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  1. If you are still looking for someone, I would be happy to chat with you.
  2. Hello. I'm from the west side of Columbus. I would be glad to chat with you if you're interested.
  3. Welcome to the site, and to Columbus. Glad to have you. I would be more than happy to chat and get to know you a little better.
  4. Hello Olivia. I'm from the Central Ohio area and would be glad to chat with you about this and possibly meeting up. If you're interested, let me know.
  5. Ok, well; is there anybody else out there perhaps? Anyone at all?
  6. Thank you for responding. I tried to send a message but it says that you cannot receive messages at this time. Perhaps your mail is full?
  7. Hello all. I've posted here before but I have come to some conclusions and decided it was time to try again. I am an avid spanko and a switch, but right now, I need discipline. I have a lot of issues that I need help dealing with and I definitely think this would help. Regular discipline would be ideal. I would prefer a woman, but for real discipline, I guess it's really not necessary. If you are a strict disciplinarian in the Central Ohio area that can meet my needs and host, I would be very glad to hear from you.
  8. If you're in the Central Ohio area, I would be glad to give you that needed attention.
  9. I just wanted to mention to you that as a lovely young lady looking for a man, you have your pick of the litter. There's one of you to 20 or 30 of us at least. I would say take your time and find someone that really appeals to you because you could have someone on your doorstep in less than an hour at any given time if you so please. Be safe and have fun.
  10. Too bad indeed. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! And by everyone I mean Cedarshakes.
  11. Hello everyone out there in spanko land. I'm JA, but you can call me Jesse if you prefer. I've met a few of you, but plan to meet the rest. I have always been an avid spanko but have yet to see any of the lifestyle. I'm looking forward to chatting, connecting, and god willing, meeting others with the same interests. I send a particular shout out to any ladies in or around Columbus that would like to chat with a local handsome future friend of yours.
  12. None whatsoever. So far I've discovered my two options at this time are to drive a round trip of 7 hours to Detroit and back for a party now and then or accept a man, which is something I hope not to be desperate enough to ever need. There is no luck for a straight male in this spanko sausage hut.
  13. I'm interested in this topic, but I want to ask if there are any guys that want to share. Don't take me wrong, I'm certainly not sexist, but it's so much easier for the girls. If you scroll down through the meet up section, you will notice that any post with a number of replies is belonging to a girl looking for a guy. Sadly, the spanking scene appears to be a proverbial sausage fest. Is there a way around this?
  14. If that was directed towards me, I really do appreciate the offer, but respectfully decline. I need a lady. I do seem to be getting results though, and I like that.
  15. I'm glad I found this thread because I was on the verge of making the same post. I definitely feel your frustration and desperation. After reading the responses, I realized all of my complaints have been pretty well covered. It does truly sting when the answer is just be patient, but none the less, patience is the answer. I hope you can feel at ease the way I did moments ago to discover you're not the only one.
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