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  1. There are probably people who would claim to be able to do so. I think its an interesting question, but I would not take any information on such as gospel.
  2. Run into the streets, screaming hysterically.
  3. Correct. We don't discuss the pros and cons of parenting styles here. I'm locking the thread. Those wishing to resurrect the literally ancient debate as to how kids today are horrible and they weren't when when he hit them more can take it up at more appropriate forums.
  4. To what spanknutt said, plus .... maybe we've gotten a little smarter since the "good ol' days?"
  5. While I too firmly believe " that whatever somebody wants to do with their body (provided they're not hurting anyone else) they are absolutely entitled to " - the point of masks, social distancing, etc is not simply to protect yourself from getting COVID but to protect others from you spreading it. I can't wait for this to end and get back to some level of normalcy. But for now, that is why I wear the mask and practice social distancing - to protect others.
  6. Yeah, for me bottom-love has a lot to do with it, and I enjoy rectal temps, shots in the butt, enemas (as a fantasy only), and also simply being made to expose the bottom. There's obviously a lot of "overlap" (sorry) among spanking and these other kinks. In some ways it goes back to when I was a kid - it was pretty much a given that if your bottom was bare, something unpleasant (though possibly titillating) was going to happen to it.
  7. I don't think you can "convert" someone to a hard-wired fetish. But you can (depending on the person) get them to understand and accept your needs. They may or may not be able to participate in them.
  8. I love the wistful feel of it, even in the body language of the ponies, and the autumnal color scheme, culminating in the ever-so-Bradbury-esque final panel - great work with the reflections in the water and everything!
  9. 9/7 - sill having lag problems. People are not wanting to bother to come here due to the lag.
  10. Man, the site is sloooooooooooow the last couple days. Anyone know what's going on and/or is it being addressed?
  11. Yes, it's weird. And you're on a site full of weirdos. Seriously though - if the internet has taught us anything, its that kinks and fetishes are about 10,000 times more common than we used to believe.
  12. Welcome Layne. Also N California here. Nice to have you aboard.
  13. I like it. She has as cute face and it has a kind of Max Fleischer animsation quality to it.
  14. Unfortunately, I think one of the more regrettable poisons in Amurrica is these people who confuse our rights and freedoms (which are considerable compared to much of the world, absolutely) with having TOTAL freedom and the right to do anything they damn well please.
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