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  1. Still exploring around the site...and loving it! :)

    1. DomDaddyDriver


      Continue to have fun

  2. Thanks rosy! I see you're from Buffalo, it's like my second home :) You probably have less snow than us right now :P

  3. Hello! I'm a 24 year old woman from upstate New York, new to the spanking scene. I consider myself a "spankee" and have been interested in spanking since I was little. Hope to learn some new things and get to know some people. Cheers!
  4. Hi guys and ladies, I'm a 24 year old woman who has always been fascinated with spanking. Lately, I really feel that I need to be spanked. I've never had it done, my parents never spanked me, but they probably really should have because I act out a lot, I misbehave, and I'm undisciplined. I'd really love for a man or woman to take me over his/her knee, pull down my pants and give me the spanking that I know I really deserve. Nothing scary like with whips or paddles, but hands and rulers are good. Hairbrush is debatable..I've never been spanked before so I don't exactly know what my pain threshold is for that. Ideally, the spanker would be like a stern parent punishing their naughty child, and scold me while he/she is spanking me, etc. I've been pretty naughty lately, so I'm feeling kind of bad about myself. Thanks! Help if you can....
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