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  1. The MD is a good idea, and I would work on lucid dreaming - which is indeed a real thing, and has been used by people suffering from nightmares/night terrors related to past traumas very effectively.
  2. This one's a hot-button issue, but I would be content if there were, for example, chats for ageplay and or memories discussion. As you say, within bounds.
  3. I don't have much to add to this, other than my general agreement that yes, the site should be able to encompass other perspectives on spanking besides the scope it has narrowed itself to in the past, and that, yeah - this may not be an "adult" site, but it IS an adult site. And we should be able to discuss grown-up stuff in a grown-up manner. And when I say "we should" I mean that "we" should be allowed to AND that "we" should be capable of doing so in a mature way. And can we please stop beating up lurkers? As I write this, I'm lurking in the main and talking to my friend in PM.
  4. AAAAAMEN!!! I sometimes chat in the main room, but my reason for coming here is to chat with certain friends I've made, and that takes place in PM. And if it gets interesting, I'm likely to ignore the main. My vote is to not do ANY of the things suggested (no disrespect to others) - no bot that kicks you out if you're not chatting. No "have to maintain a certain number of posts to have access to chat". We already have another spanking chat site out there with constantly changing access privileges. Any yeah - an enormous way to encourage others to chat would be to reduce the judgmental quality that I feel too often gets brought to this site. Spankos feel weird, embarassed, and ashamed of their interests - that's common. Their not going to be encouraged to join in if someone is going to criticize or fault them for their desires, fantasies, or interests.
  5. Gentle - again, with all due respect, this veers completely off-topic. I'm not saying anyone should be telling anyone to drink. I AM saying that having a rule that leads to someone being booted or banned because they make a statement in the chatroom such as "I'm having a martini - anyone else want one?" Again, with respect - the leap from someone chatting in the chatroom about drinking and someone in physical reality getting someone drunk and then having their way with them is gargantuan, to say the least.
  6. With all due respect, Gentle, I'm with the Poison and the others on this all the way. There's nothing insane, or necessarily unsafe (as long as good judgment is used) about having a drink, and it's legal almost everywhere in the world. Some drugs are too, and even if we were talking about, say cocaine or heroin, there is no place in the Western world that I know of where people can be fined or jailed for TALKING about the use of them. The legal argument just doesn't hold water.
  7. The USE of some drugs is illegal. Discussion of them is not. I can't fathom people being uncomfortable with something which has no reality, but then there are a lot of people out there who seem to take such things far more seriously than I do.
  8. Re: JoKitten's comment - I actually would support a ban on political discussion, at least in the main room - not due to censorship but because these days it almost immediately escalates into total war.
  9. Alright gang, being as the site is under new management, I have broached some subjects with Child of Light. She suggested I post this one here. So here we go. For what possible reason is there a prohibition against making a reference to drugs or alcohol in the chatroom? I myself got booted for 30 minutes awhile back, for the crime of saying I was having a drink and offering same to some others. That's right gang - I typed into a chatroom that I was offering people an alcoholic drink. Do I really have to point out that a "virtual" drink is not the same as an actual one? That writing about drinking alcohol is not the same as drinking alcohol? I've never heard of anyone being put in the tank for saying online that they were drunk. In case the argument is that such discussion might offend someone's sensibilities, allow me to point out that there is NO prohibition against discussing politics, and I have seen the chat explode into a firestorm because someone said something pro- or anti- Trump, Clinton, Obama, etc. A prohibition against political discussion would frankly make sense to me. A prohibition against saying "I'm having a martini - anyone else want one?" does not. Child of Light has said that she's checking with a lawyer on the legalities around this, when people under 21 might be in the chat room. I for one am not aware and can't imagine that there's laws against talking about alcohol in front of minors, anywhere, or against supplying virtual alcohol to virtual (or actual) minors. Of course I suppose I could be wrong. Unless one belongs to a particular religion, which prohibits use of alcohol, I can't see this as a moral issue, either. And even if we accept that argument, do I need to point out this is, after all, a fetish/kink-related site? And that the Jerry Falwells of the would consider this entire site horrendously immoral? In the end, this is Child's site, and her choice. But she wants to open the discussion up, so let's have it. I say it's a silly rule that should go. Let's hear what others have to say.
  10. Interesting posts.  Welcome aboard.


  11. I'm really sorry we've been missing each other!  I hope we can meet up again soon!

  12. Is someone seriously suggesting that it should be forbidden in private discussions, outside the main room, to which only the two people PMing are witness? Do the mods even care to police every private conversation?
  13. One of my earliest spanko memories centers around a book of folk tales from Mexico I received as a gift. The book was called "The Hungry Moon". One of the stories was about a boy named Antonino, who is sent by his mother to buy a jug of red wine. On the way home, he decides to balance the jug on his head. It falls and breaks. His mother tells him she's going to spank him, and the text runs: "- and so she did. And it was quite a hard spanking. And aftewards, Antonino felt quite sorry for himself, especially the part of him that got spanked." Boy did that resonate, and still does. I still have the book, too.
  14. Got that you are a newbie: have you heard of the San Francisco spanking party that happens on the second Sunday of each month?

    There is a web site for this event; anyways, if you were to go there, then I could meet you.

    Otherwise, I do live in Davis, east of you, and I could host you, if you are interested.

    Just realized: not sure if you are into male-to-male spanking? Still, would love to interact sometime.

    Hope this finds you good, young man. Ciao.

  15. I absolutely love it, and have done many online role-plays. Feel free to drop me a line. Droo
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