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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here and thought I'd try and start some conversation. I'm a college student, and my question for you is... has anyone had a hard time finding discipline when they go away to college? Or were you able to find someone to spank you? Did anyone think they were relieved to be away from home and away from discipline, only to find they actually missed it as a regular constant in their life? Thanks, Richard
  2. Hello I am a 20 yr old college boy. I will send pics or videos over kik of wedgies & spankings. Inbox me why I should send them to you.
  3. A/N: This is a work of fiction and does not bear any intentional resemblance to any sort of program I am aware of at the time of this writing. It wasn’t long after Jenny left her parent’s house for college that she realized how much the structure, rules, and discipline of her high school years had helped keep her on track, had helped her to get this scholarship she was now using to her full advantage at university, several states away from home. She’d gotten into her top school of choice, and she found that it was worth it to have dealt with the strict discipline her father and mother had often applied to her bare bottom to keep her on track academically and out of trouble. She’d hated it at the time… but now she missed it. She flopped back on her extra-long twin bed and smiled a little, amused at herself. Who knew she’d miss being turned over one of her parent’s knees for some well-earned discipline? She’d been here a month, and the excitement of starting college was starting to wane, replaced by the strain of trying to keep up with the difficult classes a level or two beyond normal for her age due to the variety of AP courses she had taken and passed with flying colors in high school. Calling her parents and asking for help was out of the question. She’s insisted she was mature enough to go off to college this far away, and she didn’t want to prove them wrong. She wondered if there was some sort of program to help keep her on track, although the only thing she recalled reading was for students who required remedial classes or were on academic probation. That was certainly not her. She sat up, and pulled her laptop off her desk. If it was out there, she would find it. Frustrated, she turned to her blog, only occasionally used and only open to her friends, and vented her frustrations to a blank screen. It was only after she hit ‘post’ did it occur to her that maybe one of the people who followed her might have a clue about what to do about her dilemma. Jenny was a nervous ball of energy for the hours after posting, waiting for a response that she didn’t know if would come or not. She had come to college alone, and while some of her high school friends had also gone to their top schools of choice, none joined her. While about half of her classes had at least some from other classes due to the specialized nature of the degree beyond the basics she’d taken in high school, she’d only made actual connections and the beginnings of friendships with two others – both boys, roommates, also above normal freshman level. Her mom would have a fit if she knew, but she’d actually slept over with both boys a few times. It hadn’t been intended either time – late night studying and a lack of a sufficient caffeine source had led to her falling asleep on the couch. Nothing had happened, but still, it was something she was keeping to herself. Both had noticed her unusual energy level and nerves. “You’re more nervous than the day we got the grades back from the first quiz in our Intro to Biotechnology class!” Nathan, a lanky boy with short auburn hair, had teased her as they waited in line at the cafeteria. “What’s got you so riled up?” “Just waiting to see if anyone’s going to reply to my post on my blog,” Jenny answered honestly, bouncing on the balls of her feet. “Oh, you posted something?” a voice came from behind her. She turned her head and noticed that Brandon, a more muscled boy here on both academic and athletic scholarships, had come up behind her. “I’ll check it out after I eat.” “Okay,” she said, a little anxious that one of her friends would see her mental struggles but unwilling to say why he shouldn’t read it. Once seated, she picked at her stir fry, eventually opting for the more appetizing desserts. A piece of apple pie, a brownie, and a small scoop of ice cream on each found its way to her plate. Nathan rolled his eyes and pointed a carrot-speared fork at her as she dug into with gusto. “You know, some of that extra energy could be accounted for by the amount of sugar you have at almost every meal.” She blushed, but took another bite anyway, shrugging. “Don’t want it to go to waste.” Internally, she was wondering if he was right, and if maybe her newfound unhealthy eating habits could use some work too. For now, it was on her plate, and as far as she was concerned, she was making up for all the times she didn’t get dessert growing up. Not because she was being punished – not to say that never happened – but because neither of her parents had a sweet tooth. Apparently it was a recessive gene in them that had come to full fruition in her. Her dessert plate was cleared quickly and after a quick goodbye to her friends, she took her tray in and returned to her dorm at a pace just below a jog. Other than classes and meals, she’d stayed in her room, watching