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  1. This is a great answer. Thank you. Also, welcome to the site.
  2. I want to thank everyone for the responses so far. Some of you have made me realize that maybe my question was too vague. For example, I had no inkling that some people would consider that hitting with a bat, financial restriction, derogatory name calling, such as "whore, etc" would be some people's idea of corporal punishment. I certainly don't mean to call anyone out, but I was really meaning more like traditional punishment implements like a cane, or methods, like I mentioned; like a mouthsoaping, etc. For example, I'd accept a punishment enema if a lady felt it was deserved, but if she thought she was going to whip me with a whip or put me in a dog cage, I'd be out. My apologies if I was unclear, either here or in my original question.
  3. If you're in a DD relationship, or have a regular disciplinarian, what is a punishment that you would flatly refuse? Maybe you would balk at the cane, if you usually get the hand. Maybe a witness would be too much. Perhaps you refuse to stand in the corner. For me, it would probably be line writing. What is your line that cannot be crossed?
  4. Very well said. This community is lucky to have you, and we need more people who think this way.
  5. So funny. I see both on my profile. Must be the lag they've been talking about.
  6. I would prefer a scolding or lecture before the spanking, but I would hope it's delivered as my pants are being taken down, and continue while I'm standing bare in front of her.
  7. Just me. I should probably update, as my hair is grayer now.
  8. Oh, and please feel free to chime in to me, wherever you want. I welcome any opportunity to talk to you.
  9. For me, personally, anything from, "You look like you're going to enjoy this. Let's see if you still are enjoying it in a few minutes, " to, "You dirty boy! I'll spank that out of you!," to any general comments along those lines, would be perfect. I wouldn't mind snickers or pointing and questions from witnesses, such as, "Does that always happen?," but making fun of size would almost be a limit.
  10. I would definitely prefer it be noticed and commented upon. This is a big part of a story I've been contemplating.
  11. If you're an EE, or a sub, how would you react if your ER ordered you to give someone else, especially them, a spanking?
  12. I wish I was a spanked male. I'm 50. I was spanked very young. I have been intrigued by it since my teens, and I've had a few as an adult, but I want the whole ball of wax. Pants down, hand and brush, mouthsoaping, corner time, bottom on display, the whole thing. If there is a lady here who could help me, I would be eternally grateful.
  13. I didn't know this group was a thing, but I'm glad to be here. Thank you for allowing me. I guess I need a spanking for being late.
  14. Welcome. I'm surprised that you can give a Waylon reference at only 22. Something tells me that either A. you've always been crazy, or B. You ain't living long like this.
  15. That's a great point. I'm not talking about beatings. I'm sorry that happened.
  16. Do you differentiate between a "hard" spanking and a "severe" spanking? I do. To me, a hard spanking is where the ER is swinging as hard as they possibly can. I watch videos and clips, and when it's a female ER, it looks like it could be bone breaking, even on a muscular bottom. On the other hand, a severe spanking, at least in my mind, is one where the spanking goes on and on, long after the EE is desperate for it to end. The spanks are not delivered full force, necessarily, but there are many, many more of them. The EE is very likely to come up from a SEVERE spanking, doing the involuntary spanking dance, and holding their blazing bottom cheeks. I will take a severe spanking, anyday.
  17. Hey Erica, we have lots of common friends. It's nice to see you on here. I hope you are well.
  18. I'm going to be visiting New York the week after next, and I'm wondering if anyone has seen Lady Chloe. Would it be worth it for me to try to set something up with her? She seems to offer all of what I crave. Thanks for any advice.
  19. I've seen posts about who takes down the pants, but I don't remember seeing one about how far they're taken down, or completely off. Personally, I think pants down around the ankles, having to shuffle along so you don't trip, is more embarrassing than fully naked. That's the way I want it, where giving or receiving. Your thoughts?
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