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  1. Thanks for the thanks. Please note we are rewriting for clarity, NOT changing (other than the labeling). The rules on this subject will remain in place.
  2. Because ageplay is a major part of spanking kink for many (many, many) spankos. We are working on a rules rewrite to provide clarity as to what is and isn't allowed.
  3. We are moving forward on this. I too have met people who couldn't differentiate between fantasy and reality. Of course I've also met Emma Watson several times on an IRC spanking channel. (surely no one would suggest it wasn't really her?)
  4. Fantasies take many, many different forms. Sometimes even in ways that weird out the person with the fantasy. Incestuous-type themes are not uncommon. Rape themes are VERY common. This does not necessarily mean that the people who hold these fantasies want to make them a "true" reality - though some may "play" them as a reality, i.e. acting them out with consensual partner playing a role. Lots and lots of people like the "Die Hard" movies. That doesn't mean they really want to run around shooting everything in sight. I suggest you check out the books "My Secret Garden" and "Forbidden Flowers" by Nancy Friday which might help understanding. Again I have to point out that I grew up thinking there must be something very wrong with me mentally because I fantasized all the time about being spanked. I imagine most of us here had similar experience.
  5. I've heard that elsewhere, and I sorry that there are clueless people out there, but you will find it any spanking social site that I've ever been on - and I've been on all of them, or at least all the ones I know. There are always dopes out there who don't recognize boundaries. If you report people, we will speak to them about it. And obviously you should block them. I get such messages too (not here, but on some other sites). If I'm feeling polite, I will let them know I'm not interested. If I'm not, they go straight to block/ignore/whatever the equivalent is.
  6. For some people when it comes to ageplay, anything under the age of consent is a very hard limit. For others, its certain ages. For me, I have no interest in infantilism. But I don't disdain it, or hold people in contempt if they like it. As you say, not for me. CoL has agreed to some kind of tagging or labelling of posts (as Bramblewine has suggested) such as the above, so it is clear it refers to fantasy/play etc. But people are still going to have to get it through that just because something is a hard limit for them, that does not necessarily mean it is prohibited by the site's rules. Your Kink Is Not My Kink, as we used to say in the usenet days.
  7. I think you may have made an error in your own wording here, but a fantasy or role play scenario, be it adult or ageplay, is NOT a way big no-no. These things are clearly spelled out in the rules. If he had posted something about a desire to spank someone who was underage, it would have been definitely a violation and the post would have been removed.
  8. As Topspanker said: I think what the Original Poster was referring to is a Male/Male version of DDLG/DDMG/DDBG. Definitely should have considered some different wording, (shit happens) but it is there. Someone would have to be a complete idiot to tell the entire spanko community that they spank underage minors, I don't believe that was the posters intent. However, clearly, even if this was labelled "fantasy" or "role-play" or "consensual", in big flashing neon letters, the same objections would be raised.
  9. It is not a requirement. I have suggested to the other staff that we should add it. I think it's a good idea.
  10. If it is required, then it is a site rule. If they don't comply, posts can be taken down, etc.
  11. I think it is a reasonable request that people state that they are describing fiction, fantasy, or roleplay.
  12. Emphasis mine: I am a father who raised 2 ADULT sons on otk spankings! I would like to talk to other fathers who spank ADULT sons and sons who have been spanked by their fathers AS ADULTS. Without a doubt it is, but even if not, any adult who did not care to be in such a relationship could simply leave unless they're a ward or something. I repeat: I am a father who raised 2 ADULT sons on otk spankings! I would like to talk to other fathers who spank ADULT sons and sons who have been spanked by their fathers AS ADULTS. Sorry, but he's making it quite clear he's not talking about children (it couldn't be clearer), and this is not a violation of SN's guidelines. Need I remind folks that there are plenty who would judge an interest in or practice of consensual spanking is "disgusting"?
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