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  1. Spankers figging?

    Ugh crap I misread it and thought it just said "have you used figging" in a general sense and voted yes... please delete that vote. The answer to doing anything without telling someone first is always "no, absolutely not".
  2. Spanking Therapy on Buzzfeed

    Calling it "news" might be a bit of a stretch... but it's not a terrible profile either way.
  3. Spanking from Someone Not Hubby?

    It's absolutely possible to get spanked by someone other than your partner, but that's something you should really discuss with them, to make sure they are okay with someone else spanking you. Then it's really a matter of making sure you find someone you feel comfortable with, who will respect the boundaries you set, and that your partner feels comfortable with the arrangement. That's going to be different for everyone, so make sure you are very clear and open in your communication. I really wouldn't recommend trying to sneak around and get that without the knowledge of your long-term partner.
  4. Is age a factor?

    Age is only a factor as far as the people participating in a relationship feel it should be a factor. Socially, people tend to have certain assumptions about what being a male or female, or older or younger person means, but there is absolutely never anything wrong with deciding you don't agree with those assumptions and doing something differently. No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with an older guy being spanked by a younger girl whatsoever. If both people in the relationship are happy with it, that is the only thing that should ever matter.
  5. New to the site

    I've found that thin, whippy spanking implements can work for that. So like a switch if you have one. Other items could be a coat hanger, or something from the whippy canes or sticks section here: http://www.cane-iac.com/items/Acrylic~Lexan-Canes/list.htm
  6. Spankos and education level

    From chatting to people I've noticed some trends in education. Curious to check thosebout with a poll.
  7. New! Hello!

    Yay, more fellow Canucks! Welcome! Ontario here.
  8. Wearing my pjs when I'm home

    Interesting choice of outfit - a lot of girls I've spanked prefer pjs after punishments since those are a lot comfier on a sore bum than jeans. It would be a bit of a catch 22 if you got spanked for wearing those, and those were the only comfortable thing to wear after.
  9. Dr. Suess solidified my spanking need

    Oh man - I remember that book. I think I re-read it a hundred times and always wondered why. Also Roald Dalh's book "Boy" - there's a whole caning scene in that and his mom seeing the marks later too. That stands out vividly. Another one I read in french class - "Un Bon Petit Diable" had a spanking scene right on the cover.
  10. Well, I certainly hope girls hate getting spanked on a bum that's already sore - that's what makes it motivation to behave themselves.
  11. Brides given bats to keep hubbies in line

    "You can use it below the belt" No kidding.
  12. Temperature taken and spanked?

    It's an interest of mine - I've tried that with a few partners before. It can add some good embarrassment, certainly, but it really depends on the person. Some people I've tried it with didn't really get anything out of it, others had great reactions. As long as you communicate first and it's not a complete surprise it's a pretty good addition to any punishment.
  13. Is Race an issue where spanking needs are concerned?

    If it has an effect, it's probably unconscious. Sadly we all live in a society with some fairly specific standards of what's "attractive" and they tend to reflect certain races over others. The only other thing I've noticed is that when I've spanked darker skinned girls it can be a lot harder to tell how they're doing through redness, since it either shows a lot less or sometimes not at all. Communication and feedback are especially important then.
  14. Spanko Travel Network - Red BnBnB

    This sounds like an amazing idea. So should this thread be used for anyone who wants to offer a place to stay?
  15. spankable bottom?

    Hard to say, I'll have to check in person. *smile*