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  1. Welcome from another Michigander.
  2. Diaper position could allow a spankee to sort of watch their own spanking.
  3. Welcome! Although I am not in the UK, I do have a very small amount of UK ancestry, linked to Cornwall, though it's only 12.5%. Just going to post the usual: Take your time getting to know people, don't ignore any red flags, use safe words, and meet in a public place first whether or not that goes on to spanking.
  4. I did have trouble attempting to get the attention of someone I was potential interested in having spank me at the first spanking party I attended. Granted, the first time I was ready to ask, she was getting spanked herself. Then she was roving with people she knew. Granted, I was a bit nervous back then. I didn't get spanked at a party until my second or third one, I'm having trouble recalling. I also had a fall through of "plans" made through FetLife at another.
  5. I'd neglected to mention that I've been spanked in a motel twice. The first time, they gave some guests the room next to us. While nothing bad came of it, the other guests obviously changed rooms after hearing my bottom getting warmed.
  6. I have been spanked in a hotel once, my spanker had a suite, and she spanked me in the bedroom, with the door closed. The living room had the TV on.
  7. Out of respect for her privacy, I will not provide her name or her username from when she posted here.
  8. Sadly the one I knew has been retired for years.
  9. Her website makes me want to steer well clear of her.
  10. While the age is different, the general location, and format of the posts seems similar to someone who had multiple accounts.
  11. Depends on the day. Often motivation or stress relief, sometimes a sore ass just for the sake of a sore ass, and of course, punishment.
  12. Though my butt has not experienced it, one of the people I have been spanked by told me about and showed me her paddle made of tire rubber.
  13. I don't know the number, but there is an amount of spankos who weren't spanked as children, who come to spanking because they felt like they missed out by not getting spanked. That may indicate a flaw on psychological thought behind corporal punishment as well, just seeing as how seemingly "common" it appears to be here. Regarding laws, just because something is illegal, doesn't mean it isn't being done. That's all I'm going to say on that one. Younger generations will still find references to spanking somewhere, and it might pique their interest. Granted, they might know the other terms that were used to reference spanking. For example, I remember in middle school a teacher pointing out the line "and the seat of his pants were dusted" to mean the character in the poem got spanked. There's a clothing line called "Spanx", that alone, is probably enough to get people searching.
  14. But ruby, you know most people don't read profiles, at least not thoroughly.
  15. It depends on what works best for you. From my childhood experience, I was usually ordered "pull down your pants!" which explains why I prefer to have the spanker pull down my pants now. Also, it makes me feel more like I'm submitting to the spanking. That said, there were a few times near the end of her spanking life that my long term spanker told me to get to the level of undress I was comfortable with.
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