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  1. No AI I've ever interacted with has ever been that sloppy. Sometimes an AI chatbot has missed transitions between topics and thus given incorrect answers by tying the answer to the wrong source. The answer was right, just for something else.
  2. Zhal

    The Gym Dilemma

    I can certainly understand wearing clothes meant for the gym to go to the gym, what I don't understand is people wearing clothes they think are "sexy" to the gym. Are you here to work out or here to flirt/tease people? At the same time, I have also been put off by the clothing choices of men at the gym. None of my business if you want to wear a singlet, but it probably shouldn't make those parts of your anatomy that obvious.
  3. I marked "spankee" when roles were first available, because that's what I was at the time. Even so, I always had an interest in giving the spankings as well, so I eventually changed it to "switch". Though I lean slightly more toward the spankee side.
  4. I need a hard reset simply because I haven't gotten a spanking in a while. As an ER, I don't spank people often enough or the same people enough to know when an EE just needs a hard reset. Usually, they just tell me their reason for having me spank them, and I go with that.
  5. I'm just curious if you actually meant to put this in the erotic section? While I'm not in the UK, I did visit England earlier this year.
  6. Although my birthday has just recently passed, I'm still interested in getting a birthday spanking.

    1. Spanknutt


      Birthday spankings should be mandatory, whether they are given on the day of or not.

    2. rubyredd


      Happy Belated Birthday!

  7. I agree that it's different, and people often have thinner skin than they claim to. Yes, people were irritated that people were blocking them, while simultaneously not reviewing their own behavior and considering why that user would have blocked them. The chat room issue was one thing, but people would whine about being blocked in a topic on the forum as well. Indeed, showing who is blocking someone is a bad idea for a forum. That forum should have changed their code so that it didn't create unnecessary drama. Unfortunately, on yet another forum, I have seen people react to seeing how people reacted to their posts.
  8. I find that knowing who reacted tends to just stir the pot. There was another forum I was on, where the chat room would constantly spout "user X is being blocked by user y" if the blocking member was in the chat room, and it would do this roughly every second. What's worse is that the blocker saw it too. Have we become such a cowardly society that we cannot handle people disliking our opinion? I know at times I hold my tongue when I disagree with someone, though that's usually because I know they have already dismissed my counterargument that I haven't even made yet. Then again, as was already mentioned, sometimes responding just has the same effect of having a reaction.
  9. I could easily be wrong. There have been times where I have operated on previous iterations of the rules.
  10. I'm going to assume you don't intend to break any rules. Unfortunately, as my current understanding of the rules sits, discussion of pro service is not allowed.
  11. It used to for me, but I have since relaxed on age "requirements", especially as I approach the age range that originally put me off. Just be legally an adult and have some semblance of maturity. I have turned down spankees not because of age, but because one told me she'd use her safeword inappropriately and would want me to continue spanking when she misused it. That didn't sound very safe to me, but at least she was mature enough to let me know she'd abuse her safeword.
  12. While I do enjoy being spanked most of the time, spankings still work as a punishment: its a difference in how the spanking is done. Most spankings are slower, build up to harder smacks, and are given in silence except the sound of hand or implement against my butt and me occasionally making noises. Punishment spankings usually involve scolding, may or may not involve corner time, the spanks are given quite hard and unrelenting, except for the spanker to switch implements or to slow down for an implement that is more effective when used slowly. Will I still do the thing I got a punishment spanking for? Not anytime soon, but I do slip up.
  13. I believe in the benefit of the doubt until I'm given a reason to suspect foul play. That said, I wouldn't think it would be fun to explain an impact play "scene" gone wrong to the police and/or ambulance.
  14. Honestly, I think all they're doing is making sure you're 18+.
  15. 4th of July spankings? I could use some "fireworks" on my own butt.

    1. nicoleS39


      I hope you get to experience that "display" this July 4th....maybyour butt be red...white...and blue!

    2. Spanknutt


      I'm pretty sure that will happen in my neck of the woods. 😉

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