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  1. Never been spanked

    Welcome to the board.
  2. First question- No Second question- No Third question- No Fourth question- Yes Last question- Yes
  3. For some reason got this song stuck in my head.

    A spanking I will go,  A spanking I will go,  Hi O the Cheerio

    A Spanking I will go.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jenna1220


      Yikes!  Run michgal!

    3. michgal.k


      Lol, no worries Jenna! This lil cricket has mad ninja skills! 

    4. Jenna1220


      Stealth mode!

  4. Hey hey Christy. Happy New year to you! I hope the year is good to you so far :)

  5. Ice too cold?

    Someone I know used this after a hard spanking. Was cold going on but soon heated up making the spanking worse. I do not recommend using this on fresh spanked skin.
  6. New Year Resolution...

    Never have enough.
  7. New Year Resolution...

    I never have done a New Year resolution. If I did one it would be to spank more often and add to my implements as you can never have to many.
  8. New in Nebraska

    Welcome to the board. Take your time, get to know someone and always be safe.
  9. Power and Control

    Thank you to the ones who created this category. Its a great idea and helpful.
  10. Happy New Year Everyone.  May 2018 be kind to us all.

    1. oklahomaspankee


      Happy New Year to you  Christy :D



  11. Merry Christmas Everyone.

    1. sweetpea


      Merry Christmas! ⛄🎅🎄

    2. oklahomaspankee


      Merry Christmas to you. 

    3. michgal.k
  12. Referred to this site by friends

    Welcome to the site.
  13. New Guy!

    Welcome to the site.
  14. Hello

    Welcome to the site. Take your time and be choosy. Always trust your gut.
  15. Good morning, Christy and a blessed Christmas!

    I know I am contacting late but if you have a free day between now and Christmas I would like to come up for a good dose.  : )  Only Friday mornings are out for me.  Also, debbie is here and would like to come up of course; butt, she's working now, waiting for pay checks so she can get her own place, and could only travel on Saturday.  Her presence is not a requirement for me to come up.

    We had our first snow two days ago, about 2 inches.  How are you doing up there?

    Hope to hear from you soon.




    1. Christy


      Bryan you need to private message me and not post publically on my post or pages please.