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  1. If you're willing to pay for what you're looking for, check out Betty Cocker. http://www.bettycocker.ca/ For a first-timer, going to an experienced spanking specialist is worth the price. You'll be working with someone who will spend enough time with you to understand what you really want and, assuming that it's reasonable, can deliver it in a meaningful way. If you enjoy your session, you'll have a better understanding of what you can expect as you seek out other spankers, and if you didn't enjoy it, it's probably a good sign that you're just not the spanko that you think you might be.
  2. I'm old enough to remember that women always wore a slip under her skirt or dress, and back in those days when mothers almost always stayed at home to take care of the kids, sometimes they'd wear just a slip around the house and not get fully dressed until they needed to go out. And of course it was those mothers who did the spanking. One of my friends had a mom like that, and often when we were getting a little rowdy, she (dressed in her slip) would threaten to "put you both across my knee" if we didn't calm down. My friend told me that she spanked him, but she never spanked me. I always
  3. For everyone else interested in the same thing (I'm not male, and therefore am not contacting you) Miss Iceni is who you're looking for. https://www.missiceni.com
  4. On line, you can control everything, and you can walk away any time you want to. It's easy to get bored, and that's not the point of discipline. Read a book on how to improve yourself. Join a forum about whatever it is about yourself that you feel a need to correct. Or see a licensed therapist. Or see a live disciplinarian who offers a continued support program which involves both on-line and live discussions.
  5. It of course depends on where you live and/or how far you're willing to go. If you're willing to pay a pro and live in or visit a major city there are plenty of opportunities. Choose carefully, though, and don't be afraid or ashamed to ask for recommendations. If you're looking for a free spanking without a relationship (either existing or developed), your chances, regardless of age, are pretty slim. When reading a forum like this, it's easy to think that everyone but you is getting spanked, but that's not really the case. Those of us who really want it have to work for it.
  6. 76 and still cheerfully going over the laps of strict and strong women for a sound spanking.
  7. I'm a good boy and I don't need discipline, however, I enjoy getting spanked. The need for discipline or punishment is something that we (those into it, not the "editorial we") make up in order to have a reason for the spanking. Normal adults don't get spanked for not taking out the garbage. I like a spanking to be hard enough to believe it's real, not a light play spanking, but also not one that leaves my behind looking like raw hamburger meat. A good spanker can control the intensity to get me to just the level I like while keeping my spanking going for half an hour, not just two minute
  8. To be a mentor or a life coach or guidance counselor, one doesn't have to spank. But when used in the context of one who spanks or one from whom you can (and probably at one time or another will) receive a spanking, these become euphemisms for someone who spanks for fun or profit. It's as simple as that. No BS, no hiding behind politically correct terminology. If you want a spanking or want to spank someone, be up front about it and make your desires or services clearly known. You won't get arrested unless minors are involved. If you really want to lose weight or stop smoking, see a docto
  9. Definitely a skirted lap, or even better, a lacy, light colored slip. No pants. Bare legs aren't important, but I don't like it when there are garters with the bumps (clips) showing.
  10. Definitely the best way to go. A "hands off" spanking is just a spanking. In order for it to be meaningful to me, there needs to be more personal connection. I need to feel that my spanker believes that she's helping me, not just beating me.
  11. It's a game they play. You'd get more even if you never missed a beat.
  12. I agree with you here. As a bottom, I tend to be (I believe the term generally used is) stoic. There are occasional involuntary reactions, but I'm not a squirmer or screamer, and I don't like being lectured, scolded, or questioned during a spanking. That's for before the actual spanking starts, and maybe a review afterward. And nothing bugs me more than being told to count spanks. But I should say that I'm not in a relationship that involves spanking, nor do I want to be. While in real life, a no-talk-over-in-ten-minutes spanking is the kind of spanking a naughty kid might get, I get span
  13. Ah, the delightful Miss Bam. Where is she now and what's she up to?
  14. Well, if Donald Trump becomes our next president, I might be interested in spending the next four years in your country. They tell me that since Brexit, travel from the US to Britain is cheaper these days. But honestly, as a spanko, I prefer less leather and more "normal" clothing.
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