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  1. I had an extreme case of pimples growing up and they always used to warn me about the dangers of popping zits. I was even told that if you popped one in a certain area on your face it could be fatal, but I did it any way. Now I know they just make this stuff up to scare us.
  2. I don't really have a gender preference when it comes to just spanking so I guess I'm bi-spankual. My submissive desires were first triggered by two female schoolteachers. One of these was an attractive woman but I was only 7 years old at the time so I'm not sure that had much to do with it (though I do remember she was attractive - go figure). The other was an older woman who wasn't very attractive at all. Along came a male when I was in high school (the principal) and he just triggered the very same feelings. In some ways it was even more intense (because he was very very strict, and paddl
  3. I'm very sorry to hear that. Must have been quite shocking to you. Welcome to the club. P.S. - there is no sadomasochism and no sex here. Just spankos and spankees with pure hearts
  4. Punishment is a harsher sounding word than discipline to me but it's also more personal and intimate. I mean everyone in school was subject to discipline but not everyone got punished.
  5. I've never been married nor had much of a relationship at all for that matter so I can't speak from my own experience to anything but the last part. I did get real disciplinary spankings growing up and it didn't cure me, even though I didn't enjoy them one bit. As a matter of fact, I think the desires eventually came back stronger. This fact has led me to believe it has more to with hardware than software. Something is just not functioning the way it's supposed to. Maybe someday they will be able to do laser surgery and fix it.
  6. I had a session with a Pro-Domme. I spoke a little about it in one of the forums if you want to look up my posts. I'll just say it wasn't exactly what I was looking for but I guess it just depends on what kind of spanking experience you are seeking. It was more of a roleplay kind of thing than a real punishment and I never felt very submissive to her. I tend to think it would always be that way with a pro-domme. If I do the pro thing again it's going to be with someone who is strictly a disciplinarian.
  7. I grew up amongst the neanderthals and I can tell you it would have been really weird for them to teach us in school that it is okay to want to be spanked since they were still spanking us. I mean, it would have been like following "bend over the desk" with "and it's okay if you like this". Seriously though, where do you draw the line about what to teach about what kind of sexual behavior is acceptable and at what age? Who is going to make these decisions? I don't like the idea of this in the captive audience of a government run classroom. Personally, I think I would have been embarrassed if
  8. At least last night. I don't know if anybody else experienced this but I was reading some posts and all of a sudden the links kept saying page not available. I tried coming in through the front door again and spankingneeds.com was directed to a parking site where all defunct sites go to rest in peace or await the resurrection. Naturally I thought the end had come sooner than expected. So I'm surprised to see it back this morning.
  9. The first time I typed in "LibbyAustin spankingneeds" I got a lot more hits than what I showed you, including a direct link to your profile. You won't get the same results every time. I have some understanding of how google works and could try to explain it to you technically but the point is, and what I've been trying to make, is that this website is fully exposed to the search engines. It's not that big a deal if you are discrete but I just wanted everybody to be aware of this fact if they weren't already.
  10. say what? How do you delete a post you didn't intend to make?
  11. Sounds like a plan but I've been on a website that obviously uses the same software as this one (and it's a spanking site in England, BTW) and they don't have this problem.I could be wrong and it would be the first time ever in my whole life if that was true but I think they just need to check some box somewhere and that will take care of it.
  12. Thanks for sharing these precious moments of your life with us. I hope you are enjoying your sore bottom and having wonderful reflections about life.

  13. Not to the extent it is here - your posts, your profile, everything. Everything posted here is COMPLETELY public. It is NOT that way on all websites and that is the point I was making for those who care.
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