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  1. Hello and welcome Traditional brat! I am seeking the same. I would love to chat more.
  2. Hey and welcome I family in Marietta, Conyers and Augusta. I would love to learn more about you and help with any guidance needed.
  3. It takes a special connection and its not east tbh
  4. WELCOME! I am Sean 29 you should message me.
  5. I am Sean 29 in fort lauderdale, feel free to kik message me at omeir786 or pm me here.
  6. Hello, Sean 29 here I am in the fort lauderdale area if you would like to chat more
  7. Hello I am in south east florida near miami, Sean, 29 and would be happy to discuss further potential of assisting you more.
  8. This very true, there is nothing truly as helpful to a strong man than a woman that can hold him accountable.
  9. Welcome! I am Sean 29 in South Florida, feel free to pm me if you would like to chat more.
  10. Send me a PM here or kik me at omeir786 and we chat more
  11. Welcome MaryJo! im Sean 29 and have extensive experience I’m in the executive leadership of a hospitality investment and development company in South Florida currently. as I’m unable to check this as often I would love to chat more but Kik is much easier from my mobile throughout the day. My ID for kik is omeir786 i look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully assisting you on the right path to the best version of yourself. Sean
  12. Let’s have a chat. Kik message me @omeir786 and let’s see if my experience in mentoring and your goals align. thanks sean
  13. Excellent post thank you ladies ! If anyone is in south Florida do reach out.
  14. Hello Ladies I’m an experienced disciplinarian in south Florida if your ever passing through. I’ve mentored many in the past.
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