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  1. I'm also down for the multiple daily spankings, maybe not hourly, at least not yet.
  2. I would love a bedtime spanking. Turns out I sleep better when I've been spanked that day.
  3. As a switch who has mostly been a spankEE and is just getting his start as a spankER, I need to hold myself accountable too, which for me means getting spankings.
  4. I would have no problem with becoming a cyborg. The tools were currently have to aid in certain health issues are inefficient. As I am going from nearsighted to farsighted now that I'm in my 40s, I hope we get decent bionic eyes soon so I can just replace the things instead of relying on increasing contacts/glasses prescriptions. I agree it is also important that AIs know right from wrong. While I have seen some people who reject it, humans must merge with machines to stay relevant. And coworkers have mentioned that that AIs might be nice if they remember "hey, that human used my app, he's coo
  5. Electing Biden is only the beginning, we will need to keep fighting. We've opened the curtain to the end of the nightmare, but we must keep ever vigilant.
  6. I have mini orgasms just thinking about spanking now, regardless of whether I'm the spankee or the spanker. Also happens when I'm giving a spanking too.
  7. I'm a switch who has mostly been the spankee. As it turns out, I enjoy giving spankings too. The only ritual of importance to me is having the spanker pull down my pants and underwear to the desired level. I guess this is a hold over from being ordered to pull down my pants for my childhood spankings.
  8. I know the vintage images are products of their time, and I have enjoyed them. However; I am curious about how the rule against exposed genitalia applies to them as there are several with where the spankee has their genitals exposed. Is this a special case on the nudity rule? It's not just artwork, there are the screen captures of video too. Thanks.
  9. I have gone out to eat far more than I should have. Now that Michigan is in a short but tighter lockdown because of the number of people not obeying the rules, I will be less lax about being in public. Should I want craft beer, I'll order a growler or howler and pick it up. Also, given the variable ages of people at my martial arts school, I dare say online instruction is a better idea, which was also recommended by the school owner in order to prepare me for my next test. That said, I am considered an essential worker and do have to report to work.
  10. Though it's never happened because I don't have a partner, I'd say the worst time to get a spanking would be in the middle of the night.
  11. Definitely agree that video chat is the only way we can be sure the spankee is being honest.
  12. I have a general rule: the more outlandish a story seems the more likely it is to be false.
  13. I've seen group spankings in videos. My concern would be that the spanker gives each spankee equal time.
  14. While it's an odd thing to get used to, I have become accustomed to pain in my nuts. Falling onto a jungle gym's bars balls first, getting kicked there several times in fights in elementary school. Nice thing about being used to it is that now I can keep going after I get hurt there, with no pause. Diapers can act like a soft layer of armor too.
  15. With one spanker--since retired--a couple times I found myself sliding off her knee unintentionally, and I repositioned myself to take my spanking properly.
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