to see the exact moment when a reply she prayed for would come in. Two hours after dinner, her nervous energy had spiked even more. She ran a hand through her light brown hair and sighed, glancing at her computer screen for the umpteenth time. “I’ve got to work off some of this energy.” It was still hot, right at the end of September, and the pool would be open. A swim might be nice. Some laps to spend some of her energy. She slipped her swimsuit on, noticing with a frown that it was a little snugger than last she’d worn it before coming to school. Probably a result of all those sweets, she admitted reluctantly. She slipped on some shorts, grabbed a towel, and headed to the gym that she’d as of yet only seen on a map. It was only a few buildings away from her, so she figured she couldn’t get too horribly lost. She was pleasantly surprised when she found the pool. It was huge, possibly even Olympic-sized, and it was indoors. Therefore, it would be open the whole school year, and not just while the weather remained nice. A little more exploring led to the changing rooms where she claimed a locker and stuffed her things in it. Jenny grinned when she came back out to the pool area and wandered to the size not designated for lap swimming. She’d get there in a few minutes. For now, all she wanted was to do a cannonball into the deep end, and after making sure no one was in the splash zone, did just that. After she got home and showered, she checked her blog again. No one had answered publicly, but she did have a new e-mail. Jenny wiped her sweaty palms and fingers and maneuvered her way on the touch pad to open it, wondering if it was about her post. After all, her e-mail was publicly displayed. It didn’t matter, though, because the message was from Brandon, and he had her e-mail address anyway. Hey Jen, Have you ever heard of the ASSP program they have there? I don’t know what it stands for, but Alternative is one of the A’s. I don’t really know much about it, but my cousin was referred there a few years back after he almost got expelled and they really helped him clean up his act. He actually ended up graduating with honors! I don’t know if you have to be referred or if you can just walk in, but can’t hurt to try, right? See ya, and good luck! -B She read it once, twice, three times before she opened another tab and looked up the school’s website. It wasn’t listed anywhere under school services or anywhere else obvious, and she began to give it up as a bad tip, until a final search for the initials pulled up a director with a phone number. It was after normal business hours, but like Brandon said, couldn’t hurt to try. She took her phone from her pocket and dialed the number, hitting call before she could lose her nerves. A kind voice answered the phone. “Alternative Student Success Program, how may I assist you?” Well that told her what ASSP stood for. “Um, yeah.” She paused. “I… wanted to talk to someone about possibly joining the program?” Her voice squeaked, and she hated herself for sounding so nerves. “I can definitely do that for you. Were you referred to us by a staff member?” “Um… no. Do I have to be?” “Not at all,” the receptionist reassured her. “Most are, but it certainly isn’t a requirement.” “Oh, okay.” “What’s your name?” “Jenny Jones.” She heard typing “Do you have any classes tomorrow?” “Just one from 3:00-5:30.” “All right. Can you come in at ten?” Jenny blinked, not having expected to get in so fast. “Um, sure.” Damn her for sounding so indecisive! “Excellent. We are located in the back of the student services building, room CP 100. We will see you tomorrow at ten am. Please be aware there is a penalty for being late,” she added with a touch of sternness. “All right, I won’t be late.” “Good. Have a good rest of the day. We’ll get things worked out for you.” “Okay, thanks. Bye.” She hit end, grabbed a pen, and scribbled the place and time of the meeting on her hand. Next was a call to Brandon. “Hey, Brandon. I’ve got a meeting tomorrow with that program you told me about. It’s in the morning, and I don’t know how long it will take, but I might be late to our study session, but I’ll be there as soon as I’m done.” She could hear him relaying the message to Nathan, and got a response that they understood and would see her when she was done. “Thanks, guys. See you then.” ------------------------------------- Ms. Alice Burgen was never certain who was going to come into her office next. She had a name and year in college, but that was it. It had been ten years since she'd taken the post that allowed her to work one on one with students who needed her special brand of help. The Alternative Student Success Program. A very uninteresting title for what was really quite an interesting program. There were two types of students who were sent to her. The first group was comprised of students who were on probation for violation of student rules. They were more likely to stay with her, as the other option was usually suspension or even expulsion. The second type were students failing academically who had already spent a semester on academic probation and had not shown improvement. Their situation was not as dire, for they had one more semester to pull their grades up before suspension. Potential students coming for behavioral assistance were indicated by a B, academic assistance with an A. And then there were the rare students who weren’t send at all, marked with a V - volunteers. Her