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  1. Welcome to SN and best of luck! If I may be of service pm me!
  2. Hope you find somebody!
  3. Glad it worked out well. Not into male to male spanking myself, but glad it's working for others.
  4. Welcome and may you find what you seek.
  5. I've heard of that Houston party. Hope you can make it and find what you seek!
  6. Sounds a little like a switch, and greetings! Hope you find what you seek.
  7. Shine on, shine on spanking moon Up in the sky I ain't had no spanking since january, February, June or July!
  8. Hope you're now enjoying what you were looking for!
  9. Headed out to the Lone Star state for a business event this week!
  10. It was cloudy here that day!
  11. toledotop


    Wow, glad you survived!
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