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  1. StrictinSac

    First post...

    Definitely email me.
  2. StrictinSac


    Noted. I’ve never encountered anyone, adult or otherwise, who considered cute to be a derogatory term. Nonetheless, you do, and therefore, you have my apology for offending you.
  3. StrictinSac


    Snarky too. Touché.
  4. That was incredible, and so much of it resonates in a beautifully nostalgic sense. I too enjoyed getting stories from friends. And I can still remember every detail of every word I was told about their spankings from their parents. The dictionary part too! How weird is it that so many of us began with just looking up the definition of the word.... and thereafter a fascination we didn’t quite understand developed.
  5. Sacramento, able to travel close-by and deliver genuine authentic domestic discipline. a couple videos I did are on spankingtube, made by me and an ex girlfriend. Search my username on that site, same as my username here
  6. Shoot me an email at punishedhard@aol.com
  7. Email me at punishedhard@aol.com and let’s discuss
  8. Send me an email and let’s discuss punishedhard@aol.com
  9. Sacramento area spankings always offered. I am a late thirties male, available and experienced. I come to you and hold you accountable. No sexual interaction please, just genuine discipline. Email me at punishedhard@aol.com

  10. Visit my blog and email me strictinsac.blogspot.com - punishedhard@aol.com
  11. Greetings, I am an experienced male spanker in search of ladies who are in need of a proper domestic discipline (non-sexual) punishment. Punishments consist of over the knee hand spankings, wooden spoon, hairbrush, belt, and other domestic objects - like parental spankings when you were a child. If interested, message me on here for more information.
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