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  1. I’ve met 4 ppl from here but I won’t share their names. Only one of them is on her occasionally.
  2. I try to stick to fruits, vegetables, seafood, chicken, and rice.
  3. I’m very familiar with Painesville.
  4. St. Nicholas was a 4th century African monk who devoted his life to helping the poor. You never told me that! We’ll have to catch up sometime. I figured your expertise was in Geometry.
  5. My BA is in religion. Jesus lived from Apr.17, 6 BCE until 29 or 30 CE if Luke’s account is accurate. His name comes from Yasha meaning “he saves.”
  6. That’s a pretty specific location. Good luck!
  7. Can you message me?

  8. Fan stories? Those are fun.
  9. How did I miss this? What’s going on?
  10. They flew from England to India for a spanking in 35 minutes? That explains it then.
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