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  1. Loved your introduction so much, I just had to comment. Very nice to see someone focus on all the other things that make you who you are - even if you become active in a spanking lifestyle, most of life does not occur over the knee. It's important to have something to talk about when spanking is the furthest thing from your mind. BTW, while I would have suspected "glow-in-the-dark" to be a color (it's not really green, not really white - what the heck is it?), "rainbow" is a new one to me. Guess I learned something today. Welcome aboard; I look forward to seeing you around.
  2. You've got something that works now - and it's connecting for both of us. How 'bout a little more info for the people? Unfortunately, we've been long-distance long-term (a situation that hopefully will soon be coming to an end). This means that while we would prefer to deal with these issues right away, it just isn't possible in cases when a spanking is called for - which gives more time for dwelling on issues and feeling like it's unresolved. Discipline spankings shouldn't come easy, for either side - that's part of what makes them effective - but I suspect they will get easier once the l
  3. Since we are long-distance for the present, we have to find alternatives (and self-spanking isn't it - sundaze is a much harsher with herself than I am with her, so self-spanking is a rarely used last option; when we're together, it's about option 3, following hugs - especially for general attitude or stress - and talking/warning). Corner time is usually the most effective. Sunny hates it, but unless the reason is something beyond me being a butthead (a normal reason, for sure), there is a method to my madness. When we've had to resort to it, it's usually involving her getting a little over
  4. "Involved with" is an interesting way to phrase the question. When I think of an implement I'm "involved" with, I think of the belt: it's an implement I enjoy using as much as she enjoys receiving when times are good, and an implement that effectively gets a point across when times aren't so good. Plus, I wear it around my waist, so I kind of enjoy the secret knowledge that only two of us know just where that belt has been, and what it's been up to. I've purchased several hairbrushes to be used primarily for spanking purposes, but sundaze seems to enjoy converting them to vanilla purposes;
  5. Wow, 2B - I'd suspect you HAVE put together a mix CD from that list. I don't know the Toby Keith song, but it made me think I'd put Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation (A Little More Action)" on; solid, quicker beat, but a little uneven, could keep someone guessing if you were trying to spank in time to it. Let's keep the innuendos coming!
  6. Spanking involves a LOT of grey area. To some extent, spanking is seen as a more mainstream deviation, and sundaze and I usually think of ourselves as "French vanilla" rather than really kinky (or maybe vanilla with a chocolate swirl). I think things like "love pats" are completely acceptable, and anyone who has seen us together couldn't help but notice that she is frequently swatted for little or no provocation. (Funny and true story - the first time I met her mother, I nervously swatted sunny several times; as we were about to leave, her mother commented to her that sunny "better be caref
  7. Excellent one! Though I I've always liked Ellington's version (I think somewhere in my collection I have a great recording of Louis Armstrong singing it with the Ellington Orchestra). Thought of another one, that might need a little explanation: "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing," Jack Johnson As in: "Sitting (in the corner), Waiting (to get out of the corner/to get the stupid spanking over with), Wishing (that I was out of the corner/that the stupid spanking was over/that my stupid spanker would just let me off the hook this ONE time!)"
  8. I've been loosely following this thread, and came across something last night that expressed my feeling on space exploration, from techno pioneer Juan Atkins: "The government always tries to cover up the fact that there could be other life in the galaxy. To me, the system is bent on keeping people in despair, hopeless, not wanting to achieve anything, so if you keep your head up high maybe you'll start realizing things that you never thought possible, and seeing a UFO is probably the ultimate impossibility." Funding the space program is about funding dreams, pursuit of knowledge both for it
  9. Memorial Day weekend is upon us, which means the advent of summer, and the beginning of summer travels. Since I never know what I'm going to find on the radio, road trips mean CDs, and nothing beats a good mix CD. Here's the challenge for you, though - put together a song list that is actually completely vanilla, but that will get our spanko hearts a-fluttering (or your spanked bottoms a-twitching, as the case may be). In other words, Madonna's "Hanky Panky" can't make the list, but the play list should raise an eyebrow for the suspicious. I'll start things off with a couple favorites: "P
  10. In the parlance of our scene, I am the top in our relationship, and sundaze is the bottom. Yet when we share a pair of men's pajamas, she wears the top, and I wear the bottoms. (I suppose, rather than seeing it as ironic, it could be simply another yin-yang in our relationship - individually, our role (top/bottom) complements our clothing (bottom/top). Each of us is complete.)
  11. First, to answer the topic within the topic - I'm more of a ho before bro's guy. Possibly because when I was young, I didn't get the ho's - I actually was the 98 lb. weakling - so now I tend to value my relationships with women. Still, while I think that my S.O. should be my priority, I also expect her to understand that occasionally I need to go out with the guys, drink, cuss and play some rock 'n' roll; I fully expect that she will occasionally need to go out with the girls, have a few fruity drinks with umbrellas, and talk about shoes (or whatever it is that women talk about, including he
  12. (With a topic heading like that, this post is bound to attract all of about three readers . . .) One of my all-time favorite books (like, definitely top 5) is Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince. It goes beyond standard children's literature - sure, the best children's books teach life lessons that most adults would do well to remember - but The Little Prince is a book that may seem a fantastic, imaginative tale for children, but the true benefits are more to adults who may have lost their way. It's a book I didn't read until I was in college, and it's one I come back to every coup
  13. Odysseus


    Shhhhhh! I'm trying to hide my secret dork-gamer past from sunny - afraid it might affect her ability to respect me as a spanker! (At least until she rolls 20 with some kind of "brat" multiplier while taking a spanking with a wooden ruler - she will THEN forever respect the power of the level 69 SpankMaster!)
  14. Odysseus


    When sundaze last came to me, I surprised her with a little game I'd come up with. Quite simple, actually, just a low-tech "random spanking generator" that gave us two days worth of "just because" spankings. There were two bowls - (1) clothing and (2) implement - with slips of paper split up approximately as follows: Clothing: 20% over clothes 30% over panties 50% bare Implements: 10% "wild card" (rubber spatula/wooden spoon/bath brush) 17% belt 23% hairbrush 50% hand All spankings would be OTK, and would last two minutes. In each bowl, there was also a slip labeled "free" (as in,
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