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  1. Having received a few spankings bent over, hands on wall, as a child, I much prefer OTK. Now, bent over furniture is good for heavier implements.
  2. Sure it hurts more, but it's very effective for a punishment spanking.
  3. While it doesn't appeal to me, there was a time in this site's history, on how its "how to ask to be spanked" link about being spanked by a parent. I have mixed feelings about there. Having been spanked, seemingly a lot, as a child, I would never want my dad to spank me ever again. If mom were still alive, maybe, but still probably not.
  4. I'd say some are, some aren't. For me, I know my kinks are influenced by my childhood, but I can't pin any particular catalyst down. Actually, I've given up on the "why", who cares? I'm this way, and fighting it is worse than accepting it.
  5. As some of you may know, I was spanked as a child. For a while, I merely cooperated, however; as the number of spankings increased, I began to question and attempt to defend myself. Of course, that just lead to a more severe spanking, after I backed down. While I was afraid of the spankings, not my father, it did put cracks in our relationship and I got to the point where I felt he never loved me at all. I believe I was spanked until I as 12 or 13, at which point I asked about grounding as I'd overheard a neighbor being grounded. My parents agreed. Oddly enough, there was a point in high school where I considered spankings again, because while they hurt, they're over fast. That said, I was still afraid of my dad's spankings, and did not ask to be spanked. There were childhood spankings that were unfair either because I was deemed guilty when I wasn't, or for things that at the time I couldn't control. For the rest of them, I realize that I did deserve to be punished. I will say that my kinks are strongly influenced by my childhood, and while that is a good catalyst it isn't the only reason. When I was at a college role playing club meet in the room for the game I wanted to play, one of the other players started randomly hitting my back with a belt. Instead of asking him to stop, I asked him to do it harder. I also remember conversations about spanking when I was part of a theatrical combat troupe, it was about our own experiences, and parental expectations, though I was tempted at one point to say "I know plenty of adults who need to be spanked". However; I kept silent. Part of the urge was feeling my own desire to be spanked again, and I started my adult spanking journey in the early 2000s. Though I didn't get my first adult spanking until I had left the theatrical combat troupe. I do have to say, I am surprised by the people who weren't spanked as children, who come to this kink because they feel they missed out by not being spanked. In my case, being spanked was familiar, and I remember that I until I overheard my neighbor being grounded, I didn't know about any punishments except spanking.
  6. I actually prefer to have the spanker get me to the desired level of undress. Helps me feel more like I'm participating in the spanking. A good in between for me is me taking down my pants, then the spanker taking down my underwear.
  7. I'm still not sure if you mean you retired from your job or retired from spanking. From how I read it, either could apply.
  8. When things seem too outlandish, it's almost certainly fantasy. However; I've also been confused by topics that don't seem to be fantasies. Mostly the wording, calling your disciplinarian "dad" or "mom" can make sense, but if the reader isn't aware you have this dynamic, it again makes us think this might be nonconsensual.
  9. Looking like I won't get my birthday punishment spanking.

  10. Just public enough to be risky, just private enough to be unlikely to be caught.
  11. For the diapers, it's not quite as exciting as it used to be, however; I still enjoy the feeling of wearing and using them. If anything, spanking has gotten stronger, in part because of not getting any spankings for almost a year now. I enjoy giving the spankings too, and when I'm spanked, I often want another spanking the same day, sometimes relatively shortly after the spanking I just got finished. So diapers: somewhat weaker, spanking: somewhat stronger.
  12. I think I have to credit both getting spanked quite a lot as a child, along with various athletic fields to thank for my higher pain tolerance. Which, in a way, sucks, because if I'm getting a punishment spanking, I feel I should cry by the end. Having said that, I know that crying is more based on emotion than pain.
  13. At the moment, I don't have a partner, romantic or spanking. That said, I do sometimes cum when I'm getting spanked or when I'm giving a spanking. Definitely not pleasurable in either case.
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