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  1. I feel like catfishing is absolutely rife on here, unfortunately. It's hard to tell if it's a larger number of people or a small number of people coming back repeatedly, but in practice it doesn't really matter. I'm always extremely skeptical, doubly so when someone has an implausible story about their experiences. I know a few regulars in chat are just guys pretending to be young women for attention or some weird roleplay thing - you can probably pick them out yourself after hearing their "experiences". The only advice I can give is be careful, be skeptical, and don't commit to anything with anyone unless you've spoken face to face in a way that can't be faked, like live video chat. Sadly even voice calls are less than 100% reliable these days.
  2. In Mohawk, the word for "Canada Goose" is "Kahonk" https://glosbe.com/en/moh/canada goose In cree, the word for owl is Oho (Pronounced "Oo-hoo") https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=520746501903997 The egyptian word for cats was "Mau" https://www.litter-robot.com/blog/egyptian-mau/ Which sort of makes me think the thing in Pokemon where every animal is just named after whatever sound it makes is a lot more realistic than you'd think.
  3. I know a few women in the spanko scene - there is a huge (and very justified) fear of stalkers and being "outed" non-consensually - if you're going to communicate and you know her real-life name and identity, either don't bring it up until she identifies herself on her own, or identify yourself early on so that she doesn't think it could turn into any kind of an unsafe situation. I know you would never do anything like that from the sounds of things, but it's something a lot of women have dealt with at some point or another in their lives and justifiably worry about. The number one thing that you can do as a guy into kink is make sure that whoever you interact with feels totally safe at all times.
  4. There are absolutely some universal expectations that are reasonable in a discipline-type spanking relationship. Stuff like honestly, respect, listening, communication - those are rules that I tend to expect regardless of the particulars. If those kinds of rules aren't followed then it's hard to have any kind of relationship at all, let alone one that involves discipline and spanking. At the same time, besides that in terms of rules for other kinds of behaviour it always depends on the specific person - nobody has the same behaviour, expectations, needs, etc... and every relationship is different, so you can't generalize too much beyond that.
  5. I've used it but honestly not a huge fan, a lot of the people I've spanked have had some major sensitivities to chemicals, scents and foods so it's a bit risky for getting an allergic reaction.
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