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Status Updates posted by Shinigami

  1. Hi Magnolia, how are you doing? I miss chatting with you. Hope you're good.

  2. Just had to say I love that you cater to big girls. I can use you in Chicago!

  3. Hi, I hope you're feeling better. I haven't been posting in a while, but I'm still lurking, lol. I'll swing by again soon.

  4. Magnolia, thanks for stopping by. I haven't been active on the forum in a while. I'm doing okay, I've been lurking a lot because there have been a lot of posts/comments on finding a disciplinarian/mentor and I'm taking all that to heart. It was making me nervous reading because a lot needs to go into meeting and greeting and knowing what to ask and what not to ask. It seems very...

  5. Thanks for adding me as a friend, cool! :)

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