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  1. I travel KY, OH and IN, primarily SW OH, northern KY, and eastern IN, but do travel further. Have friends and relatives in Akron/Canton/Cleveland area that I visit now that pandemic is over. I am retired at 79 yrs. old and am a disciplinarian of mature ladies who are acting in ways that are possibly harmful to their health/welfare/social well being. Just as I am not too old to be giving a lady the spanking she needs, you, Young Lady, are not too old to be taken over my knees while I give you the long overdue, much needed spanking that you need or want. As long as you are in good health, this will be the case. Contact me for more information if you need to be spanked or if you know of a lady that needs to be spanked. And, yes, the finalization of the spanking may result in tears and will always be on your bare bottom. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Iam Seeking a female disciplinarian someone who listens to you. It should not be someone who is only interested in spanking your bottom. A disciplinarian should be someone who is going to provide you guidance in making positive changes in your life. The disciplinarian should have your best interests at heart. The person should be someone who will tell you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear. Another quality that I look for in a disciplinarian is someone who is strict, but yet kind. The disciplinarian while holding you accountable and giving you the discipline you deserve should be someone who will hug and forgive you after the spanking is over. A disciplinarian should be someone who you can have regular contact with, outside of a discipline session I"am a singel male looking for a strict female that can help me to set goals thru old fashiond copral punishment and rules Please be serious I"am I need some one that would realy care for me and understands me and what i need from this lets have dinner and talk about it I enjoy of being a naughty boy but i not really in to the hard stuff i love ole fashiond bare bottom over the knee spankings, corner time, rules groundings, Doing chores writing lines.
  3. Hello, I am based in Florida but travel through the Southeast for my career. As a Disciplinarian of 20+ years, I am currently accepting new female spankees who need mentoring/discipline. I provide real life discipline for real life issues. Feel free to pm me with any questions you may have.
  4. I am a petite (5’4″), curvy, gorgeous, dominant, half Chinese, half African American, strong willed, no-nonsense, professional disciplinarian in the central NC area. After studying clinical psychology and honing my domestic disciplinary skills on my submissive husband of 4 years, I now offer spanking and punishment sessions mainly in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. I punish out of love NOT hatred. I am a loving firm hand that never seems to tire. My discipline methods keep my family in line and they have the same effects on my clients. I am not a dominatrix. I am a professional disciplinarian and life coach. What does that mean? It means I hold you accountable for your goals and objectives. It means I give you the real punishments that you desire and need. It means I give real, strict domestic discipline sessions. I am your teacher, guide, life coach, disciplinarian. Visit my website to learn more. holisticdiscipline.com --Miss Ari
  5. Hi there I am a non sexual disciplinarian from Pittsburgh with a lot of experience will to help anyone with accountability or stress. Hope to help CP
  6. Another one of many memories and thoughts from this Er. I have helped a few girls in the past that after the initial meet and greet, tell Me that they do not like being spanked, it does not take an experienced Mentor long to figure out that she may not being quite honest about her feelings. I am one to teach honesty, self awareness, and to think objectively, I know that it is extremely difficult for most to admit certain faults, desires and true objectives. It takes time to learn to trust, to tell some of the ‘god awful ‘ things that can plague her mind when in fact many of the acts may be not as bad as she thinks, having a Mentor to help sort things is a huge benefit, she may feel after a conversation that there is more hope than she thought possible. The ones that do enjoy or find pleasure with certain or all aspects of discipline ( once known and understood to a point) may be more effective in the process than not getting what they want ( spanking, aftercare, etc..) if they choose to step outside of the rules and boundaries. To allow her pleasure for being good, not allowing pleasure for being bad is something I have used in the past with good results. To some reading this are aware of what I am writing about, to some it may seem like a ‘no brainer’ , then hopefully some will read this and realize that they are not strange or have forbidden needs and desires. We are all different in some way or other, trying to get through this life the best that we can. Be well, Rick.
  7. Hello SN, I am a professional spanker and disciplinarian located in Atlanta, Georgia. I believe in a no-nonsense approach to spanking and discipline play. Spanking can be a way to release guilt for mistakes, reach stress relief through the catharsis of smacks, or receive the punishment you richly deserve. Contact me with your idea for a spanking, and let's make it a reality. Email me at deborahburnsideinfo@gmail.com Read my FAQs here: deborahburnsides.com Deborah Burnside
  8. Hi. I am looking for a disciplinarian to help hold me accountable and discipline me when needed while I am back in school working towards my bachelors degree. I tend to procrastinate and because of that don’t get the grades I know I can get.
