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  1. I'm not entirely spank and go, though sometimes that's all I can work in. Fun spankings don't hurt quite as much as other spankings, but they still hurt a decent amount. The pain is often spread out though, with the spanker massing my butt before the next bout of spanks. So, getting spanked for fun takes more time in the actual spanking than a punishment spanking does. Also, the lingering effect usually only lasts a day or two with a fun spanking, whereas with a punishment spanking I might feel it for a week.
  2. Whereas I'm the opposite to rubyredd, with the exception of aftercare, I mostly care about the spanking. While it's nice to talk before and after the spanking, I don't really need a scene. I miss scolding during the spanking, though it's been a while since I've had an in person punishment spanking. So I need the pain, even for a "fun" spanking.
  3. While I still have some residual symptoms, I'm trying to work out my first spanking of the year. Of course, it depends on how I'm feeling. I've asked the person who gave me my birthday spanking last year, and he seems keen on it. That said, I'm not getting spanked until I have no symptoms of anything.
  4. When I had a regular spanker, even though she tried to encourage me to try the cane, it took a while before I did. Her technique was good, so it didn't lead to the brutal looking results I'd seen in spanking videos. Once I'd taken the cane once, sometimes she'd choose to give me a caning before my hand spanking. That said, there are some of her paddles that were worse than others, and I never did try the prison strap she had.
  5. At least some of a female's vulva will be exposed for a truly bare bottom spanking. The level of exposure depends on too many variables to count. Having said that, I am not very concerned about my own modesty when getting a spanking, which is likely a hold over from being spanked as a child.
  6. Realized I hadn't used one of my spanking implements in a while, so I pulled it out for some self spanking. Unfortunately, being stored folded up it kept the bend. It delivers a good amount of pain with a stingy feel, marks will fade fast but you'll feel them. Not an ideal choice for self-spanking though.

    After I showered, I gave myself twelve with the paddle I was given by a spankee, and I repeated smacks that weren't hard enough.

    1. Pinky


      Hello,  I was wondering what's your favorite implement for self-spankng?  A long handle bath brush can be quite effective, I've found.  

    2. Zhal


      I'm not much of a self spanker. Find it hard to take myself seriously with it, also it's hard to hit my own butt at the right angle regardless of what I'm using. Honestly, I think a hairbrush and diaper position: better control with a smaller implement/easier to hit self, diaper position to have more butt exposed to the spanks. Unfortunately, the hairbrush I bought for spanking purposes has too short a handle.

    3. Pinky


      I agree, self spanking is not very satisfying..

  7. Everybody's already given the same advice I would have, so welcome.
  8. As I actually caught COVID-19 at the end of last year, I'm going to be extra careful when I'm not at work. While I'd like to have some spanking fun, either as spankee or spanker, I'm going to have to be extra smart about it.
  9. Although it's been quite a while since I've had a spanking, it's a combination of "I need this" and "this will help me".
  10. I've been spanked with a tawse, several times. Neither my favorite implement nor my least favorite.
  11. I had to look as I was curious where this thread was going. Personally, I would never allow my father to spank me again based on how his face and anger terrified me as a child. That said, I have overcome some of the related stigma of having a man spank me.
  12. I started as a spankee, and I wanted to give the spankings too. While I enjoy giving spankings as well, I have a slight learning toward wanting to be on the butt side of the spanking equation.
  13. The ones who know about my kinks are the ones I've directly told. I've never had someone just suspect my kinks, at least not someone I knew. One, when I was taking Argentine Tango classes, I did hear a spectator mention that I was wearing a diaper . . . which I was.
  14. Leo switch, and while I'm growing in my role as a spanker I think I lean slightly more toward spankee.
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