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  1. Right back at ya from the Cleveland area.
  2. I sleep like a baby after a spanking
  3. Sigh! I was just in your area a few weeks ago. Welcome aboard though.
  4. How about corner time in the middle? I would sometimes have to stand in the corner after an OTK hand spanking for about 10 minutes before receiving the strap.
  5. Hey there. You will be pleased to know I finally got in touch with  "toocheeky" . . . We have discussed getting together shortly after we get back from our trip down south.  Thanks for pointing me in his direction.  Has he ever spanked you (I forget if you mentioned that or not.)

  6. Here’s my two cents for what it’s with: I too am a Christian. In my opinion taking off your clothes to receive a spanking is no different than removing your clothes to get a professional massage at a spa. Both experiences can be sexually arousing to some people (me included). If you have agreed with your spanker that this is absolutely NON-sexual, I personally don’t see a problem with it.
  7. DBuck

    Hello all

    Hi and welcome aboard from Cleveland Ohio
  8. I am one of those husbands, but I would never ask.
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