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  1. Well said! There’s too many ways to verify now which rules out the old “I’m too shy” or “let’s get to know each other first.” Many ways to verify without giving any personal information.
  2. Yea I talked to them too. Same thing most times there’s a female account under the age of 25 unfortunately.
  3. Not even spanked for your geometry grades?
  4. There’s lots of fakes everywhere. Always an unusually high number of teenage female profiles who only chat with other teenage females and don’t chat unless it’s on the particular site. Unlike most teenagers they have perfect grammar, never mention any technology from the last 20 years, and have names that no one names their kids anymore. I’ve encountered so many here it’s ridiculous.
  5. I happen to be a cat and can attest that spanking is common in the animal kingdom.
  6. Mary I know we don’t talk a lot but you are beautiful.
  7. Too much reading for me but the title of this topic is fun to think about.
  8. I also met someone named Swope who no longer comes here and a girl from WV years ago who doesn’t come here anymore either. There was a bad experience I had meeting with mybloodburns who shouldn’t have been coming to this site.
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