co-worker, Mr. James Redline, oversaw the boys. She was in charge of the girls. Those who were there for behavioral reasons had it much tougher than those for academic. For volunteers, the program was much more individualized. Today, she was going to meet one of those potential volunteer students. Jenny Jones, freshman. She pulled up her profile from the database, but was unsurprised that the only data was available from high school, where she had excelled. Perhaps she thought she needed assistance to maintain that level of performance. She would have to find out when she got there. She glanced at the clock on her screen. Jenny should be here in a few minutes. She had been warned when the appointment was made that there would be a penalty for tardiness. Most were nervous enough to be on time, and the few others who were not and were late soon found that the penalty was not a fine as expected...but a good, sound spanking. She gave a little smirk. It was meant to be a wake up call, and that's exactly what it was. A knock on the door announced the assumed arrival of her new arrival. She slid her office chair back and moved to open the door. It was one of her personal rules - only she was allowed to open and close the door. "Jenny?" She asked, the door opening with nary a squeak. "Yes, ma'am." "Come in and take a seat in front of the desk, please." She took in the girl's appearance. Jeans neat and free from rips, an untucked button down shirt, and hair pulled back into a bun that had a few straggling stands. Three out of five, she commented to herself, as she went back to her seat. "Now, Jenny, how did you find out about our program? Most students we work with are referred to us, so we are always interested when a student comes of their own violation." "One of my friends from class saw a post I'd made about feeling frustrated about the sudden lack of discipline that had helped me to succeed in high school, and that I felt I was slipping and didn't know how to make it stop. So he sent me a message asking if I'd considered your program, that his cousin had been in it and it had really helped him. I hadn't even heard of it, so he explained what little he knew - that the program helps students get back on track or stay on track... students that aren't succeeding by themselves yet." "Did they say anything more about it?" Jenny bit her lip and shook her head. "I didn't get the sense he knew anything more." "Not surprising. Now, your high school records and testing scores are exemplary, and I see that you are here on full academic scholarship, which requires you to keep a certain gpa. You are clearly intelligent enough for your classes. So what did you have at home that you do not have here?" Jenny took a deep breath, and Alice sat back. Here it comes. "Well....discipline, ma'am." "In what sense?" "Helping me make sure I go to bed on time, study sufficiently, that sort of thing." "Okay." She made a note on her computer. "And?" "Making sure I ate right and kept my focus where it should be....on my schooling." Another note. "And how did your parents or guardians enforce these expectations?" "They'd punish me, ma'am." Jenny's face was starting to pinken, and Alice k new she'd soon get confirmation of what she suspected. "How? Whatever it was, to get you here, it must have been effective." "Yes, ma'am. They, uhh...." her already pink face came closer to red. "Um..." She didn't seem to be able to get it out, so Alice decided to be kind and help her out. "They spanked you, didn't they?" Jenny could only nod, eyes on her knees as another note was typed. Alice leaned forward, resting on her forearms, looking completely serious, no trace of a smile. "I think you will find this program exactly what you need, Jenny... because that is exactly how we motivate students in this program." Jenny's eyes shot up, and she searched for any sign of humor. Finding none, she whispered, "Are you serious?" "Completely." Jenny ran her fingers through the hair on the top of her head, releasing a few more stands from the bun. "I uh... didn't expect this." "No one ever does." She then went quiet to give the student thirty seconds to respond on their own. Then...then she would ask. 28. 29. 30. Time's up. "Jenny," she prodded. "Are you still interested?" Jenny nodded. "A verbal answer, please." She watched her swallow. "Yes. I'm still interested. "It was quiet, but clear. It was all Alice needed. "Excellent. Now," she pulled a blank folder from her desk and filled in her name, student number, and the letter V. "Students who are referred to us are placed in a standard program, but for volunteers we can customize the assistance needed. I'm going to go through a list of things you might be struggling with. Let me know with a yes, sometimes, or no." Jenny nodded in understanding. "Waking up in time for class." "No." "Eating breakfast before class." "Sometimes." "Eating a healthy breakfast before class." Jenny remembered a comment her friend had made just last night. "Yes." It went on for half an hour, until it ended with a final, "Anything else?" Jenny thought for a moment, then shook her head. "All right then." The printer behind her spat out a dozen sheets of paper, and Alice stacked them neatly and set them down facing Jenny. "This is what our computer program has suggested as a plan for you. I will review it with you and see if any adjustments are needed." "Um, ma'am? Is any of this going to be reported to my parents?" "No." Jenny's