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  1. I remember getting spanked while Enya was playing in the background.
  2. I just moved to Ypsilanti, MI and I'd like to get started as a spanker, even though I've mostly been a spankee. These spankings will take place in my apartment. I'm looking to supplement my income by giving spankings. Will spank either gender, as long as you're over 18. Right now I don't have a large selection of implements. Discipline, focus, stress-relief, or just because you want a sore butt. Message me if you're interested or just curious. Thanks.
  3. I don''t know if the OP is still looking, but if she is, now that I'm settled into my apartment I could direct spankings over webcam. That goes for Bl1989 too. Message me if you're interested and we can work out the details. And as always, go slow, trust your gut, and stay safe.
  4. Whatever you're looking for, take your time and stay safe. Also, Welcome to Spanking Needs.
  5. I can see a totally nude spanking if the spankee just got out of or was about to go into the shower.
  6. Depends on the professional. Both of the ones I've seen want to establish relationships with their clients. Friendships that include spankings.
  7. When I feel like that, I argue with myself about getting the spanking for a while, until I finally decide to get the spanking scheduled and have done with it.
  8. People sometimes think I'm very young when I'm clean shaven. On the other side, people offered to sell me lottery tickets when I had a full beard at 14.
  9. I'm in the middle of my move to Ypsilanti, MI from Saline, MI. As I've been moving things, I've discovered that the soundproofing between floors is actually pretty good. Hoping to start hosting spankings.
  10. I think my apartment is pretty well soundproofed already. While I could hear a conversation in the hallway, I couldn't hear it once I entered my apartment.
  11. I've actually heard those aren't so good for spankings.
  12. We'll see. I'm going to get some area rugs to deaden sound between floors.
  13. Thankfully my apartment is on the top floor, the next building is a bit of grass away from me, and my bedroom is right next to the air conditioner room and that air conditioner is noisy. So any spankings in my apartment are going to be in my bedroom by that corner.
  14. This is useful information to me, as I too hope to spank in my apartment. Or get spanked in my apartment.
  15. It seems I may be able to host spankings in my new apartment.

    1. Ms.Mary


      WOW awesome!

    2. Zhal


      I may have to do a few things to deaden sound between floors, but I'm on the top floor and the next apartment building is across a bit of grass from me. My bedroom is right at the edge, and opposite it is the air conditioner room then the balcony.

      Will probably give the spankings in the corner by the air conditioner.

    3. mSpank


      Let the fun continue!! Congrats!

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