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  1. I was raised with the harmful, traditional approach to masculinity, except even worse. My father didn't allow me to express any "negative" emotion, including anger. Now as a martial arts instructor, sometimes to call to not draw attention to my own pain in class carries over to getting spanked. I'm neither actively trying to avoid calling out nor actively trying to do so. A spank with the right force, at the right time will get an "ah". With my long term spanker, I once did actively try to make sounds, but I felt silly as I was forcing the ows. Some spankings did cause me to tear up, but I
  2. Zhal

    Covid 19

    I'll probably still wear masks, but that's because the introverted part of my personality is the dominant part, and even in public I often just want people to leave me alone.
  3. I'm not sure. While I have grown into some bad habits that I'd like to correct, I guess it depends on how frequently I need a spanking for the same thing. I do know it will take more than one punishment spanking to address it. One the one hand, I think just getting spanked over and over for the same thing would help motivate me to correct it so that I could avoid being spanked for this reason again. Maybe if after I improve on the habit and haven't been spanked for breaking it in a while, and then break it more than once in close succession, the second spanking should be harder? I know at firs
  4. Sometimes when spankos say they weren't spanked as a child I wonder what the ratio is of people who actually weren't spanked as kids to those who were but it was so rare they forgot about it.

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    2. rubyredd


      Not sure why it seems unusual. There doesn't seem to be a real correlation between spanking as a fetish and childhood spanking. Some spankos were and some weren't. But, we know that many vanillas were spanked and it didn't turn them into spankos. Correlation / Causation. 

      I can honestly say that I was not spanked as a kid. I didn't see it happen. I knew people got spanked, but I was imagining M/F spanking as far back as age 5. I remember seeing a drawing in The Three Little Kittens with one little kitten getting an OTK spanking... but I can't say that influenced me (meow... me...owwww).

    3. St.George


      I was spanked, and it did influence me. It was not an effective form of discipline. There was a direct cause/effect. I don't know that it really matters that much.

    4. Zhal


      Ultimately it doesn't, it's just idle curiosity. I know people who wear spanked as kids who only got it a few times, and never got one again because once, or however many times, was clearly enough.

      I think childhood spanking could have worked for me if it hadn't been done in anger and often for things I didn't have full control over at the time. As for the ones where I do remember being warned about it beforehand, knowing why the action was wrong before getting my bottom smacked would have helped.

  5. One that I don't think I could really control. I'd prefer not to cum when getting a punishment spanking. Pre-spank wank, maybe?
  6. Unfortunately, I'm still looking as things so far haven't worked out. So updated list. Routine: Before Thursday martial arts class, after Saturday martial arts class, birthday, new year Non-punishment event based: Before first day of a convention Punishment spankings: Failing to practice martial arts outside of class without a good reason, missing a spanking, procrastinating by masturbating, quarterly Other spankings as requested.
  7. 2019, I think. It was from my long term spanker, and it was painful not playful. That's what I want out of a birthday spanking, so it's all good.
  8. Yeah, never done it. Never had a spanker insist on it either.
  9. Zhal

    Covid 19

    Another fully vaccinated here.
  10. I should change my profile picture. No longer have the shirt I'm wearing in the current one. Also, I haven't been able to get that print diaper in more than a year too.

  11. I prefer setting goals, the morbidity of calling it a "bucket list" makes it feel more negative. That said, as I've said before: Get a left-handed spanking Give someone who just spanked me a spanking Get spanked by someone I just spanked Give a spanking to someone while I'm also getting a spanking from them
  12. I only counted on birthday spankings with spanks for each year, or sometimes when being caned, when I'm told the number of strokes. While my earlier painful birthday spankings did have X spanks per year of age with each implement, they all started with a standard hand spanking. Eventually the birthday spankings just became regular spankings too.
  13. My retired long term spanker suggested that maybe I should get a small tattoo of a paddle somewhere easy to hide but easy to make visible. Of course, that wouldn't identify the role, and it's a lot more permanent than wristbands, shirts, or hats.
  14. Not unable, but my first adult spanking made it very uncomfortable to sit--especially on toilet seats--for a week after I got that spanking.
  15. I miss my long term spanker, but I understand it was time for her to focus on her family. Even if she's not going to spank me ever again, I do miss the friendship we had, yet I also understand how hard things must be for her. Even in non-spanking relationships, I still have lingering feelings long after "it's OVER over" conversations. One previous love interest I had a bad falling out with, I can at least joke with when we're in the same area, and sometimes thoughts about her invade my thoughts about someone else I'm interested in. While it can be helpful to reminisce, I have to admit that
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