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  1. Decided to buy a laptop solely to use to connect to use to connect to the Internet last night. Still going to have my brother-in-law build a gaming desktop. In the meantime, this should make it easier to apply for jobs.

    1. AfterGeometry


      I've learned it's hard to do that just over my smart phone.  I might have to get a laptop too  

  2. I thought I was going to get one today, and lack of confirmation means I’m not going. Might be giving a spanking later today.
  3. I’ve both been spanked and given a spanking, and that’s all I’m going to say.
  4. Every spanking machine I’ve ever seen seems unstable. There’s something about the human touch, even if it’s a self-spanking.
  5. I’m at five now, as I was gifted a thin width paddle with holes by a spankee.
  6. I may be giving a spanking this weekend.

  7. Never happened to me, but I knew people who said their parents pulled the car over and spanked them at the side of the road.
  8. I’m going to assume GBH stands for Great (or Grievous) Bodily Harm, depending on how scary Britons like to be in their legal definitions.
  9. I saw a professional regularly for thirteen years. While law may disagree, I did not see paying her as hiring a prostitute, even with the first couple spankings having my penis bare too. Obligatory I am not a lawyer: even if no money changes hands law tends not to be on the spanker’s side if someone takes their spanked butt to the police.
  10. I’m on the third floor and often hear conversations from the second coming up my pipes by my washer and dryer. Sure, they sometimes play music loud enough I can hear it through the floor, but the sound of spanking is hard to mistake for anything else.
  11. My laundry closet is right next to my bedroom and my bathroom is on the other side. A combination of bathroom fan, doing laundry, and playing music should drown out spanking sounds. The rugs will help too.
  12. While my gym is going to reopen later this month than others have, I’m excited to be close to being able to go back. Of course, I should get a hard spanking before finding my new maxes.

  13. Did a little self spanking with the paddle I was given. Doesn’t take much to get a good impact. Probably gave myself ten smacks, the bottom of my butt is quite red.

    1. ukspanko


      Coincidentally I've just done the same as self-punishment for over thinking ( something I have a real problem with ) - very effective as well - I genuinely didn't want to do it so forced myself and feel better for it.


  14. Oddly enough, Enya has some songs with intense beats. Temps Vernum comes to mind. Also, a lot of the songs from The Music OG She-Ra and the Princesses of Power are fairly loud, though some have odd dead air pauses. Saw a rug I liked on Monday, going to that store tomorrow in my car and hoping they have the rug in a larger size.
  15. Rethinking venue for giving spankings after overhearing neighbors talking about pet pooping inside for whole weekend.

    1. Zhal


      It may have had nothing to do with me based on the portion of the conversation I overheard.

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