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  1. Mary I know we don’t talk a lot but you are beautiful.
  2. Too much reading for me but the title of this topic is fun to think about.
  3. I also met someone named Swope who no longer comes here and a girl from WV years ago who doesn’t come here anymore either. There was a bad experience I had meeting with mybloodburns who shouldn’t have been coming to this site.
  4. Oh my bad. In that case still take your time and be careful. Hopefully you find someone you can trust.
  5. Working your way back into the lifestyle? It happened yesterday and you need to give yourself enough time to get comfortable again. Most people in this lifestyle are very comforting and respectful. I’m sorry you had bad luck. Odds are your next experience will be fine but take your time. Meet in public first or at a much if you can. Also go by your first impression. Instincts play an important part in safety. It’s the same reasoning as to why job interviews are decided in the first 30 seconds. Please take your time and be careful!
  6. I’ve met 4 ppl from here but I won’t share their names. Only one of them is on her occasionally.
  7. I try to stick to fruits, vegetables, seafood, chicken, and rice.
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