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  1. Nice looking paddles in the avatar...someone should try one out on my backside!

  2. This is just a silly post that I've given thought to. What will become of my spanking implements once I enter the after life? lol (please no jokes of 'fire wood' when refering to my paddles) haha But serioulsy though, I wonder if anyone leaves them in a legal will for someone to inherit? Or do you have a kink friend designated to remove the implements from your house before family discovers them? lol Probably the WORSE case, would to be killed in a car accident enroute to or coming home from a session/party. Knowing my luck , the car would be totaled and implements scattered ALL over the road or freeway....lol I picture a local news helicopter flying above a wreckage of wood and leather. The EMS team would say "Look at THESE! Nevermind the oxygen this man is a spanko!"
  3. 11 more days til the Motor City Moonshiners spanking party....

  4. No, SWG, he should not spank em good!!! though he is a switch so you could spank him good!!!!!!

  5. hey thanks MH! bout time I join here eh? lol

  6. Hey everyone! I am new to the site, although I know a few spanko friends already on here. Decided it was time to sign up and meet new spankos. I'm 38, from Michigan and a spanker since 2003. (when I joined the "scene") I am currently active in a few spanking groups such as Motor City Moonshiners and Crimson Moon. Looking forward to talking to fellow spankos! take care, AA
  7. Hey there! (In my best Bruce Willis voice): Welcome to the party, pal!

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