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  1. I have a new spanking paddle...
  2. Thank you for appearing in it Miss Cane! The video was really well made, and you explained the benefits well. Even with the editing, it's really nice to see a video about adult spanking, that is open-minded and tries to to get it right.
  3. Yes, giving and receiving smacks is a fun, de-stressing activity for me. I agree with what @katekk said about a 'reset button'. I'm way more relaxed and focus after playing.
  4. I'd rather physically enjoy spanking play, than just fantasize about it constantly, and plan out scenarios in my head. I'll do the latter anyway, it's just more fun to experience it. I'm always on the side of trying something, even if I don't like it, I can satiate my curiosity.
  5. Yes, there seems to be a decent amount of younger spankos....but still no Spanko Tinder....yet..
  6. I think getting started is a hard point, as well as calling yourself a spanking "professional", if you haven't seen a client yet. There is also the aspect of the professional disciplinarian archetype, or trope, and how difficult that can be to fit, if you don't feel it matches your true personality. Pro spanking, still interests me, because I'd like to give others what I've sought out, and haven't been able to find. A time, and place, to act out their fantasies, or just enjoy spanking without any type of power dynamic whatsoever. Just a warm bottom, and hopefully a smile at the end. There are a lot of variables at play, emotionally, physically, and financially to recreating, and bringing to life, the fantasies of others. It's not just the physical act of spanking,but a lot of emotional work, that I believe shouldn't be unpaid.
  7. I finally found a professional that I'm gelling pretty well with. I'm the happiest I've been spank wise, in a long while. The advantages for me, are being able to schedule an appointment. An appointment, gives me a definite time, and I can try to arrange it around my own schedule more. Not having to figure out, or find a place to play, is also a big one. I'm less nervous and anxious also, because I feel I can trust the professional more, physically and emotionally. There is a significant time, and sometimes money cost in seeking out others for play. I'm still looking for play partners, it's just nice to not have to search.
  8. SpankMe In Atlanta “An Evening of Spanking Fun” Returns on June 27, 2015 New opening time...8 pm Spanking can be the perfect initial step into the the realm of power exchange. Whether you are the one administering the spanking or you are the one receiving the spanking, whether one is fully clothed or naked over one’s lap, spanking can range from fun and playful to intense and “corrective”. A hand or two, and a willing partner or two, is all that is needed for a spanking scene. These can be spontaneous, or they can take a more ritualized form such as school boy or school girl scenarios. In skilled hands, a spanking can range from playful and sensual to intense and painful. There can be a real art form to a quality spanking; one that is appealing on the eye as much as anything else. This can become a pleasure to not only watch, but also a pleasure when you are lucky enough to be on the receiving end of the strokes. There is also the power exchange between those involved in the scene. The feeling of helplessness from being bent over; the feeling of authority with the implement of choice (be it a hand or paddle) in your hand and an offered butt in your line of sight. This evening’s demo will be “Nothing But the Hand” Presented by Scooterjpm http://1763.net/SpankMe_In_Atlanta.html What do you do when yohttp://1763.net/SpankMe_In_Atlanta.htmluwant to play, but don't have your toybag? Spank that ass of course! But how much fun can you get from just spanking? A lot more than most think and in a lot more ways. "Nothing But the Hand" explores various bare-handed spanking techniques that are often ignored for the shiny toys in one's bag. From the palm of a hand, to the swing of an arm, to putting one’s full body weight into the stroke…you will be captivated by what can be done with a bare bottom in your sights! Demo starts about 8:30 pm
  9. Hey, Are you a spanko in Atlanta, or in North Georgia? There is a new spanking group, Spanking Club of Atlanta http://www.1763.net/events Spanking Club of Atlanta - “Break the Ice” "An Afternoon of Spanking Fun for Men and Women" Spanking Club of Atlanta, invites you to an afternoon spanking party! New hours: 2pm until 5 pm It's a brand spanking New Year! Come celebrate and warm up with Spanking Club of Atlanta. This month for our icebreaker, we're starting 2019 off right. With swats for good luck or to remember resolutions for the New Year. As always, anyone who wants to go straight to the side rooms to play is welcome to do so. Lockers will be available to change. See you there, SCOATL __________________________________ Spanking Club of Atlanta (SCOATL) is a group formed to focus on the distinct needs of spankos in Atlanta, GA. Anyone interested in over-the-knee (OTK), bare-bottom spanking is encouraged and welcomed to attend. SCOATL is an inclusive spanking group, open to all genders and orientations. spankingclubofatlanta.com
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