facial features relaxed. "Now, it is recommended that you be moved to our dorm, on the second floor. Curfew is at 10:30 on weekdays and 11:30 on weekends, and lights out is an hour later. The doors are locked after this point, and you will have to ring a doorbell to get in. A spanking will be administered before you are allowed to retire to your room." Jenny nodded. "You are expected to do ten hours a week of study." When Jenny looked surprised, she clarified. "Ten hours outside your homework." Jenny made an understanding O with her mouth before Alice continued. “These hours must be spent in the library or here in your room. The librarian must sign on your presence in the library, or a dorm assistant here. Your door must be kept open and you may be randomly checked on. Questions?" "Do I have specific times I have to study?" "Not at this time, but that can be added if needed." Jenny nodded, and she continued. "You are expected to be out the door an hour before your first class, and you are required to have the cafeteria attendant sign that you are there for breakfast. These are not needed for lunch and dinner. As far as your tendency to eat dessert rather than entrees and sides, you will need to find somebody to sign off whether you had dessert and how much. It’s easiest if this is someone you regularly eat with. Anyone in mind?” It only took a second for Jenny to nod. “Nathan, one of my friends and classmates. He was telling me off just last night for eating mostly dessert for dinner.” “Excellent. Have him come in with you sometime next week and we’ll discuss his role.” Jenny wasn’t sure how she felt about someone else being in on this, but better it be one of her friends, so she nodded in agreement. Alice flipped a few pages. “Now. Academics. You have a very strong background and have proven that you can excel with the proper motivation. You stated that while you do not have an issue with attending class or completing homework, that you do not often do the work to the best of your ability, and that this has shown on your homework grades.” “Yes ma’am,” Jenny blushed. “From now on, these will be reviewed once a week, along with any quizzes. When you have tests, your professor will send us a copy of your grades and it will be reviewed with us the following day after you get the test back. For your freshman and sophomore classes, A’s are expected, period. You’ve proven in high school you can get those grades, so there is no excuse for you not to here. For your junior level classes a B is acceptable.” “What about my group study? I typically work with my two friends Nathan and Brandon for my two major-specific classes. We’re pretty much the only ones our age.” “ “You may use the group study rooms in the library. I’d suggest you bring a jacket and advise them to do the same. It’s especially cold in those little rooms.” “Yes, ma’am.” “Now, you will be scheduled to meet with me twice a week – around your classes, of course, our receptionist, Mrs. Williamson, will help with that. She will also assist you in your move to the new dorm. No fees will be assessed for the change, or the program.” Jenny nodded. “Now, this is probably going to be the most embarrassing part for right now. I need to know the basics about how your parents spanked you. Positions, clothed/unclothes, implements, etc.” Jenny blushed as pinkly as a freshly warmed-up bottom. “Well if they’re just using their hand or a hairbrush I’m over their knee with my panties down. If they use the belt I can keep my pants up but I’m bent over the bed so they have a better swing.” Alice made a note on her computer. “Okay. We use more traditional implements – paddles, canes, straps, etc.” She watched the blush on Jenny’s face drain away as she thought about that, and only continued on when she heard a very small, hesitant answer. It took her a little less time than some to recover. “Ok.” “Good. Now there are different levels of severity. In academics, for example, an 84 will get you a lot lighter spanking than a 70. So it is considered by how much you missed the line. Being ten minutes late for curfew or lights out won’t be too bad… an hour or more and you’ll be sitting uncomfortably for several days. Understood?” “Yes, ma’am.” Alice flipped to the last few pages, and handed her a pen. “This page says that you are voluntarily entering into the program and are free to leave at any point, after a meeting with me to discuss the reason.” Jenny scribbled her name, and the page was turned. “This one states that you will return the key to your old room to the housing department and will be responsible for the key card we give you, to be returned at the end of the academic year. It also states that no guests are allowed in the dormitory to ensure confidentiality about the program.” She looked up to Jenny. “You do not currently have restrictions on how you keep your room, but they may be added if needed in the future.” “This one is a specific consent to receive corporal punishment at my hands or the hands of another staff member of the ASSP program.” “How many of you are there?” “Six total, 3 men, 3 women. You will only be spanked by females, but there is always one available.” Jenny nodded. “This one explains that pain, bruising, and welting are possible in the application of corporal punishment, and that you are not permitted to use ointment or ice to ease the pain. If you think an exception is warranted, come speak to me. The dormitory staff are not authorized