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  1. Actually I referred to a behavior, not to any specific member. CoL just responded to the second half.
  2. Seatwarmer: ONE - it is not my site. I'm only a moderator TWO - if you have all of this experience, why have you not reached out to Mystery Man and CoL in the first place?
  3. I too have been intensely frustrated by the site's problems, and made my opinion forcefully know. CoL and MM have stepped up to the plate as best they can so that's good enough for me. As to the feedback issue: up until Monday when I finally had enough, I've been coming on nightly and asking for just that. And I'm not surprised to hear some people are frustrated. And I understand. However, pissing and moaning, acting like an abuse victim, threatening that the site will fail, and offering unsolicited and uninformed technical opinions is simply pathetic. No one is abusing the members - the owners are doing the best they can. If people choose to abandon the site, that's their business. All the other spanking sites have their issues as well. If you really think you know something about how to address the site's technical issues, contact Mystery Man or CoL.
  4. Was anything done? The site does not seem to have gone down today, and is still having the same problems.
  5. I think a spanking is too good for this moron.
  6. Those are the major ones. I kinda liked Youth Brigade. My favorites were the sort of bands that mutated into something other than straight hardcore later i.e Husker Du.
  7. Greatest "punk" album and "punk" band ever. Very grateful I got to see what was apparently their final show. Also got to shake Steve McKay's hand!
  8. Does this look like one of mine? It is cute though.
  9. Drooaygah

    Drooaygah's Dare

    Faves and such...
  10. Memories of your own experiences are allowed under site guidelines, and it hardly "glorifies" the corporal punishment of minors.
  11. Ignoring is the best way to go. And no, no one should be attacking your views or opinions. Please keep in mind however, we don't have the resources to monitor every thread.
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