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  1. why are all the genuine lady spankers out west???

  2. why are all the genuine lady spankers out west???

  3. I really like this comment. Thank you so much for sharing.
  4. For me, cheating starts when the secrets start. If you cannot tell your partner what you are up to and how you are feeling about it, you might be headed for trouble. At the same time, if you can be honest and open with your partner and your behaviors are not causing stress on your relationship, the sky can be the limit. Just my opinion....
  5. I am trying to get a visual on the mousetrap thing, but my imagination isn't cooperating.
  6. Love the idea of the plastic rod off the mini blinds! So obvious yet so discrete
  7. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area....what a wonderful place for a spanking. There is nothing like being spanked while you feel the warm sun beat down on you.
  8. Definitely....most definitely...NOT a freak. The experience you described is well understood my many of us. That long enduring cleansing humbling experience is something I crave.
  9. The thought of being "punished" does way more for my psyche than the thought of being "disciplined" does. Being "punished" sounds more fearful...and more exciting.
  10. Hi Thanks for your post. My desire to be spanked has increased along with my experience. For me it started out, much like you, as something I wanted and desired. I didn't know how I would feel after actually receiving a spanking. Well, I loved it. Instantly, I wanted more. I love the pain and the emotional feelings associated with receiving a spanking. I'm not really interested in true disciplinarian type spankings; role playing is fine. I want spankings as a way to be stimulated and as an escape from my present mental state. I have never been able to convince anybody to spank me as hard as I want to be spanked. To this day, I wonder, if I am ever finally spanked "long enough" and "hard enough", will the desire be satiated? To be honest, I seriously doubt it. I enjoy being spanked. I enjoy thinking about spanking. Spanking is a part of me that I really like. Sometimes it becomes difficult for me because I seriously want more action; I find it consumes my thought process. I would love to have a roommate or a neighbor that spanks me. I would love to be spanked daily…at least once per day. It seems like at some point I could be satisfied...maybe
  11. While there are differences between being gay and enjoying / craving spanking, they are actually very similar in my mind. The feelings of shame, doubt, fear of judgment, and uncertainty are all the same. In both situations there is invalidation by others who do not possess or understand the feelings and desires. Anytime a human being fears repercussions from others in society surrounding innate aspects of their being, they, and others with similar aspects, are being oppressed. This is true for people of varying sexual orientations, ethnicities, and religious preferences. People may experience feelings in varying degrees, but regardless of the intensity, the feelings are still valid. The feelings I have about my spanking needs may be similar to the feelings of another, but the intensity with which we each feel these similar feelings will be different. Our varying cultural backgrounds, family and personal life experiences, and maturity will have a major impact on the intensity of our feelings. I do not want to see anybody’s feelings or fears minimalized based on anybody else’s scale of what is worse than something else. I don’t care of a person is gay, into spanking, or just likes to eat dessert first….if we as a society can do anything to help people feel better about being who God created them to be, we have a responsibility to help. I fear that when we tell people that their particular difference is less “bad” than another’s, we are invalidating their feelings about their personal differences.
  12. I like you. A lot! I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. Amen! I hope this topic stays alive and easy for people to find. You worded this beautifully. It breaks my heart to know so many people are hurting because of something so very natural. Thank you for taking the time to write this.
  14. Dear Cactus, Wow! I feel for you! I understand your fears. I have been interested in spanking for my (almost) entire life...at least since I can remember. I have felt so much shame and embarrassment as a result of my feelings about spanking. I have explored the possibility that something is wrong with me. I now know there is absolutely nothing wrong me. I am a beautiful person whom God has created and loves. God has a plan for me and He knew exactly what He was doing when he created me, exactly as I am. I don't believe desires for spankings are any more of an addiction than each person’s desire for sex, nurturing, food or shelter is. It is a part of us; and innate need. My desire to be spanked has grown over time. It went from being fantasy, to being real. And I love what being spanked does for me. I also love to eat, sing, watch movies, hang out with friends, and lots of other things. It is very difficult to turn something "off" when it is important to you. It becomes even more difficult when you have people telling you it's not okay to “want to be spanked”. Ever walk by a house with a beautiful lawn...then you see a sign that says "Keep off the grass!!"? Well, most likely you never even considered walking on this lawn, but now that they have told you not to, you are at least THINKING about it. I know this is different, but human nature tends to lure us toward the forbidden....look at poor Eve! :-) I know from personal experience that having differing sexual desires (or perhaps even non sexual in the case of spankings) can lead to relationship stress. Communication is the only thing that can get you guys through. It will be hard. I wish I could tell you there was an easy way out. There isn't. I can also tell you that trying to suppress a personal desire is not the answer either. Honestly is the only way and even that will most likely be very difficult. I have also been afraid that my desires to be dominated will become harmful to me. It is possible to explore your desires and fulfill them without losing yourself. In my case, I am finding myself and I like what I am finding. Use caution and develop trust. Take it slow and keep talking about how you feel. There is always a risk of someone else violating your confidences. I wish I could tell you otherwise...Try to only share with those you really trust as you build your confidence and figure out where you want to go with your desires. Your fears are natural. I have and still experience fear. Try to talk with people who understand and share the same desires. As far as your wife goes, be patient and loving with her. Try to see things from her perspective. Keep being honest with her, but try to tell her how "YOU" feel and what you would like from her. Avoid telling her how she "SHOULD" feel or what she "SHOULD" do. A therapist / counselor is supposed to be nonjudgmental. If you find that your therapist is trying to talk you out of being "who you are", use caution. My heart goes out to you in a serious way! Adventure Sweet
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