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  1. I am one of those husbands, but I would never ask.
  2. I’m going to throw my two cents in here. Also beware of people wanting to chat thru the KIK app. I was chatting with someone months ago pretending to be a 22 year old girl and then someone (same person probably) tried hacking into my computer.
  3. DBuck

    New to Ohio

    Hi Jesse, Welcome aboard from a fellow Ohioan. I am about 1 1/2 hour drive from you. I hope we can chat sometime. BE SAFE!
  4. DBuck


    Welcome aboard, Rosy. Great group of people here.
  5. This is just my opinion. But there was a hacker on there pretending to be a 22 year old girl. I think for safety reasons, SN took the classifieds down.
  6. Good luck with your search. Female spankers are hard to come by in Ohio ☹️
  7. DBuck

    I'm Back

    Blessings to you!
  8. Good luck with your search. NE Ohio has been sparse for female spankers
  9. A switch here in NE Ohio, but will spank
  10. Hello, Darrin here from northern Ohio. I am a switch but a trending “ee”
  11. Order online from www.cane-iac. Let me know when you get it and maybe I’ll drive down to Dayton to try it out
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