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  1. I've never cried like this for someone who's face I never knew. She helped me a lot when I needed it, I wish I could have done the same for her.

    1. lillyfawks


      Sometimes the pain is greater than the body can endure and the soul has to start over fresh.

  2. That was a beautiful story, thanks for sharing your experience.
  3. : )

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    2. Poison's


      aaww why did everyone else frown.

    3. TN Disiplan

      TN Disiplan

      looks like an evil grin to me

    4. Poison's


      hmmm, quite the possibility

  4. I think you just need to keep communicating with him; as long as you make your needs clearly known, the DD aspect of your relationship can only move in the right direction from here. I think the tone of levity that he is approaching your spankings with is probably just an attempt for him to diffuse some of the awkwardness he feels, rather than an indication that he isn't taking your needs seriously. I think that if you just communicate to him how happy last night made you feel, and make it clear to him that you want to submit to him on an ongoing basis, that he will become more and more able to fulfil your needs as time goes on.
  5. That's great! I'm really happy for you.

  6. Protecting baby Ash.

  7. Hi, I'm new here, my name is Dave and I'm trying to find my way into the spanking scene. I live in central Ottawa and I would love to hear from any of you about anything (lol). Don't be a stranger, say hello!
  8. New here, if you are from Ottawa come say Hi!

    1. blahblag


      Hey, how's it going?

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