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  1. Hey, my names Tj and I tried to message but it seems you can't receive any at this time. But anyway I was trying to message you because your profile makes me think you may be fun to chat with.

    1. WhenInRome


      I don't know why I can't...maybe I had to add you first? I just did.

    2. WhenInRome


      Try again now. I fixed it!

    3. WhenInRome


      Try again now. I fixed it!

  2. Hello, I'm a 19 year old male in NE Ohio who would like to find some cute naughty girls close to my age in my area who wanna have some spanking fun. I've been into spanking since I was a young boy watching wrestling and seeing the beautiful girl on the tv take a few swats, though I'm quite new to the actual real life interaction. I'm looking to to do some role play and firm spanking. I like to give playful yet firm spankings using any implement or no implements at all. I come to this site because my last girlfriend broke up with me when I told her what I like. I'm not looking for a relationship just some fun . So if some role play and spanking sounds fun to you hit me up .
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