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  1. I know you say Cardale Jones is 3rd string and yes he is, but if you forget he was the number 1 overall QB prospect coming out of high school. He is the idiot that said I came to OSU to play football not play class..... I am a big fan of what Meyers can do to a team, of course as a gator we were sad to see him go. The big 10 as a whole will never be able to stand with the SEC. Yes a couple teams did beat SEC teams in bowl games, but in the SEC it is all about going for a national title anything else is being a looser. The big 10 is happy to get to nice bowls and they really get up for it. In the big 10 after you get past OSU what do you have? The SEC once had 4 teams in the top 5 this year, and all the do is beat each other up all season. I watch a ton of college football and love it, even more than NFL. I think the SEC will be more than fine. The Ducks this year are so good I dont think anyone would take them out, even if Bama did win that game. I am glad to see that FSU went down big. OSU fans you have a great coach he will bring you back to the top, you should see a lot of big 10 titles while he is there.
  2. gator country.....best part of Florida
  3. Still looking, I know there has to be someone out there who is looking or knows someone that needs a job. I had 3 people come in last week from Craigs list and wow were they all bad, so still going to post it in the stranger places and hope
  4. Ok I know this sounds very stupid, and yes I know this might be the last place I find a person, but I have put an add everywhere else so why not here. I have posted to facebook friends, craigslist, local paper sites and still no luck so I will post here and see how this goes. I am looking for an office person, the job is near Pittsburgh Pa and has nothing to do with spanking. The job is 30-40 per week, no weekends no nights. I know that so many people are out of work, and yet to find someone who will show up to an interview on time, is not easy, and what ever happened to people showing up dressed nice??? I have had people come in dressed in rippped jeans or shorts that are way to small for them, or just a mess in general. I am not looking for someone to come in dressed in full office atire but show some pride.......ok so drop me a line on here and we can go from there. Thanks
  5. Hello, I am in SW Pa not far from you and travel often the your area, I am sure I could help, SWM 37. You can email here or flgator23@yahoo.com if you like.
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