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  1. Lol Hackers is actually my favorite movie, with John Wick in close second.
  2. Seeking a maternal figure in Louisville or the surrounding areas to give me the discipline and guidance I need. I've been looking for this for a very long time and have come to realize it's something I really need in my life. Are there any ladies in the area that are interested? Please contact me if you are.
  3. It's a serious implement that has quite the sting, I've had one used on me and it hurts really bad.
  4. Hi and welcome to the community. What part of Kentucky are you from? I live right across the river from Louisville and can help if your close.
  5. Looking to mentor someone younger

  6. josephdscpln

    Mid West

    35 year old switch in Southern Indiana (right across the river from Louisville Ky). I may actually have someone to discipline me when I need it so I am looking for someone to mentor. I am friendly and easy to talk to, strict but fair. If I spank you it will hurt, but it will never be brutal and you will be a better person for it. I like Doctor Who, NCIS, Agents of Shield, and just about anything sci fi or action as long as the story is good (just discovered the new Ash vs the Evil Dead and am very happy about it). Feel free to ask me anything, I'm quite open minded and don't judge. Or if yo
  7. Spanked: Sessions are free, all I ask is that the spankee provide the location. sman_1: Thanks, I try to carry and present myself as a professional, though I don't charge for it.
  8. Mentor in the Jeffersonville/Louisville area looking for a girl that needs direction in her life. I am safe, sane, educated, friendly but strict. Looking for a long term relationship, if interested contact me and I will answer any questions you may have.
  9. Jeffersonville, Indiana/Louisville, Ky spankologist and spanking therapist now taking clients. Stressed out? Feelings of guilt? Need consistent reminders to stay on track? Give me a call. I will come to you, we will talk about what has been bothering you or why you need to be spanked, I will check your vitals and then I will begin the spanking.
  10. Looking for someone in Jeff I can be friends with and get along with but will be strict with me when needed and give me the firm disciplinary, maintenance, and motivational spankings I need. I'm up for going out and doing things, and spending time together, but ultimately if you decide I need to be spanked my discipline will be in your hands.
  11. Looking for someone who is friendly yet will be very strict with me when needed.

  12. Hi, I live close to Louisville and am looking for someone to discipline me on occasion. I also spank if you are interested but. Please feel free to contact me here or at josephdscpln@yahoo.com and we can talk. Thanks, Joe ^_^

  13. I live in Elizabeth town, I could mentor you. Let me know
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