  9. I literally need a personal trainer with me when I'm working out teaching me proper form, someone who can easily do the workouts assigned to me so I can watch how their body moves doing it so I can hopefully mimic it, him being a healthy fitness visual to motivate me as well, and helping me set up a specific routine of workouts to do every day designed to reach my personal body goals of reducing sagging skin as I continue to drop weight, to tone up and strengthen my weaker muscles, and to make my butt better formed and bigger. The Disciplinarian part comes in by needing him to be strict and stern with me, to motivate me by accepting no bullshit excuses from me about why I can't workout, and firmly and with consistency, dealing out punishment spankings if I fuck up I guess. And honestly..I would absolutely love being held accountable for my weak moments of eating the really unhealthy crap food that sets me back a week or more on my progress. I mentally respond extremely well to consensual male authority. I wouldn't even be against officially hiring a man that fits this description if he existed near me. Every day I try to do as many squats with my resistance bands as my legs can manage, use the bands to work on my arms until my arms can't pull them anymore, and I've recently taken up literally just running around my house outside with my dogs for cardio after work if it's still daylight and not raining. But that's all I can manage to make myself do, and I honestly have not been doing any of it on my days off work. I'm not seeing any results and I'm mad at myself because I know I'm better than this. I control every aspect of my life but stupidly struggle with this. I still have a lot of weight left to lose in my opinion. I've plateaued at only having lost 60lbs last I checked from my top weight 😔😔😔😔 but I'm keeping myself on a less than 1500 calorie (trying for no more than 1312 daily tbh) daily intake the best I can at least 5 days a week, sometimes 2000 plus though on my weaker moments on my days off work. But I'm probably just going to have to muddle through like I have been trying to do it on my own and hope some kind of acceptable progress is eventually seen since I can't seem to find a local man who can assist me with this. 😔 I'm just in a mood right now, I'm not usually such a pity party person, honest. I guess I'm just up in my feelings with being disappointed with my own behavior lately. I guess, really, I'm just shouting into the void at this point. I attached a photo of my only progress so far (I hope topless pics are allowed here). It was a photo I took to boost my confidence and I'm well aware of my specific pose that makes me look more flattering as I'm hiding the squishy stomach skin, but again, I wanted to boost my self image.
  10. I took a break from reality today and decided to take a drive to a somewhat local casino. I arrived to the familiar smells of smoke and alcohol, the bells ringing, crowds of people seemingly having a good time. As the evening wore on, I was not winning much so I began wandering, noticing the players on the slot machines. I am not new to this type of entertainment, I had a few sour memories of overspending, staying too late, and that ‘dreaded guilt’. From a distance everyone for the most part seemed happy, life was good, I occasionally would ask how their luck was doing, inevitably most people that I spoke with were not even close to breaking even, as I can attest, the majority was caught in a viscous spiral of spending to try and regain their losses. There were those that knew in fact that their behavior was out of control however stopping was not an option, they knew that cycle of spending would only end when all of the money was gone, hoping for ‘the big jackpot’. The worst part emotionally was yet to come, walking out, angry, ashamed, and that ‘dreaded guilt’. The money is gone, how could they do that again and again? the constant knot in the stomach, the fear of the financial damage, hiding from the truth- embarrassing thoughts of friends and relatives finding out. This scenario is played out in many other areas of ones lives such as drinking, drugs, sex addiction, bad habits, on and on it seems. Guilt sucks, whether it is unhealthy or healthy, a Mentor can help sort this out, the ‘coming clean’, the discipline along with a little aftercare is a way to stop the negative behaviors, regain a clean slate and be a brand new girl. For some, it’s time to get honest about your behaviors and take corrective action before serious complications arise. Be a good girl. Sir.
  11. I am a 58 year old male living in South Florida. I have many years of experience with spanking. I can provide any level from pink to purple. I live in a private gated community in Lake Worth Florida. I am happy to chat with anyone interested from newbees to experienced. I have solid references as well. I do not charge for this.
  12. More rambling thoughts; After a week or so of chatting with a couple of ee’s, I found myself in a state of mind that changes with what I feel is best for her and realize that as an Er I can and sometimes do, that is make assumptions. In the past I felt that I was able to adjust my style to fit a girls needs and wants in regards to her situation, in effect sometimes make her feel that I come across as being judgmental, condescending, controlling to name a few behaviors. My topic ‘Wearing the right hat’ seems to fit in this scenario, it can be difficult to get to know someone initially in a cyber chat, even more difficult is to get to know, like and care for someone and not take her self defeating, sometimes dangerous behaviors seriously, thus allowing it to happen without being considered a ‘prick’ so to speak. I have always tried to separate being a Disciplinarian from a Mentor to helping as a Figure to fill the quest that she may be attempting to conquer. Possibly I have a paternal instinct, a desire to help, maybe enjoy meeting and learning how a ee came to learn and accept her needs. At any rate, I was reminded in the past week or so that I wear different hats, as well as have tools that need to be chosen carefully when chatting and meeting a future ee for whatever purpose the she is seeking an Er. I have always stressed honesty when an ee is talking about her issues with an Er, I realize honestly has layers that need to be tugged and pulled apart to be able to get to core issues, tough stuff but trust and an Er’s integrity needs to prevail in order for it to work. The learning process never ends, ‘ If you are not going forward, you are going backwards ‘ Rick.
