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  1. I'd poke you but as yr on the broom stick I don't want you headed my way so have a safe trip lol

  2. Loading up the Broomstick and heading out. Wishing Everyone A happy and safe week. I will check in here once in awhile.

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    2. michgal.k


      Oh good, safe to take a short trip back to Michigan now. :cape:

    3. Christy


      Michgal not for long

    4. michgal.k


      Like I said....SHORT trip. 😁

  3. Hello. I'd like to  chat sometime if you have time.

  4. Loving this weather.  Hope everyone is having a great day.

    1. ianl


      weather here is a bit hot for my liking, I get a little irritable with it, really please you are enjoying self, be careful :) and keep smiling 

  5. Welcome to the site. Check out the group section on here. There maybe a group for your area.
  6. Welcome to the site. As others have said take your time in getting to know folks. Trust your gut and stay safe.
  7. Just FYI, tested negative 2x now for COVID. First time at Sams Club back in April it was free through quest diagnostics, both other times it was 155.00 and one of those was actually inconclusive but the next was negative. Have you been looking at the wayne county dashboard?

  8. I’m posting this as a response to being contacted in private by different ee’s who tell horror stories of being abused and taken advantage of by the people spanking them. Because this is serious and appears to be happening more and more, I’d like to address the issues of Power and Control, as it relates to the relationship between ee's and ‘Er’s, before, during and after a session. As an ‘ee, you must keep in mind that while you may have a need and craving to relinquish control to someone, ultimately you must accept the responsibility to say “No” or “Stop” (or whatever safe word had been agreed upon) should the circumstances demand it. Whatever happens in a session, only does so with your permission and those of us who spank, only do so with YOUR permission, and therefore a session should end immediately if that permission is withdrawn. Any session that continues after permission is withdrawn, is no longer a session - it is an assault, and you should treat it accordingly. That means doing everything you would do if you were personally attacked on the street. Run, escape, call or scream for help, etc. I would like to suggest to any ‘ee, especially those who are new to this, that you invest time and effort into building relationships with some of the more experienced people on this forum before proceeding. There is a very potent exchange of power that takes place during a session, and it should not be underestimated. The intimacy and the act of submission are like gun powder, and the spanking can be a spark that ignites a situation you were not planning on, or prepared for - but might later regret. I would be very happy to discuss this in private with anyone who needs to. The most important thing to always keep in mind, is that the Power is ALWAYS ultimately yours; to grant permission, or to withdraw it.
  9. Welcome to the site. Take your time to get to know folks. Trust your gut. stay safe.
  10. I also recommend Overmykneemiss. He is honest and a great friend.
  11. You may want to post this in the relationship catergory.
  12. Christy


    Welcome to the site. Take your time getting to know folks. Trust your gut and be safe.
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