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  1. The point is clear, as the author says: "they're often interpreted fairly literally." Many don't seem to understand that a fantasy may not represent something the fantasizer approves of in real life, or wishes to experience, or perform, in real life. Yet even here in kink-world, people are criticized or condemned for their preferred fantasies. I consider that very wrong. Even more wrong, people condemn themselves for having them.
  2. Perfect comment from author Tracy Clark-Flory: "Our culture is totally ignorant around the realm of sexual fantasy. There's this real lack of appreciation and understanding of what sexual fantasies mean, what they don't mean, how they serve us. I think that they're often interpreted fairly literally. There's a real failure to appreciate the world of sexual fantasy is a magical place of pretend and illusion that can address some of our deepest fears and dreams." Exactly!
  3. After: the Spanics got their 15 minutes of fame by appearing on SNL as a last-minute replacement when Sinead O'Connor walked off. I got turned on to them by a friend/musician who was heavily into all things rockabilly related. All their albums were good to great - they made 8 altogether, the last in 2007. You can pick them up pretty inexpensively on Ebay and discogs and such. Unfortunately, Tom Spanic passed away a few years back and I guess Ian decided to drop out of music, at least publicly. Too bad. They should've been superstars.
  4. I still don't seem to be able to embed videos here for some reason, but... or am I?
  5. But I will hold on to this hopeThat life is not some gruesome jokeThat love is not some wretched lie (T-Bone Burnett)
  6. It was done to me and I thought it was quite unusual. But actually I've come to think it was the norm.
  7. It happens. I generally assume someone who doesn't respond or stops responding was not going to be a friend anyway.
  8. Being "alpha" means being a leader. It also means having confidence and integrity. Somehow, sneaking back into a site you've been banned from previously using a different nick does not strike me as the act of someone with integrity. Much less confidence and leadership. If he really wanted a second chance, he could have contacted CoL and said "I screwed up. Sorry. Could we give it another try?" And yeah - absolutely agree. Terms like "alpha" etc are only meaningful if others apply them to you.
  9. Okay - several things to cover here: First - yes, HerrBlacktooth is Drave and we've known it since a couple days after he rejoined. I think sneaking back onto the site after already being banned once is enough reason to boot someone. However, at least for awhile, his posts were not hostile (even if they were arrogant, pompous, and tiresome). Since he seemed to be trying to play nice, we decided to give him a second chance. Perhaps that was a mistake - and so, I apologize. He has reverted to his usual mode, as we feared. So he has been banned again. He won't be given such ro
  10. I think the gist of it is to use words with care and not to tar an entire group with the same brush. And try to stay away from double standards. Thus I would argue that rioting is wrong, no matters who's doing it or why.
  11. HerrBlacktooth aka Drave - please do not presume to tell other members what this site is, or isn't. If you feel that a post is in violation of the site rules, report it and allow us to deal with it. Please be aware that we may not agree that it's a violation.
  12. And I myself have shut down personal attacks in the main chatroom. And will continue to do so.
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