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  1. Message me on kik or yahoo at learningispainful.

  2. Looking for female spankos in the area. I know you're out there. Don't be shy.
  3. I live in Birmingham, AL. I love to meet like minded people. Feel free to message me anytime.
  4. Happy Father's Day to those of you that have reproduced.

    1. mzsrose


      you are awesome...LOL

  5. Welcome from a former MO native, best of luck.

  6. The point system wasn't a very well thought out feature. I'm personally happy to see it die.
  7. I wish all of my midwestern friends the best of luck with the recent bad weather. I look forward to safe reports.

  8. Hi. For some reason, the site would not let me log on, so I needed to make a new account. This is Raine. Could you send your PM to this new account? Thank you ^^

  9. "Reputation Points" are as meaningful as the "gold stars" and "red spots" in a kindergarten classroom: they would completely lose their meaning if every kid were to be given a packet of stars and spots to hand out as they saw fit. Some kids would try to do the right thing, but some would give stars to their friends and spots to others, just because they could. That's all that happens here with the reputation points. Thats a great post. The vast majority of people I've encountered here have been genuine and honest. Don't worry about the ones you can't change.
  10. First day of internet since the storms.

  11. Hoping everyone in the southeast is safe.

  12. Has to be gambling for me. I'm not an abusive gambler but I play crane machines too just to beat "the system".
  13. Welcome, hope you like it.

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