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  1. Hi there I am a non sexual disciplinarian from Pittsburgh with a lot of experience will to help anyone with accountability or stress. Hope to help CP
  2. Pain wise probably but spanking also involves emotional and mental connection and energy as well as physical... soo short answer...kinda CP
  3. Good for you I'm really glad this went well for both of you The truth is there is no right way to be in a mentor/mentee dynamic. There are plenty of wrong ways for sure, but the key is communication and trial and more communication. As you and your Mentor get to know eachother better, you'll learn what ways are best to discipline for and how long. You'll decide if you need a safe word or if you trust your Mentor enough to know when it's to much or your anguish falls beyond the parameters of safe discipline. You'll learn what implements and positions you both love and hate. You'll learn to trust more and more. I have had mentees in which I decide where and when and how often they need discipline. I have also had mentees where they check in when they want and ask for they discipline they need when they need it because that's the best way for them. This journey is long and exciting and scary and happy and sad and encouraging and disappointing. Navigating all if it take trust, communication, and a want for the best from both of you. I hope this helps CP
  4. Good luck I hope you find what you are looking for:)
  5. The special thing about all mentor-mentee relationships is they are 100% different and unique to those people!! There is no telling how you will get along with a specific person or how long it will take to get along with that person. For me I start out simple I play the question game with the person that I'm getting to know and I asked them questions that range from what's their favorite color to when was the first time they had a spanking thought? And then we just continue to talk until we both feel as though it's time to meet and then we meet in a public place for lunch or coffee or something along those lines and we take it from there. Sometimes that meeting will end in me giving my new mentee an introductory spanking and sometimes it ends with us going our separate ways but planning to meet up again. I hope this helps you and gives you a better understanding of how this world works and that there is no right or wrong way to do this it is just what makes you most comfortable. CP
  6. Discipline for women 18 or older in Pittsburgh or surrounding areas. Will travel up to 4 hours. Caring but firm accountability. Feel free to ask me any questions. Kik mentorthem CP
  7. If you would like you Message me I would love to learn more about your situation.
  8. Absolutely not we're getting into way too political right BS here. This site was created as spanking needs for a reason. Changing its name will do nothing to keep miners away. And the term spanking needs is all inclusive, because we all have spanking needs whether we give them or take them. this site has worked perfectly fine for more than15 years. leave well enough alone. CP
  9. If your classes will continue in the next semester then it's spanking will happen to deter you from doing it again, at least that's what I would do.
  10. Is there a point in discipline if she isn't sorry for what she did? If you don' want to change everyone's time is being wasted. Cp
  11. You can't watch it for free it's really old like early 2000s and you can only get it on the archives of badtushy.com and they don't let you download their films you can only stream them. Cp
  12. There is no general rule against that as long as you have that person's consent written that you can prove so that if it gets contested you don't get in trouble for it. And don't post pictures of anyone's faces regardless except your own if you want to.
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