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  1. I have learned that, with one of my girls, the assignment of an essay to be positively dreaded. Even just 3 pages. Michael
  2. It will be sooner. Much sooner. Dad/Michael
  3. I'd just like to thank you for honoring the intent of this post with your insights on self spanking. I'd also like to discourage the posting of simple criticism. While it is something that's difficult for me to grasp. I'm not going to summarily judge it invalid. What I'm looking for is understand. I would ask those who are quick to deem it misguided. Isn't that uncomfortably like the way the vanilla world sees us?
  4. The following is part of my reply to another topic. I'm interested in this because the idea that anyone can spank themselves just doesn't compute for me. My sense was always that not being in control was a fundamental part the experience of being spanked. Though not the most important element, I think the not knowing how hard or how long the spanking will be, has a big effect on the intensity of the experience. Obviously, that uncertainty is lost if the spankee is the spanker. Add to that the act of sheer will required to spank yourself hard enough and long enough to be an effective punishment. It would take not only a lot of determination but a lot of concentration as well. If your using so much of your mental resources to carry out the spanking, how much is left to think of why your being punished? These are things I don't understand but I do know the person I describe in the following paragraph. I have always been baffled by self spanking. The idea that it works at all is hard for me to grasp but, I know it can. I know someone who gets real results from self spanking. She does need someone to assign the spanking first. She can't just decide on her own that she deserves one. It just doesn't work but, if her online mentor imposes it then it seems to have a genuine effect. These are not directed self spanking sessions either. She needs only that someone with authority, in her eyes, tell her to do it. Even if it's just an email. Then she is able to give herself spankings that are, to say the least, effective, and some would call extreme. She frequently cries during these. I also know she genuinely fears them. That is the part that is most incomprehensible to me. How can she fear something she is so much in control of? I don't pretend to have any answers here. I am naturally skeptical in that it doesn't fit comfortably into my psyche but, I have been witness to it. Not just once but, over many months. For her at least, self spanking can deliver the experience of a real punishment spanking. I will say though, she'll also tell you that it is not as effective as getting your spanking from someone else. For the punishments that she feels are most important, she does see someone. Michael
  5. Yes I was. My father was career Air Force. We moved every two or three years. We lived as far north as Marquette Michigan and as far south as Shreveport Louisiana. I noticed that paddling varied by region. Generally, they seemed to paddle less hard and less often in the North. Harder and more often in the South. The middle part of the country was unpredictable. I also noticed the smaller schools paddled harder and more often than larger schools. You should note that I am 49 so we're talking about the late sixties through the seventies. A very different world. It's amazing what some people used to get away with. I had a shop teacher named Mr Chivellier. He would whip you with a two foot steel ruler. It would draw blood. I don't know how he got away with it. I guess just no one ever told. It never occurred to me to tell. Michael
  6. My, you are very secretive. I think you will find it is very safe here. I see you haven't added any friends. Let me be the first. Welcome.

  7. Hey Kara, It was very nice talking with you last night in spite of the bugs. I look very much forward to hearing from you tonight. Welcome to SN by the way. I think you'll like it here. Michael

  8. The worst spankings I ever had were with Hot Wheels Track sections about 1968. I was about 8. Who else had that?
  9. Nevermind the who is this. i'm accessing by cell and it dsplayed the text of the topic only. no other info.
  10. I found her. This post is no longer of any use. Any moderator reading this should feel fre to delete it. Michael
  11. Holy Crap!!!!! You have my sympathies Michael
  12. I think I would like my family to find them. I'm gone so no embarrassment for me and it would add a little bit to their understanding of who I was. I doubt anyone would reject me. They would find it curious; Maybe a bit disturbing for some but, a source of humor for others. It certainly might add to keeping your memory alive. Michael
  13. I think I would like my family to find them. I'm gone so no embarrassment for me and it would add a little bit to their understanding of who I was. I doubt anyone would reject me. They would find it curious; Maybe a bit disturbing for some but, a source of humor for others. It certainly might add to keeping your memory alive. Michael
  14. I'm glad to see you have a few friends now. Your posting style is a bit brusk. I think that your posts are often misunderstood because of that but, I've never seen you be rude. Anyway I'm glad you are my friend.

