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  1. Is pretending really hard to be working.

  2. Came second to a bull. Ouch!

  3. I think I may be growing up. I haven't upset somebody in the last month. Maybe this is because I was travelling mostly. ;-)

  4. I can't wait for my vacation to start.

  5. I feel that I should apologize for my grammar in advance. Just a thought though. The forum – as many things based on the internet – is international. Although English is a fairly common language, it is not everybody’s mother tongue. Grammar and spelling does not come naturally and not everybody has a talent for languages. I guess it can be dismissed as a poor excuse as spelling and grammar can be worked upon to improve over time. However you can only improve by using the language. Frankly, it is very intimidating to express yourself if every word you are using is going to be ripped apart.
  6. Is in need of a good cry

  7. I want to play too 1. I am a rebel in the core of my being 2. In spite of that, my own chosen rules are non negotionable. 3. I recently broke up with my fiance I was supposed to marry a week ago. Confusing I know, be glad you are not in it. 4. I really don't like my ex (still sound strange) mother and she really hate me 5. I love the ocean. 6. I have the people's skill of a rat. 7. I will probably get along better with a rat than with a person. 8. I absolutely hate to dissapoint somebody who cares for me. I guess they are getting use to it. 9. I am considering emmigration 10. I never knew I had a violent bone in my body until I met my ex's mother 11. Texting and driving is one of my vices 12. Hands facinates me. Something gentle and kind could turn hard and merciless in seconds. 13. I never read Harry Potter 14. I don't like fantacy stories 15. I hardly ever read a book 16. In general I am pretty useless 17. Conservation is very close to my heart 18. I like to consider myself a philosopher 19. I hate expressing myself in English 20. I am on the border of being Obsessive Compulsive. When I catch myself being OC, I immediately modify my behaviour. 21. I would like to lecture one day - would only happen if I don't need to work with people. 22. I hate myself 23. Although, I am confident enough to try and achieve anything 24. I am a big bunch of conflicting statements 25. I admire people who go out of their way to serve others.
  8. It always sound as simple, call a taxi to pick you up. That luxury is not available for everybody - not all towns have public transport. However, there is no excuse for driving under the influence. It is easy enough to avoid, if you are going to drive, don't drink. Zero tolerance. There is however a difference between under the influence (3 drinks and you are under the influence) and being intoxicated (losing control of self). The last one is inexcusable and very dangerous as well, whether you are driving or not.
  9. Normally a mentorship is a temporary relationship - a guidance program to show somebody the ropes. There comes a time when the mentee can stand on his/her feet and take look after his / herself. Normally a mentor gain independence at one or another point. Taking the logic, that means in a spanking mentorship a mentee would probably be spanked fairly often in the beginning and less as the relationship grow. Do I understand this correctly?
  10. Will never throw a temper tantrum in my life again. Geeh, I am not 3 anymore.

  11. Breaking up is really hard to do. :-(

  12. Interesting question. I consider a parental spanking as something that happens occasionally, as a last resort if nothing else works. That is probably what I would be looking for in a mentor. As far as relationships go, I consider myself as an equal partner. If there is any spanking involve, it will swing both ways. That is only my personal preference.
  13. I gravely offended somebody today and only noticed it when I was reprimanded. Where can I buy people skill?

    1. CaptainJTKirk


      People skills earned over my knee...

    2. unbgirl


      You can find people skills in aisle 4. Thank you for choosing Walmart and have a pleasant day.

    3. linterscolpet


      As far as I know, I have not offended anybody in chat. I hope.

  14. The person who has wished me a pain in the neck, your spell has worked.

  15. Yes, although you probably won't consider them adequate.
  16. Thanks for the advice. I only rush when I am driving and with nothing else.
  17. Hi Toocheeky I am still very new too this. I will see where times lead me. If I ever have enough courage to face a mentor.
  18. Hi Catharsis You are absolutely right. I seriously doubt if I ever would be able to submit to a male spanker.
  19. Thank you for all your welcoming messages. ;-) Once I really know what I want, I am sure I will find it.

  20. Hi All I have been drifting here for a few days and I assume that the polite thing would be to introduce myself. I am Colleen. Fascinated by spanking, although never put myself voluntarily in that position. On the one side I am definitely a candidate for a very good spanking. Where will I begin? Traffic violations? Too many to mention, especially driving while playing on my cell phone. Yes, I know that is dangerous and I even had a few close calls. Still I keep doing it. I am neglecting my job. Or rather, I am doing the bare minimum and get away with it. I am also known to be very rude towards others. In general I am not a nice person. Quite ironic, but I am good at maintaining discipline in other people. Guess it is a case of do as I tell you and not as I do. Nothing more really to say, is there? Kind regards Colleen
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