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  1. I have the idea that I would like a female disciplinarian to mentor and help me in all areas of my life, spanking as needed to correct and guide. After I've benefited greatly from this, I would like to provide the same to a different, aspiring female who has similar wants and needs. This hasn't happened yet and I've not given a spanking to any adult.
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    So Cal

    So, does anyone care to share publicly or privately how to get a spanking need met in So Cal? I'm aware of the self-proclaimed largest get together in Sherman Oaks from fetlife, but it is generic for all fetishes and I have no personal experience with it. There are other local events & groups listed there to find possible like-minded people.
  4. I'd work that out only with her. I don't feel at liberty to discuss locations.
  5. http://allthingsspanking.com/2017/10/16/an-interview-with-disciplinarian-juliette/ gives some good insight. I have had excellent experiences with Professional Disciplinarian Juliette, will continue to see her and highly recommend her. She is quite legitimate and has been honest, discreet and patient with me. Even when unforeseen circumstances postponed our arrangement, she returned to honor her commitment in abundance. Always a consummate professional, she has made sure to get to know my disciplinary needs. I believe she travels and has mainly regular, including some prominent, clients, thus privacy will be a mutually valued expectation. She is quite good and intuitive at what she does and I completely trust her to deliver what I need. I'd venture to say she is more qualified than most licensed therapists to address your issues with just her listening, questioning and suggesting abilities. But, moreover, she can employ her corporeal motivation techniques that licensing boards prevent therapists from using. Neither Juliette nor I have ever felt the need for "safe words," which I would probably never say anyway, as it has been vital to me since I started seeking help with my discipline that it be real and uninfluenced by my avoidance responses. So safe words never came up in our conversations. I'm sure she would take this and any measure needed to keep a session safe, sane and consensual. She always seems to genuinely love what she does, especially when her clients are helped by her services. She is a true disciplinarian!
  6. I'm very interested in the kind of arrangement you describe. What part of So Cal are you near? I'm in SFV. Please let's chat. Gp
  7. I'm in CA also. Not too far from OC in the SFV. I receive spankings for genuine iimprovement in habits & behaviors, character and achieving goals. I'd like to mentor another eventually. PM me here if you like. I'll try to check in more often so a real time conversation could be arranged if that is desirable. GP
  8. gpbean


    San Fernando Valley (L.A. suburb).
  9. Some of these are familiar and missed by me as well. I also miss scintillating. Anyone know if she found her bliss?
  10. What do you mean by "I am undone," in the above post? Brought to ruin or destruction? I would hope only the misbehavior would be "undone" if this is the applicable definition, not the being who misbehaved.
  11. Welcome to the site. May it provide what you seek. I come to believe there are many wonderful, understanding people here. I also hope your relationship strengthens and grows as everyone in your family does.
  12. I concur with all the rest. Thank you for this hauntingly beautiful rendition of a song that has a special meaning to me.
  13. "I think he just slammed a Ferengi up that guy's butt!"
  14. I only saw obafgkm's post after hitting the send on my post. I wonder why. My response above was to DunBenSpanked's post. Looks like I think more similar to the way obafgkm does.
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