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  1. Getting a spanking this morning, then conducting martial arts testing.

    1. Angelty


      What type of art are you test people for

  2. Find local Spankers

    I'm back in Michigan and have February 27 to March 2 off. Willing to travel to warm some butts.
  3. Scheduled to get a spanking before conducting martial arts tests next Saturday.

  4. Leaving for Minnesota tomorrow morning. No spankings arranged during trip.

  5. Birthday Spankings

    I did get playful birthday spankings when I was young. As an adult, I get birthday spankings that actually hurt. Getting it right on my birthday is not a requirement, but as long as it's the same week. There doesn't seem to be much consistency to the way I get my painful birthday spankings, except that I know I will at least get a hand spanking before the counted spanks.
  6. Female tops/spankers - the penis

    My spanker bared my penis when she pulled down my boxer while I was over her lap at my spanking on January 31st. Because of my positioning, I don't think there was contact. I think the reason she exposed me in front is because she decided to make it more of a punishment spanking. As I did come close to crying during this spanking, I think exposure helps me connect with my emotions during a spanking.
  7. Getting my first spanking of the year this afternoon. I'm going to be caned too.

  8. Punishment

    For me, a hand spanking is just a warm up, though it could just be my spanker. No matter how hard she hand spanks me, a hand spanking alone is not enough.
  9. Find local Spankers

    As it gets closer to my trip to Minnesota, I've been putting together an idea of a schedule for getting spankings at the convention I'll be attending. The times are arranged around the games I'll be playing at the convention and it seems like I might have to skip bedtime spankings because of how late they'd be. All other times will work for having my pants and pamper pulled down for a spanking.
  10. I need to receive all types, mostly I get spankings for focus and stress relief. Depending on what I need to focus on or if I feel I need an extra boost, I need the spanking to be more intense. Feels like I haven't had what I'd consider a proper punishment spanking in a long time.
  11. Bringing back a spanking tradition: I'm getting my New Year spanking on January 31st.

  12. Female tops/spankers - the penis

    The couple of times my spanker has had my penis exposed during a spanking, I never felt aroused during nor did a suspect a squirt. I'm always covered in front now and I do think there's been an occasional light ejaculation. I don't think having my penis exposed necessarily makes the spanking sexual nor do I find it necessary.
  13. weekly?

    I'm interested in a bi-weekly basis. Mid-week "just because" punishment spanking followed by an end of week maintenance spanking.
  14. Buying a Hairbrush for Spanking

    I've been spanked with both plastic and wooden hairbrushes, the pain from plastic just feels wrong to me. For wood, make sure it has a decent sized handle. Bought a wooden hairbrush for spanking purposes but its handle is tiny.