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  1. Yes, but it's not the spanker who does that. It's finding a time to get the spanking scheduled.
  2. Spanking makes me feel cared for. I like massages a little rougher, I consider a spanking a very rough massage for my butt. The sting in my ass as I'm getting spanked, the lingering pain afterword. Being spanked helps me offload stress.
  3. I have seen a "pro" for 13 years and had no real issues with it. The fact that a Pro would also be a con artist is a bit of a problem.
  4. I used to have reservations, but as my long term spanker retired, and I've had communication problems with another, I'll take what I can get.
  5. I recently had a dream about spanking. Apparently, I was in a co-ed locker room, in the showers. There were plenty of nude women spanking each other and getting spanked. Near the end of the dream, a brunette started laying implements down to my left. I smiled. When she was confused by that, I told her I liked being spanked. That made her smile. And that's where the dream ended.
  6. Still working on getting my first spanking of the year.

  7. Not exactly regression, but during my first adult spanking, part of the scolding mentioned me acting like a 12 year old. Which my spanker then revised to 2 year old, because of the diaper.
  8. Going to give up different things each month to save some money. I will go back to them after the month and then pick something else. Starting with alcohol as of today, so going until March 15 alcohol free.

    1. ukspanko


      I've found cutting out subscription based media services like netflix or spotify etc has helped. I can always treat myself to a months worth if need be but I don't keep things on a rolling payment.

    2. Zhal


      Monthly payments aren't as much of an issue as more frequent costs. I need to make more of my own food too. Pizza in particular gets expensive.

  9. Not sure how I feel about this. Used well, swearing can be appropriate. But if you swear every other word, I can see a a problem.
  10. Too bad there's no edit post. I'm missing a "didn't" in my previous post.
  11. It wasn't aimed at you specifically, and I chose my words the way I did on purpose. Certainly, I meant to insult.
  12. As I'm getting started giving spankings, I've learned over the course of three spankings, that the spanker need to pace their smacks. Both for the benefit of the bottom feeling it without their butt going numb, but also to be able to give a longer spanking. Not too long ago, I added my preferred minimum levels of nudity for when I'm the one being spanked to my profile. While most spankings can simply be bare butt, I feel embarrassment is part of a punishment which is why I prefer to be bare butt, bare penis, for punishment spankings. One of the principles of my martial art is humility, wh
  13. While I know this topic is aimed at females, I'm a male who started as a spankee, and I'm now getting started giving the spankings. That said, I still need to get spanked as well. I respect your wishes to see or not see and be seen by or not be seen by whomever you like, though I definitely disagree with some of the assumptions about men who get spanked.
  14. I had one of my supervisors at a previous job tell me about that. The job was at a boarding kennel and veterinary hospital. Apparently the "heart shape" is from a woman's whipped bottom, reversed.
  15. I've been talking with a couple guys, and had a spanking session set up. Unfortunately, the spanker's roommate stayed home, making the meeting not happen. We've tried to set up another one, but lately I haven't heard from my potential new spanker.
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