  15. That's definitely my style. Ya know, that might make a good T-shirt Cowgirl. Michael
  16. I have met one mentee on this site with whom I am in the develop trust stage. This is going slowly, mostly due to the holidays but, We have met for chat half a dozen times. We have both agreed to move forward and assuming we are a good fit, spanking shall commence in the not too distant future. I have also met a potential life partner. We speak by phone daily. The Mike Futures Report ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Life Values Match Quotient................................ 0.9 Spanking Compatibility Rating........................... High Emotional (Feels Good) Rating.......................... 9.5 out of 10____Mutual ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Success Forecast: Expect Possible to More Than Possible with spotty _________________This is Looking Good in the early morning hours. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I should also probably add that I have had 3 solid bites that got off the hook quickly and one that broke the line. All since I joined around Oct. 10 this year. Good luck to all! Michael
  17. I had really begun to think I was the only child in America that got the dreaded Hot Wheels Track. We're talking about the late 1960's vintage. Innocuous as it might seem, this stuff could lite a fire in double quick time. The fact that it doesn't look like it will made it a double threat for a kid back then. To this day my Mom insists that it couldn't really hurt that much. Michael
  18. I'm not any kind of IT expert. I have a little savvy but, I'm little more than a common user of the net. That said, I read this thread and decided to look into our concerns about using our personal email addresses for the Click Here to Email Me feature of our profiles. Specifically, can you trace someone back to SN by googling their email address? I use my personal address for this. I googled my email alone, with other key words like spanking, SN, etc. as well as using logical operators and qualifiers. I could not find any result that associated my personal email address with SN. Nor could I find a result that associated my address with any of the key words. For what it's worth. Michael
  19. It's just Michael, wishing everyone in our friendly little community a Very Merry Christmas. No Santa, not the lump of coal the switches! Michael
  20. To All Just for the record I want to say that I too don't think it is wrong for anyone to have a gender preference. I don't think it's wrong for me to have a preference. What I'm really interested in is the WHY of it. I know in a lot of cases there will simply be no answer. Still I do want to examine the question. There may be answers to some whys. I think I reasoned out part of the why in myself. Certainly not all of it. Just as most of us, I have fantasies about spanking and not a single one is about spanking a guy. I still don't know if I can mentor this kid. My attitudes and feelings about mentors having obligations are personal to me. They apply to me only. I certainly would not foist them on anyone else. I think the only things that MAY be universal obligations are to put the interests of the mentee first, and to do the best job you can. Even these may not apply depending on the nature of the particular relationship. Mentoring (non-spanking) is in my nature. I have mentored a fair number of people over the years. It's rewarding and, at least according to those I've mentored, I'm pretty good at it. Until I found SN, the idea that mentoring; something I like to do: and spanking; something I love to do; could be combined had never occurred to me. Holy Cow Batman! I was instantly captivated. I retired at a pretty young age. 48. So now I have an income but do not work. I have an opportunity to really throw myself into this. I do think, just in general I am obliged to at least do a tiny bit of public service. I think that of all the pairings M/Ms have the toughest time finding a partner. So if it turns out that I can spank men, and that's still an if, then why shouldn't I help the guys out a little. I don't think I would want a lot of guys in the mix. My preference is still the ladies but, one or two, what the hell. I'll do it. Michael
  21. Hi, my name is Michael I am looking to marry or otherwise make a lifetime commitment to the right lady. I am 49, single, never been married. I 6 feet tall and weigh 200 lbs. While I don't claim to be the perfect specimen of fitness, I am not overweight and have reasonably good looks. I am a top and I want spanking to be a part of the relationship as DD. I will do HOH if that is what you want but I would prefer.
  22. I posted a topic called Gender Preference in Mentoring. People are avoiding it like the plague. Have I hit on something that frightens people? Have I gored some sacred cow? What puts people off about this topic? I suppose it could be that no one is interested. Please give me some feedback. Michael
  23. To All: Last night, or the previous night; Sorry I'm not sure which, I made a terrible mistake. I accused Flamingcheeks of being an imposter. I was completely wrong and there is no excuse for my behavior. Following is my apology. It is not sufficient but, it is the best I can do. Flamingcheeks My behavior was wrong. When I found what I thought were oddities in your profile I thought you were the guy that was banned a couple of weeks ago but kept sneaking in under false profiles. I didn't know half of what I thought I did. My actions were ill considered, wrong, and particularly unfair to you. Please accept my apology. I know this does little to make up for what I did. I am ashamed of my behavior and deeply regret having injured you through my own stupidity. Once again. Please accept my apology. It is the very least I can do. Michael
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