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  1. Zhal

    What is meant by a 'good' spanking

    Any spanking where I feel great after having been spanked. I am spanked semi-routinely, and as I have goals I'm working toward, I'm going to add punishment spankings to the mix including getting a quarterly punishment spanking even if I haven't done anything spankable. Partly to remind me of the kind of spanking I don't want very often, and partly because sometimes I need a really hard spanking just for the really sore butt.
  2. Zhal

    Taking underwear down.

    Plenty of people have either mentioned doing it themselves or being ordered to pull down or remove their own pants and underwear.
  3. Zhal

    Non disclosure agreement?

    I am not a lawyer, but from what I understand, absolutely no "contract" will protect either party; the law will examine each side and make its decision.
  4. Zhal

    Baring the butt

    I'm more of a spanker lowers guy. Still, there are times when doing it myself leads to my desired level of bareness.
  5. Zhal

    Methods of discipline

    Well there are several people here who would view diapers as a punishment. Not for everyone, but another example.
  6. Zhal


    My butt's weird when it comes to pain. Generally, the hand spanking doesn't hurt that much even at it's fastest and hardest. Somehow getting caned first excites the nerves I guess and makes me then hand spanking seem more painful.
  7. Zhal


    I'm going to ask for the cane at my next spanking, just so the hand spanking hurts more.
  8. Zhal

    Any one in Ottawa?

    I don't live in Canada, but I did enjoy Ottawa ComicCon this mother's day weekend, and I do plan to attend again.
  9. Zhal


    I was afraid to try to the cane for quite some time: partially an old case of an American in Singpore, and the way a lot of pictures and videos highlight the flesh breaking. When I finally decided that I might as well, my spanker caned me before giving me my hand spanking, and then the spanking proceeded with other implements as normal. She has chosen to cane me at one other spanking after that, and once I asked for the canes as my extra spanking after resting from the main spanking. At first I liked her thinner cane better, but I did have her hit me with both for that additional spanking. There is a very different feel between being caned on an unspanked butt and being caned on an already spanked butt.
  10. Quite the necro there. Anyway, I no longer live in Milan, MI, I live in Saline now and can no longer host.
  11. Zhal

    Pussy spanking

    @cowboy, wouldn't spread diaper position be good for having your penis spanked too? @DominantExplorer, what is red flag to one person might be no big deal to another. Except in the case of obviously abusive stuff.
  12. Once, semi-jokingly, at college. He did give me one hard smack on the dorm's stairs.
  13. Spanking is definitely not the only trigger for me. Thinking about women I'm interested in, sometimes my diaper kink, and sometimes I just get boner why I'm not aware of the reason.
  14. I think it depends, at my very first adult spanking I'm convinced I came in my diaper when I was being spanked with the hairbrush pants down over my diaper; for the second I was wearing a boxer and there were no signs of arousal that I remember. As spankings are my normal, I do sometimes get aroused during those spankings, sometimes with a little squirt sometimes not.
  15. Zhal

    Find local Spankers

    Any diaper/nappy friendly spankings in Ottawa, ON, Canada? While I'm not even sure I'll be taking more than two diapers on the trip, and I was already spanked once this month, I'll be in Canada this weekend and was wondering if anyone could give me a spanking in my hotel room on Saturday morning? Sort of a spank up call.