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  1. When I am spanked and even when I am the spanker I prefer an armless chair. Hands should touch the floor and feet either barely touching or not reaching at all. Should be extended forward enough so your butt is properly elevated and in proper spanking position so that the spanker has access to your entire bottom including the sit spots and upper thighs. To me this just all ties in with what a traditional old fashioned spanking should entail.
  2. As a straight guy I spank both men and women. Just love the spanking scene. Spanking can be non-sexual. I do enjoy seeing a butt turn red under my spanking hand but giving the spankee what he or she wants and needs is my goal.
  3. Too bad you weren't a tad closer.  I live in between Cincinnati and Dayton.


  4. e-mail me at dave_obryan@yahoo.com. Maybe we can get this going.
  5. Yes. I am still in Louisville.
  6. anyone in the southern Indiana area in need of a good over the knee session? I specialize in good old fashioned hand spankings.
  7. over the knee, bare bottom spanking mainly with the hand are the best.
  8. i'm an older guy in Louisville, Ky. very experienced in over the knee mainly hand spankings. Can spank for any reason and to whatever intensity the spankee needs or desires. A good red bottom is the result.
  9. I'm an older guy that loves giving good over the knee hand spankings. Can give a spanking however the spankee desires from light to harsh. Can give for attitude adjustment, motivation, or just the desire to be spanked.
  10. We need to get together. Sounds like we are into the same types of spanking.
  11. I'm an older gentleman in Louisville, Kentucky. I specialize in good old fashioned over the knee hand spankings. I can spank for any reason such as for an attitude adjustment, behavior modification, or just because you desire to be spanked or are curious about it. I can vary the intensity of the spanking to exactly what the spankee wants. Contact me if interested.
  12. I am an older gentleman in Louisville that is very experienced in the art of spanking. I specialize in over the knee hand spankings. Whether you need a spanking for an attitude adjustment, motivation, or just because you desire one I can help. Can spank according to the intensity the spankee wants.
  13. if you're still looking I can help you out. I'm very respectful about needs, limits, etc. Very experienced and can be helpful in fulfilling your fantasies and desires.

  14. hi. I'm an older guy here in Louisville. Been involved is spankings from both sides of the lap with both men and women. We may have a lot in common. Let's chat and maybe proceed to some spanking.

    1. Jparetto


      I am looking for a Spanner here in Louisville. I’m 59, a WM. I’d love to chat and see if we can arrange something. 

  15. I'm in Louisville and very experienced in spanking both girls and boys. Can give a good over the knee spanking which is what you need and desire.r
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