to approve that.” Jenny scribbled her signature on the last page, and Alice took the packet of papers and slipped them into her new file. “Now, Jenny, I am going to tell you some things that you do not currently have to deal with, but that some other participants in the program do. Study times can be enforced. So can a strict dress code and room inspections. Restrictions on what you are allowed to have in the dormitory, how much time you are allowed to spend outside the dormitory. Meals can be a lot stricter, and at specific times. Some students are required to have a teacher sign them both in and out of class.” Jenny couldn’t help it, she gaped. “So, all that said, be aware that things can get a lot stricter if need be. You actually have it fairly easy, especially compared to our students who had the option of coming into the program or being expelled.” She could understand that. “Now, Jenny. As of this moment, on a scale of 1-10, how much effort do you think you are putting into your class?” “Um… 6.” “Hm. Probably good you came to us when you did, then. Same scale – how much effort are you putting into keeping yourself healthy?” The blush that kept appearing and fading returned. “Um… 4? Maybe 3?” She winced at the numbers. Put into clear numbers like that it became clear how much she really had been slipping. Alice typed in the numbers, using the lower of the two she’d suggested for the health self-report. “Okay. Now, Jenny, to keep things fair, we have a computer program set up to accept records for academics and behavior, including health. This is the only time you will grade yourself, and only volunteers are allowed even this.” She flipped the screen so Jenny could see it. “Here is your results page. Each letter is coded for a specific implement.” Even without knowing the code, Jenny couldn’t help but gulp. “The first one is always given stiffer penalties, about 33% more than usual. This is designed intentionally, to snap the student’s mind to where it should be focused, and the reality of the program.” “You mean… today?” Jenny hadn’t expected that, even once being told exactly what the program did. In fact, she hadn’t even expected to be given an answer as to whether she would be accepted. “Not just today, young lady. Now.” Jenny blanched as she watched her stand up from behind her desk. “We do give warm-ups , except in extreme cases, simply because we do not desire serious bruising.” She walked over to the door and poked her head out. “Go ahead and get a new student packet ready for Miss Jones. We are not to be disturbed.” “Yes, Mrs. Burgen.” “Thank you.” She shut the door, and turned back to Jenny. “These rooms are soundproofed, to allow for privacy,” she reassured her. “Now, stand up, and put your purse off to the side.” As Jenny did as she was told, Alice pulled the chair into the middle of the office and sat on it. There were no arms, for obvious reasons. “Come over here, please.” Jenny walked a little stiffly over to Mrs. Burgen. “I don’t know whether your parents bared you when over their knee or not, but here you will be expected to pull down your own pants and underwear. Go ahead.” Jenny had experience both ways, but having it be an entirely new person make the experience very, very different. She deliberately looked at the ceiling as she lowered her jeans and panties, quickly covering herself. “Good. All right, now over.” Jenny didn’t immediately obey, but then, it was extremely rare that one did. There was a standard procedure – the student had thirty seconds to obey, then Alice would assist them. But it seemed that would not be needed as Jenny steeled herself and bend over before the fifteen second mark. “Good.” Alice didn’t give any more of a warning before beginning to pepper the bottom before her with rapid swats from her hand, gradually increasing in intensity. She was very practiced in this, as apparently was Jenny, as apart from an initial cry that was more from shock than anything, she had been quiet. Precisely three minutes later, her new student’s bottom was properly warmed and they could move on to the actual punishment. “All right, stand up.” Jenny scrambled to her feet and to cover herself. Alice allowed it. They were not here to humiliate the students, just discipline them. “The computer has determined that you will receive 24 swats with the level 3 paddle.” She moved over to the desk and retrieved a dark wooden paddle with eight holes drilled in two lines. “There are 5 levels of each implement, and level 3 is the last to be delivered over the knee. This one is for academics.” She took a seat. “Back over now, Jenny.” She didn’t take as long to obey this time. As far as Jenny was concerned, she was in the mindset now of being punished. And in her experience, disobedience and hesitation to orders given in the process of spanking only made things worse. “Keep your hands in front of you,” Alice warned as she tapped her bottom with the paddle. “Yes, ma’am.” She took a firm grip on the chair legs, uncertain of how much this would hurt. The paddle was definitely bigger than her mom’s hairbrush, and it had holes. Jenny dropped her head in mental preparation for the punishment to come. The first swat came with no warning and she let out a yelp. That hurt more than her mom’s hairbrush! Way more! She struggled to stay still, but as the paddle continued its descent she couldn’t help squirming and letting out cries of pain. “Ohhhhh! Owwwww!” Her squirming and cries