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Status Updates posted by Zhal

  1. Although my birthday has just recently passed, I'm still interested in getting a birthday spanking.

    1. Spanknutt


      Birthday spankings should be mandatory, whether they are given on the day of or not.

    2. rubyredd


      Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. 4th of July spankings? I could use some "fireworks" on my own butt.

    1. nicoleS39


      I hope you get to experience that "display" this July 4th....maybyour butt be red...white...and blue!

    2. Spanknutt


      I'm pretty sure that will happen in my neck of the woods. 😉

  3. My apple watch's iOS needs a spanking. It tells me I don't have music on my phone that I absolutely do, refuses to play certain songs at all, and even when it does activate a song, it's usually not the one I asked for.

  4. Still looking for a spanker.

  5. It's happened, I've officially become a Grumpy Middle-Aged Man. Modern slang makes me cringe/hurts my ears/eyes, and I've even given people my uncensored opinion of their slang.

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    2. Zhal


      Along with telling people that when I was their age, I walked to school, barefoot, in 6 feet of snow, uphill both ways?

    3. nicoleS39


      lol...I have heard that said often....

    4. DaChief


      I became grumpy while I was still in my early 30's. Figured I'd beat the rush. :D

  6. I'm not sure why, but after unwrapping a new bar of soap I decided to put in my mouth. Unpleasant, as expected. During my shower I felt the urge to do it again, and did so, doing more of a washing. After both times I rinsed my mouth, and after the second, I followed my usual oral hygiene routine.

  7. Amazing, I almost made myself cry from the pain of a self spanking. Of course, as it's me hitting myself, I couldn't actually do it.

  8. I'm feeling better about myself after dropping one habit from my daily routine. Not nearly as stressed now that I have dropped the habit. Still a procrastinator though, and I'm realizing the problems that causes. Sounds like I need my butt lit up as motivation.

  9. I want to find a local spanker soon, so I can start the year off right: with a very sore bottom!

  10. I need to get back to getting spanked regularly. Of course, I will still spank as well.

  11. Naughty thoughts about spanking various guests to the banquets and the hotel where I work.

    1. arguy


      I remember Dallas from Dallas Spanks was telling how he ended up spanking the girl who worked at the desk at the hotel/motel they were using for a shoot. She asked what they were doing, he told her, and she said she was curious. She got it good haha. So, wondering minds indeed.... 

  12. Just for the heck of it, I practiced spanking myself using mostly my wrist. Surprisingly, it stung pretty well and was still quite loud.

  13. Bad habits caught up with me. Got a warning from my apartment complex about cleaning. Had to give them a time frame so they can schedule an inspection.

    1. Longtimespanking


      Sounds like someone needs a really good spanking for that issue.  Too bad the manager of the complex can't give you one, just saying.  

    2. Zhal


      It's true, it's entirely my own fault that it happened. The past few days have been spent thoroughly cleaning my apartment. Even now, I'm noticing the habits that contributed.

  14. Pondering whether I should send a connection request somewhere.

  15. Would I still be a spanko if I hadn't been spanked as a child? I'm not certain I can say for sure.

  16. Feeling my mortality. An uncle just passed yesterday. It was not unexpected as he was really sick, but it is a reminder that life is finite.

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    2. nicoleS39


      Sorry for your loss. While it is very hard to lose someone in this life, I believe that we can take "some" comfort in the knowledge that our loved one is not suffering any longer, and is now in a much better place. May God's peace be with you.

    3. Chawsee


      I'm very sorry, Zhal. Even when it's not unexpected, it feels so final. Having lost both of my parents, two of my brothers, and a friend who meant the world to me, I have a sense about how you must be feeling right now. Please keep us updated with how you're doing, okay?

    4. Zhal


      Thank you all for your well wishes.

  17. I don't understand an implement in a spanking randomizer. What is a "switch cane"? Thank you.

  18. Lately I've been thinking about bad things I got away with as a kid. Getting the urge to get spanked for things I should have been spanked for as a kid and wasn't.

    1. nicoleS39


      I got lots of spankings growing up for things I "got caught" doing or not doing...but I did get away with a few things....lol. Now...much later as an adult, I confess I do sometimes feel a little guilty now and then for those deeds unpunished. I have told my husband about them...I guess just feeling like I should. I do not want to hold anything secret about me with my husband. He has never, to date...chosen to spank me "now" for those past misbehaviors. But...as I said...I think deep down inside...I almost "want" him to. So...I "think" I understand how you might feel.

    2. Longtimespanking


      I think that is a very valid desire, there is a definite potential for some serious emotional reset and removal of guilt feelings during a spanking which is defined as being punishment for specific offenses, regardless if those things took place this week or 40 years ago.  I've spanked people any number of times for those who want to clear the air over old things they still feel bad about getting away with in the past. 

    3. Spankwhisperer


      My attitude is that there is no statute of limitations on a spanking.  If you deserved a spanking long ago that was never given, you are always eligible to get it.  Whether that misbehavior occurred at twelve, sixteen, twenty six or forty.... a shameful trip across a caring knee can settle old accounts.  

  19. This is sort of random, but as I see people overcorrecting their words a lot, I thought I'd mention this.

    When I was an older teenager, I saw a promo for a live-action TV show pronounced Tie-ee-sha. Then I saw how the spelled it: Taisha. My immediate reaction was "you can't have a single letter make two sounds in the same word"/that's not how words work.

  20. While I don't hear or read about it often, I often think it silly when people call a single smack on the butt "a spanking".

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    2. rubyredd


      I would just call that a swat or a spank. Personally, I love a single, sharp swat. 

    3. Zhal


      A single swat once in a while can be okay, but to call it "a spanking" is silly. Just enough to let you know they mean business, but probably not enough to raise too much suspicion. Athletes pat each others' butts all the time, our pats are just harder.

    4. nicoleS39


      lol...nope...for us, a smack or two on my butt...is a warning...an attention getter. Often, when accompanied by "the look"...it is a foreteller of much more "smacking" to come...later.

  21. I'm still searching for a spanker or switch to spank me semi-regularly.

  22. Looking like I won't get my birthday punishment spanking.

  23. Considering contacting someone I haven't contact for a while regarding my birthday punishment spanking.

  24. Got my full schedule for next week. I'm off the day before my birthday and the day of my birthday (Wed  & Thur). Still looking for that birthday punishment spanking.

  25. Incredibly short notice, but if there's anyone in Michigan who could give me a spanking tomorrow morning, Wednesday morning, or Wednesday afternoon, that would be great.

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