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  1. Whoever said that self discipline can't involve other discipline?
  2. I'm a little under your desired age, and I noticed you stopped by my profile. Message me if you want to chat more.
  3. I think it might be easier for me to go from getting a spanking to giving one than the other way around, and as I have not switched yet, I don't yet know for sure.
  4. I've mostly read bad reviews. Even looked at some other apps, they too don't have a great review standing.
  5. Verification would also prevent people from joining before they're old enough. That's a good thing in my book: I'd rather have them not become members at all than turn them away because they can't follow a very simple rule.
  6. That might make me consider FetLife again too.
  7. It's been a long time since I've gotten a spanking from somebody else that made my butt feel like it was on fire after. Granted, most of my spankings with my long term spanker were "just because". Those first two spankings, which were punishment spankings, made my ass super hot. Heck, I felt the first spanking for a week after I got it, every time I sat down, especially on toilets. In fairness to my spanker, she fought a nasty illness and won, and even while still hard, spankings from her after that usually didn't leave me with after burn, except for that one where I asked for two rounds of the ping pong paddle after the spanking she'd decided on.
  8. Because we want to protect people from getting arrested for TTWD. Sure, there's an element of thrill in the idea of being caught spanking or being spanked in public, however; outside of a spanking party it's just not worth the risk.
  9. I actually wasn't raised with the don't hit women thing, but somehow it affected me anyway on a blind date 20 years ago, as did the realization that my attitude at the time would have been being a "baby dom". So, I'm glad I didn't follow through. As someone who instructs and trains martial arts, I believe that self defense isn't concerned with gender. But that's not what we're here to talk about. I have begun to slowly overcome my wariness about being spanked by men. While it's not completely gone, I am convinced that not all male spankers are psychos on a power trip. However, I have had a preference for female spankers. I think it's the emotional care you get from a female, whereas it seems males are straight to business types. Granted, my original wariness with male spankers was because of the terror of childhood spankings from my dad.
  10. Either I'm getting sunscreen in my eyes despite being careful, or I'm having a heavy allergic reaction to something. Late at night my eyes will start watering uncontrollably, and I can just barely keep them open. This is often accompanied by sneezing, but I have had a cold or flu so that seems normal. Medicine does help with the cold/flu, but again only until night.

  11. There are some parts of my past that I am not proud of, and I'll leave it at that. After getting a couple motivation/punishment spankings as an adult, I just wanted to get spanked more often, so I'd arrange spankings just to get spanked. Not even maintenance, just a semi-regular spanking. I did, however; once ask for a spanking just for the sore butt and the intensity was close to punishment level, with my spanker asking me if it was feeling sore enough.
  12. Odd, it's working on my profile.
  13. Mostly I just think about how spankable their asses are, or if I think spanking them would be fun. As far as I know they never notice, because I've never caught one looking back after I glance at their ass.
  14. Yes, Michigan does seem to be spanko central. That said, there are other variables that prevent meetings.
  15. Thank you. I'm talking with people, and have asked to make plans. So far nothing has worked out though.
  16. I got COVID in late December, and it took me 10 days to recover. Not sure if I have any lasting damage from it. Other than that, I have job that I still enjoy for now, and I've been trying to get spanked and give spankings.
  17. Looking to get a spanking on either Wednesday the 6th, or Sunday the 10th. Spanker must be able to host. I only get my work schedule a week at a time.

  18. It was also 20 years ago, and it also involved my diaper kink too. Honestly, it was just poor all around. A dorm room would be a horrible place to give a spanking. Especially late at night.
  19. I do find it irritating that even as a guy, I end up getting a lot of "baby doms" who expect submission before a relationship has fully been established. Until I have made a decision, I am not yours to spank, and even after I have the right to withdraw consent at any time either temporarily or permanently. Unfortunately, I have a memory from when I had planned on acting like a baby dom, which when I look back on it, I am disgusted with myself and am glad I did not spank my date. Sure, I'm added to her list of liars, but I'd rather be on a liar list than an abuser list. I've had a couple spanking meets set up where I showed up to the location, only to be unable to get the spanking. This is why I would confirm with my long term spanker, at least the day before the spanking. More recently, I went to meet a male to be spanked by him, but his roommate was not leaving the apartment. I did attempt to arrange another spanking session with him, but it never happened, and eventually communication dwindled to nothing. As much as several would like it otherwise, it really is the EE who is in charge. Sure, an ER can end a relationship too, but it's much more likely to be the EE. And the ER is much more likely to get into trouble if the police are involved.
  20. I remember going to my first adult spanking, knowing it was going to hurt, and expecting that I might cry. My long term spanker had alleviated my fear of her not using a safe word. The spanking I got was quite hard, and long, and I remember once reaching back then pulling my hand away on my own, reminding myself that I deserved it and had asked for it.
  21. An unfortunate consequence of the semi-anonymity of the Internet.
  22. Four day weekend. A good chance to catch up. Increases my availability to get spanked too.

  23. I felt a little embarrassed at my first adult spanking when the bare butt portion was done with me naked from the waist down except for socks. Then I felt a little more embarrassment at the end of the spanking, where I realized I was still fully exposed downstairs. Oddly, on my second adult spanking, I wasn't the least bit embarrassed when I was bared in front too. So, I guess I kind of like it with punishment spankings, although I sometimes choose to be bared in front for other spankings as well.
  24. Finally settled on a new pic that hopefully shows I'm a switch.

  25. It sort of depends on the type of spanking, and yet, I still prefer that my pants and undergarment are pulled completely down to at least my knees most of the time. While I'm not resistant to full nudity, I haven't had it done when I've been being spanked by someone in person. Pants and undergarment off is a good compromise, and very effective for punishment.
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