did nothing to deter Jenny’s new spanker, who, even to Jenny’s mind, was obviously very well-practiced. A hand found its way to her bottom and she was rewarded with a sharp crack of the paddle to her left thigh, then right. Jenny couldn’t help the howl she gave from that. “I warned you.” The rest of the spanking went without incident, though Jenny was in relentless tears by the time it was finished. Her bottom was a solid cherry red, but Alice knew a nice set of welts would soon appear, distorting the color. “All right, up now, Jenny.” She shakily stood, and leaned on the back of the chair, crying hard. “Jenny. Look at me.” Jenny rubbed her eyes and obeyed. “You scored yourself a 3 on taking care of your personal health. That’s very low and the program took that into account. The second part of your punishment will be a dozen strokes with the level four cane.” Jenny’s face turned away and met the arm resting on the back of the chair. “Please… just… just get it over with.” Normally Alice wouldn’t take such pleads into account, but the girl in front of her was both a volunteer and had so far taken her spankings very well. “All right. Bend over the back of the chair and grasp the seat with your hands. Again, don’t reach back. You do not want your hands hit with this thing.” She went over to where the canes were kept, out of sight, selected the proper cane, and went to stand in position. “Now, as you haven’t experienced the cane before, I want to warn you that the pain increases after the original pain from the stroke itself.” Jenny sobbed at that pronouncement, and tensed as she felt the tapping of the cane on her sore bottom. Swish… THWACK! Jenny let out a howl, high-pitched than before, and her whole upper body tensed and curved, but she didn’t actually stand up, which Alice gave her credit for. Most new to the cane couldn’t stay put for the first stroke. She waited precisely ten seconds between each stroke, enough time for Jenny to catch her breath after the latest drawn-out sob. The strokes were even, and with ten strokes her bottom had even lines from the top to the sit spots. Alice adjusted her position. “Last two, Jenny,” she encouraged, knowing the last two would hurt like hell. The last two formed an X over her bottom, each stroke crossing seven of the previous strokes. She gave her a few minutes to compose herself while she set the implements aside to be sanitized. No blood had been drawn or anything, but it was standard practice. Alice came over to Jenny’s side and rubbed her back. “Are you all right?” After a few hiccups and sobs, Jenny nodded. “Do you think our program will help you?” Jenny nodded again. Her bottom may hate her, but from what she could tell, this program was exactly what she needed.
  4. I'm a 22 year old college student in Alabama. I've dreamed about getting the spanking I need for a long time, but I've never actually pursued it. I'm looking for someone who is older, experienced, and able to put me over his or her knee for the blistering that I've been lacking. I'm not looking for anything sexual; this is purely therapeutic, but may have a disciplinary/punishment quality as well. However, I need it to be on the severe side. I'm healthy, active, in good shape, and reasonably successful at all my endeavors. I've just always felt a need to have a structured otk spanking at least once, maybe more. I think it would give me a kind of release and stimulate me to just be a generally more humble and respectful individual. Anyone in the area?
  5. Procrastination is without a doubt one of my biggest flaws I need to correct. Knowing this, I still find myself having a hard time just getting motivated or finding energy to do my work. I'm in college and obviously as a member of the honor society procrastination is unacceptable. Sometimes my papers are late or I have to cram because I waited so long to get started. I want to change this. I know ultimately its up to me to change but i was wondering if anyone had some advice to offer?
  6. Hello, I'm new here although have been interested in spanking for a long time. I was wondering if anyone would like to RP with me? Either over the use of messaging system here or email. I'd really like to do a university based roleplay- A boyfriend and girlfriend that enter a DD relationship, or possibly a lecturer and student one. Pretty open to ideas actually. I'm not the best writer, but I am literate and simply ask that you'd be the same! Age and gender doesn't matter to me either, so long as you're happy! A little about me: I'm a 19 year old female that's been into spanking for as long as I can remember. I'm especially interested in discipline spankings, although have never actually received a punishment for real. (So maybe if I did I wouldn't be so interested in it anymore!)
  7. So hi there.... Im lynx ... I'm a 26, boy, and cute. Lol. Anyway I was hopeing that this site could finally help me express my interest in spanking. I always had this kept a secret but I want to talk to like minded people and perhaps chat about it.. I thought that u might want to meet even .. Let me know.
  8. So hi there.... Im lynx ... I'm a 26, boy, and cute. Lol. Anyway I was hopeing that this site could finally help me express my interest in spanking. I always had this kept a secret but I want to talk to like minded people and perhaps chat about it.. I thought that u might want to meet even .. Let me know.
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