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  1. Rules need to be agreed upon. I decided not to further pursue with an online spanker when he made rules for me without my input and got downright creepy in other things he asked of me. He said I didn't really try it, and while he's right, I told him he got downright creepy. Then I blocked him from both here and Discord.
  2. I question the idea that all cultures have the practice. When I was very young, I learned that Native Americans disciplined their children by scolding them. That said, many cultures that used to heavily use spanking have now passed laws against spanking. I am sure there are people who do spank in those cultures, they just don't talk about it, because of the laws. Ultimately, the butt is the least likely place to cause injury, unless the spanking and by extension spanker are out of control.
  3. All right. I'm Zhal, a male switch, who's been more spankee than spanker, and I think I lean a little more toward the spankee side. That said, I do enjoy giving the spankings as well. The UK is not my home, I live in the US. Next year, I will be starting to expand my international travel, beginning with a trip to Bath in March. Would love to get a good smacked bottom while I'm there. Cheers!
  4. I'm glad you bring this up. A while back, I had to deny a spankee my services because she actually wanted me to ignore her safe word because she said she'd use it when she didn't actually mean it. Based on that, I decided it was best for her own safety if I did not meet and spank her.
  5. I've seen a story from 6 years ago, where a woman says she accepts spanking (and other discipline) from her mother because she feels it works for her. Personally, I doubt the truth of the story. Then again, a long time ago, this site did have a "how do I ask my parent(s) to spank me?" link. I am in agreement that a parent forcing it should be illegal.
  6. While there was a time when this site had a "How to ask your parents to spank you" link, I would advise against involving any family members. Sure, I've seen examples of stories where it works for people, and those are the exception not the norm. While I do appreciate the lack of ambiguity of a spanking, I would never let my father spank me again.
  7. This was changed when I had returned to college. Even tests for jobs are now using it. You'll get a "mistake" for putting two spaces on those typing tests. I think the reasoning is that since we are no longer using type writers, there's not as much reason to use two spaces.
  8. I've had spankers that didn't allow safe words and those who did. With the ones who didn't, I had to have them convince me that they'd still keep me safe other than my backside and maybe thighs. With those who did allow them, I actually never made one, and no spanking ever made me get close to wanting to use it if I had. That said, I do like the idea of a punishment spanking feeling like a punishment spanking and being over when it's over.
  9. One option is to have a kennel in another room, where you put the dog for the duration of the spanking, and then let her out and give her treats and pets when you're done.
  10. You can't. If you really want to go forever, the best thing to do is to change your password into a scramble that you'll never remember and then log out.
  11. Given that my other kink is diapers, I have thought about getting a diaper position spanking at bedtime during a mandatory bedtime diaper change.
  12. I've never really had this issue. As for me, I'm not a rubber, not even after the whole spanking is over. I just let the pain of the spanking stand on its own. Currently, I don't use corner time, but I can see its effectiveness.
  13. I need to get back to getting spanked regularly. Of course, I will still spank as well.

  14. There are couple of ways I look at this, mostly because I'm the kind of spanko who wants spankings increased on vacations. One idea that I got from watching spanking videos is the whole "a spanking during the day means a spanking at bedtime" setup, kind of a variation on "spanked at school, spanked at home". The other, is naturally, just a spanking that happens to occur at bedtime. Because vacation spankings would either be in a hotel or someone's house, I am quite aware of times that would be "no spank" times to avoid annoying other guests. As for clothes, I guess it would be whatever I was wearing at the time, though I do like the idea of drop-seat pajamas because of their "spanking flap". Granted, if I'm enjoying my other kink as well, the drop seat method wouldn't be effective. That's the end of my current thoughts on bedtime spankings.
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