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  1. Even if he has turned into a bitter old curmudgeon...
  2. This is one of my favorite songs off of this, one of my favorite albums!
  3. Oh yes, I remember it. It aired in the days before VCRs were common in homes. Good thing we didn't have one - I'd have doubtless worn it out re-watching this.
  4. Got my first shot last week. # 2 scheduled for 5/18. Sadly it was not given in the butt
  5. If someone is going to reject you as spanker or spankee because of age difference, the solution is simple: Shine them off and go find someone more open-minded. End of story.
  6. We do. There are site rules re: what is and is not appropriate, and we endeavor to keep our actions in line with those rules.
  7. Gator - check the site rules please. It is very specifically spelled out: Discussion of minors + spanking is NOT prohibited What IS prohibited is: Discussion debate about corporal punishment as a parenting tool Anything sexual in connection with a minor Fictional accounts or memories ARE allowed
  8. In no part of this thread have I seen anyone "seeking feedback". Fictional stories or memories are permitted within the site guidelines.
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