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  1. A hard spanking from a Dad is always a good way to teach lessons Sir. Have you given spankings in front of others Sir?

  2. MWM, 50, with children serves as a Dad for a young man who needs to be held accountable for his behavior. sue_and_greg2000 on yahoo.
  3. Surrogate Dad understands that sometimes a trip over your father's knee is needed to learn a good lesson. If you feel that you should be punished by a parent for misbehavior or misconduct, contact Dad.
  4. let's talk on yahoo IM/email, young lady - I think you will find your needs met. sue_and_greg2000
  5. I'm in Richmond area, capable of hosting or traveling.
  6. Married man, 48, with family in central Virginia is seeking to mentor and discipline young men and ladies who need guidance from a father figure. Spankings can be for punishment or maintenance, and are administered in the old-fashioned way -- over the knee, on bare bottom with open hand. Sex is not an issue, as this is strictly parental mentoring and spanking.
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