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  1. I'm not sure that blistering in itself is a sign of a bad spanker, not stopping when they occur however can be dangerous to your skin. Everyone reacts differently when spanked - I personally get pink and red really quickly but hardly bruise. Because of this I think I have blistered before when it was a more severe spanking. To prevent blisters a warm up does wonders. I know alot of spankers don't like the idea of a warm-up when giving punishment spankings but it's used to start the blood flow and prevent the bun from blistering up when things get more intense. Also lotion on DURING a spanking prevents blisters almost completely. If you are prone to blistering a nice amount of lotion applied prior to a good paddling is a good idea - although be warned, lotion makes it hurt more too!
  2. That made me chuckle! As a spankee I know I have a preference for a mentor who is male. I am actually bisexual and have tried with various partners both male and female but have found for me personally I just respond better to males. When I began searching for a mentor I knew what worked best for me. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a gender preference at all - its what works best for you as a person.
  3. Its way too early to be up but after napping all day I'm wide awake and ready to do something.... but what?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. babygirlie81


      You weren't around for me to glean inspiration. Probably sleeping the whole morning away - lol

    3. unbgirl


      I apologize :( Some horrible person (who will remain nameless) feels it is necessary to give me a bedtime so I was probably in bed at that time. Take up grievances with him ;). How's the head and buttache by the way?

    4. Paulus


      Whatever you do just try to stay out of trouble :)

      and maybe just have some good, clean fun.

  4. Oh this yucky weather and a headache.... a start of a great day I can tell.

    1. unbgirl


      Trade you the headache for a buttache!

    2. babygirlie81


      Right about now I have both but yours is likely worse!

  5. Ahhh the calm after the storm... Well I did get a new camera so no complaints from me. Now to take some fun pictures!

  6. I've seen clips and things of spankings on the beach. It would definitely be something different to be displayed for all to see!
  7. Who's idea was it to move family Christmas to the 12th? No time to procrastinate!

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    2. unbgirl


      Sounds unfair to me :(

    3. babygirlie81


      unb can take my half - Christmas is a time for giving after all... lol

    4. DarkSteven


      I'm Jewish. Hanukkah started December 1. So quit your whining, Christian!

  8. Well you see I agree that these are two very different things. Obviously my example is an extreme - most fetishes (for the sake of argument spanking is a fetish) are deeply ingrained into the psyche. I am no psychologist and couldn't say whether they are a result of something from experience of if some people are born with tendancies but in the end the result is the same. But how do we expect to tell them that their own thoughts on something fetish related are normal without giving them an example of what we are talking about. I mean if little Johnny has constant thoughts of cutting - not for the purposes of harming another individual but within consenting adults - if he were told that there are some things that are ok to feel as long as it's with people who agree to it he would like think his own thoughts are too extreme I grew up in a house that spanked and I can tell you my interests started pretty young. I don't ever remember in my house thinking that sexual things were dirty or wrong. My parents loved each other and never fought very much. But I remember thinking there was something wrong with me. And if the schools had brought it up in a nice way even I can pretty much guarantee the kids would joke and laugh and recess. Peers are cruel and it would likely be more damaging to the overall idea. I think again though that if kids are taught that EVERYONE deserves respect. Not just adults or teachers but every single person that we wouldn't be so quick to judge other people. If curriculum focused on trying to show kids it's ok to stand up for what you believe in. It's ok to do something different. Being unique isn't a curse but a blessing... thats when fetishes are just another thing that makes you who you are. I mean the reason most have such a hard time coming clean about any secret is that they don't want to be judged or viewed badly. What if that wasn't on the table anymore because kids are taught to be themselves no matter who that might be....
  9. Feeling frustrated with festivities and wishing I was better at saying no!

    1. PET5


      I enjoy saying no. Particularly to festivities.

    2. BigGirlSpanker


      Saying 'no' is a problem I can relate to... um, did a Top just say that? lol

    3. babygirlie81


      Oh the truth is out.... I'm telling - lol

  10. Very tricky indeed. I see what you mean by your desires being seen as wrong and bad and I do think in some circles there have likely been a life or two lost due to there inclinations in the BDSM arena. As for sex education classes I think to be honest that the schools do teach the fundamentals that kids need to learn. I remember learning about anatomy at about 7 or 8 and then continuing to learn right through to high school when they talked about protection, pregnancy, and STD's. It was never the bulk of the curriculum and I know perfectly well how to read and write most of the time - I think....lol. Having said that I agree that we can't really include a list of fetishes to learn and feel ok about. I think that there is nothing wrong with spanking but then you have a whole list of things some people are into and others feel objection to. Where does one draw the line on what is a normal desire? Some would say discipline through spanking is wrong, others might view beastiality, furries, needles, knives as all very normal. And between CONSENTING adults I think that ones desires in fantasy are ok - but are we really going to sit little Johnny down and tell him that some people are just into knives and it's ok? Maybe not so much...... Again I think it all comes back to teaching respect. I went to school and remember that the theme was respecting each other. Sometimes kids got into fights or teased each other - it happens in every school. But we just have to keep drilling into kids that respect and integrity are much more important than laughs and popularity. I think acceptance of anything that one finds shameful amoung there peers goes a long way in a variety of situations. Whether a child be overweight or have a disability, be into spanking or be homosexual - the overall theme is the same. They are a person and they deserve to be respected!
  11. I have created a yahoo group to help Canadians connect for LTR based spankings. This is a great forum and I don't intend to take anything from it but it can be tricky for spanko Canadians to connect with each other. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/canadiandomesticdiscipline/
  12. Hi,Its nice to see another good looking lady on this site.Wish you were in Ohio.

  13. Female Canadian spankee new to the forum. Hoping to find some discipline and motivation. Will be posting in the Meet-up ection shortly but thought I should post a hello first.
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