  13. A thought - Things have changed as most, if not all of us that have been around awhile are aware of. I remember a time when a few newcomer ee’s I worked with were using both safety along with common sense when meeting for the first time. As a meet and greet, then leading to an eventual ‘session’. It seemed much more like a ‘good faith agreement ‘, I realize that this type of trust seemed more common years ago when people, at least in my recollection, were a bit more upfront and willing to take a safe risk to wish to meet in a public place. I can not blame any one for being apprehensive and not suggesting that an ee or Er for that matter, do anything that contradicts their gut instincts in these crazy times. I have told countless ee’s My little opinion about the ‘need’, I have known from personal experience that these feelings will not go away easily, possibly a lifetime. I suggest that they might follow through with their inner aching desire to be able to decide if this lifestyle is something that will benefit them or not. Safety is imperative! Get references, use safe calls, read articles or ask others advice please ! Get to know and TRUST, your Er. If the session goes well, then they would know that it could be a changing point in thier lives. If the session ends up being something that they dislike for what ever reason, then the ee would be able to make an informed decision. My main point being ‘ what do you have to lose but a temporary sore bottom’ this way, one can either continue or not, at any rate, be able to get on with their lives instead of the constant nagging thought of wondering ‘ what if’. Be a good girl, 🙂 Rick.
  14. Hi. I'm a guy in my 20s seeking an authoritative male/female who will put me over their knee for a good spanking when I need it. Hopefully you will be able to give me the guidance and discipline I require to hold me to account for my poor behaviour/habits.
  15. Hi. I am a 28 year old female seeking a disciplinarian. I need to change some things in my life and I think that discipline/spankings will help. If you want to know more about me or my needs, please feel free to contact me @ sexibrownsuga143@aol.com. I am only interested in people who are serious and spankers. Thanks in advance. Tangelchick
  16. I am a 26 year old Dom with 7 years Experience as a Disciplinarian. I spend time with men and women who feel that they would like some guidance and order in their life and believe Spanking and Discipline can help. I have recently Moved to Central Oklahoma and would like to reach out to those in the community looking for a Platonic Spanking and Mentoring relationship. This is intended as a service, but I do not set a price, I only ask that you pay what you can afford believe to be fair. I have disciplined a number of college students, so I understand if you can't quite afford a ProDom. That is not what I do. However I have had clients that are business executives and have paid rather well for each session. Please complete this Survey if you have any interest in my services and I will reach out to you as soon as possible https://goo.gl/forms/9XUtqpfVQKpM7Dl63
  17. Hello all! I'm 31, female, currently living in the USA (MST) but not looking for any face-to-face discipline. I am looking for guided self-spanking as I am trying to stay on top of daily and weekly tasks. Also looking for other spanko friends. Nice to meet y'all.
  18. Has anyone ever heard of a professional who requires tribute getting raided by the police or charged with prostitution? Or a dungeon? Just curious.
  19. I'm a naughty girl who smokes everyday, gets drunk every weekend, curses like a sailor and spends her day lying around being lazy. I also won't ever stick to a diet and workout routine. Give me some harsh conviencing. How would you punish me for these bad habits and blatantly disrespectful attitude.
  20. Hey woman or even men if you are feeling bad and naughty just contact me you must be in Maryland in a place close to Gaithersburg and you must be 18-30 range also u must come to me or you take me to your place
  21. Local Disciplinarian for women, man or couples. Age, looks does not matter. If you need a Stress release spanking or harsh punishment, or plain old fashion discipline. I am a safe experience authority figure. Non-Sexual 69-year-old disciplinarian for those whom feel or know they desire to answer to an authority figure to be held accountable for their actions. Just call me Sir!
  22. To me spanking must give both the spanker and spankee some internal gratification. As a spankee I know what I like and I make sure my spanker knows what I need to get out of a session. One thing that matters to me a lot is that the person doing the spanking is enjoying herself. However we never hear from female spankers as to what do they want the spankee to do to make it more enjoyable for them, the spanker. For example do you have a preference for how the bottom is bared? Would you rather spank a guy naked or with pants pulled down?O Otk or over a piece of furniture or?I I like getting the Hairbrush, would most women rather use a belt? How should the spankee dress, tighty whiteys or boxers? Do you like it when he fusses and squirms? Bare, trimmed or bushy? Role play or spanked for real life offenses? The above are just some points of interest not really questions I want answered. The real question is, gals, what can the spankee do to enhance the experience for you as a spanker?
  23. Guest

    Hello all

    Hi, I'm still on the search for someone who could possibly meet my wants. I thought these tags might catch someone's attention.
  24. Oklahoma Disciplinarian here. I am searching for clients for my growing business. I am a strong believer in discipline. I have been spanking for over 20 years. Please visit my website if you are interested. Thanks! Jen https://live.vcita.com/site/missjen
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