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  1. An encouraging story for sure, good for you!
  2. Growing up with Capt. Kangaroo,  I didn't know there was also a Captain Spankaroo. I would have behaved better. LOL

  3. Welcome! I agree with shygurl, cannot overemphasize the importance of being extremely careful here. I am well past your age, good luck and stay safe finding those in your age range near you.
  4. I have the sense that this might be less an issue if and when you find a young woman to date who shares your spanking interests.
  5. Welcome switch51, hope you find the female you are seeking.
  6. I travel to New England occasionally, a few times a year. PM me.
  7. Don't waste anymore time or I'll add ten more seats!
  8. In my fantasies it can be erotic, but I find it is not so much so in real life, go figure.
  9. Hope you're enjoying great discipline!
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