18. She has had enough What is he doing now she thought as her phone was going crazy. Kim’s phone kept on making a buzzing noise. Umm I will check on my break. Kim has been teaching her class all day and Mark was off work today. While was working Mark was looking at porn on his phone. Was scrolling through some of his favorite porn sites.Well little did he know Kim downloaded a tracker on her phone that gave her updates on Marks activity on his phone. Yeah he was taking of business in his pants, not realizing that later Kim was gonna take care of business over his pants and with stand around his ankles. Kim went on break and she was appalled at what she saw. Mark was looking at spanking videos and Chasity devices. Well well she thought. I think i will just give my husband a surprise today. She spoke with her supervisor and told her that she needed to take the rest of the day off to take care of some business. She spoke with one of her colleagues and got her to finish teaching the class. Kim then took off for the day. Her first stop was the local adult store. She spoke with the clerk and said I need some help my husband keeps masterbauting and need to put a stop to it. Do you have any Chasity devices in stock? The clerk showed her a vast array of devices. This one is perfect she said. It was a clear one with a lock on it. She then made her way home. She parked in the street by the side of the house, she was gonna catch him in the act. Kim quietly put her key in door and slowly turned the key and wow she could not believe her eyes. Mark was asleep on the lazy boy with a pair of her dirty panties draped over his face and his pants were unbuttoned with a few crusty paper towels beside the chair. She let him sleep. Kim went into their closet and grabbed her favorite hairbrush paddle and her favorite BOE paddle. She placed a straight back chair in the middle of the living room. She set the hairbrush paddle on the chair and leaned the BOE paddle against the chair. This way when Mark woke up that was the first thing he would see. Kim then made a noise she cleared her throat. Mark stirred and started to wake he looked across the living room and saw the chair and paddles. He quickly pulled her panties off his face and said hey your home early. Well young man i wanted to see what you were up too. And it’s just has I thought. What did I tell you was going to happen if I caught you playing with yourself again? You promised me that I would not sit for a week. Yes i did, and with that she grabbed him by the ear and pulled him out of the lazy boy. Kim flung him over her lap and with one motion she pulled his pants down along with his underwear. All while she was sitting down. Mark felt the cool air hit his bottom for a second. And then whap whap whap whap whap whap whap whap whap whap Kim brought down her hairbrush with all her might. Mark was already sobbing and begging her to stop. Please ma’am im sorrrrry he cried. Sorry your not sorry yet young man. You have had this coming and I am going to blister your bare bottom until I think you have learned a lesson. Whap whap whap whap whap whap whap ow ow ow pleasssse stopppp please ma’am he screamed. No sir i hope the neighbors can hear you. They are gonna know how I deal with a husband that has been naughty. With that she kept bringing down the brush in volleys of 50. Mark thought his ass was in fire. Finally after 30 minutes she paused . Get up she said gone stand in the corner, hands on your head pants down don’t you dare touch that bottom. He did as he was told. Ten minutes went by and his ass was on fire from the after glow. She called him in the bedroom. Lay on the bed she said. Mark did as he was told. She had a razor, shaving cream and a bowl of hot water standing by. She proceeded to shave all of his pubic hair off his dick and balls. What was this for her thought? Man this is great. Then he felt a hard plastic sheath being put around his balls and then before he could look up another thing being squeezed on his dick and then click. Kim then dangled a key on a chain over his face. There she said not only do you belong to me so does your orgasms. I know decide if you can have a release or not. This key is the key that unlocks your manhood. Oh no he thought. What is this device? Before he could say anything she grabbed him by the ear and dragged back into the living room and she bent his over the back of the chair. With a vengeance she brought down the BOE paddle on his already paddled bottom. Ow ow ow ow he screamed but no avail she just kept on paddling him. His bottom was throbbing and it hurt he was reduced to a blubbering mess. Kim just kept on paddling him. Then she stopped, and he lay there a sobbing mess.
  19. Has anyone here had experiences being spanked for childhood antics you still felt guilty about? Something you know in your heart you shouldn't have done and never was properly punished for? Now that I found a spanker, a Dad, I'm in a position to have those things dealt with. He told me he's spanked others for real life childhood issues and they always felt better after. I look forward to that but not all of the rocky road ahead before reaching it.
  20. This poll is for guys who associate a particular kind of clothing with spanking - feel free to add comments!
  21. I don’t want to start a political division thread, but if there’s ANYONE who deserves a good sound bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush would be.. Marjorie Taylor Greene!!😡
  22. What I like is exploring every inch of a partners body. Rhythmic Spanking/ Impact Play feels so connecting. Where do you stand with rhythm and music enhancing the energy you exchange with your partners? Touch.mp4
  23. So, I write spanking stories and put them up for sale on Amazon under a pen name. These stories often include other kinks and they all have little warnings that give you ideas about what is in them. If you have some interest in erotica for stormy nights via your Kindle, have a look! Thanks. Link below. S. V. Kerres Author Page
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