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  1. why are all the genuine lady spankers out west???

  2. why are all the genuine lady spankers out west???

  3. I really like this comment. Thank you so much for sharing.
  4. For me, cheating starts when the secrets start. If you cannot tell your partner what you are up to and how you are feeling about it, you might be headed for trouble. At the same time, if you can be honest and open with your partner and your behaviors are not causing stress on your relationship, the sky can be the limit. Just my opinion....
  5. I am trying to get a visual on the mousetrap thing, but my imagination isn't cooperating.
  6. Love the idea of the plastic rod off the mini blinds! So obvious yet so discrete
  7. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area....what a wonderful place for a spanking. There is nothing like being spanked while you feel the warm sun beat down on you.
  8. Definitely....most definitely...NOT a freak. The experience you described is well understood my many of us. That long enduring cleansing humbling experience is something I crave.
  9. The thought of being "punished" does way more for my psyche than the thought of being "disciplined" does. Being "punished" sounds more fearful...and more exciting.
  10. Hi Thanks for your post. My desire to be spanked has increased along with my experience. For me it started out, much like you, as something I wanted and desired. I didn't know how I would feel after actually receiving a spanking. Well, I loved it. Instantly, I wanted more. I love the pain and the emotional feelings associated with receiving a spanking. I'm not really interested in true disciplinarian type spankings; role playing is fine. I want spankings as a way to be stimulated and as an escape from my present mental state. I have never been able to convince anybody to spank me
  11. I am sure I cannot be the only person up here in Northern Arizona - Page - Lake Powell that wants to be spanked! I would like to meet some people who want to provide a good spanking. I love to be spanked. While I enjoy being submissive, I do not require it. I would like to be spanked by older men but am open to experimenting with men or women of various ages. I don't mind first time spankers or those who are interested in experimentation. I am very good at delivering spankings as well so I am more than happy to reciprocate...or not (as desired). I am just really frustrated being up h
  12. http://allthingsspanking.com/real-life-groups/ Cost is $ 130 for the weekend. This is all I know....I have sent an email to the domestic discipline.com store for more info but have not heard back yet. It seems like it would be fun. I am hesitant at the same time. I would love to go with a group of people.
  13. I was just wondering if anybody out there is planning to attend this event. I am thinking it would be a fun expereince, but would really like an opportunity to discuss this with others who have attended this or similar parties in the past. Is anyone out there planning to attend this in February? The Arizona All State Spanking Party is on Friday, February 04, 2011 06:30 PM - Sunday, February 06, 2011 12:00 AM at the Embassy Suites in Phoenix, Arizona.
  14. While there are differences between being gay and enjoying / craving spanking, they are actually very similar in my mind. The feelings of shame, doubt, fear of judgment, and uncertainty are all the same. In both situations there is invalidation by others who do not possess or understand the feelings and desires. Anytime a human being fears repercussions from others in society surrounding innate aspects of their being, they, and others with similar aspects, are being oppressed. This is true for people of varying sexual orientations, ethnicities, and religious preferences. People may e
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