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  1. TGIF!   Looking like a beautiful weekend here in Michigan.  Hope every one enjoys their weekend.  

    1. Geoffreaux


      Yes ma’am.

  2. Happy Easter Everyone.

  3. Over the years I have met several people from here in real life. All except for one was great. I am friends with several of them still.
  4. I’m posting this as a response to being contacted in private by different ee’s who tell horror stories of being abused and taken advantage of by the people spanking them. Because this is serious and appears to be happening more and more, I’d like to address the issues of Power and Control, as it relates to the relationship between ee's and ‘Er’s, before, during and after a session. As an ‘ee, you must keep in mind that while you may have a need and craving to relinquish control to someone, ultimately you must accept the responsibility to say “No” or “Stop” (or whatever safe word had
  5. I just saw your profile and am very happy for the opportunity to follow you. Have a great weekend! 😍


  6. Christy


    Welcome all you new folks.
  7. Thank you for letting me know. I have made room now.
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