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  1. Bad Tushy is the website. I don't know her name, though. She's hot, whoever she is.
  2. You nailed it, exactly. This is what I read about, and want so badly.
  3. I completely agree, but how many men are willing to go through with it when it actually happens? I am not sure I would be, and that's part of it. I want the choice taken away from me. It's going to happen, and there's nothing I can do about it.
  4. These are very strict, long, blistering spankings. Serious matters, beginning to end with a hairbrush, over the knee. Very embarrassing and painful. The kind a wayward teen may have gotten back in the day.
  5. Has anyone read any of the stories by SFG, through CF Publications? They're pretty good stories about OTK hairbrush spankings. I need a spanking like this author describes.
  6. Unfortunately, I am a prolific leaker, and while I've never ejaculated from a spanking, I nearly always leave a spot of pre-cum. Very embarrassing.
  7. I think that's when the ER should step it up a notch or two.
  8. Have you ever had to go pick the switch, after you've already been relieved of your pants?
  9. I have had an unlathered bar of Ivory stuck in my mouth as an intermission to a spanking. I would definitely like to receive more of a soaping like you see on realspankings.com. Very nasty experience. The ultimate for me, which I would definitely try, is to have my mouth thoroughly washed out, and be in the corner, soaped at both ends.
  10. My favorite is when the ER's fingers are in the waistband of my underwear as she shucks them down. I also relish the initial shock of the first smacks of the brush, especially compared to how her hand had felt mere moments ago.
  11. I've met a couple who are top 10 in the industry, I'm friends with some who are probably top 20, and I'm friends of friends with most of the perennial leading names. I also am good friends with one of the well known male ERs in the country. All I know from that is, they're all great, genuine people. Sure, there are some that come and go, but the ones who stay are great people, both in the scene and out.
  12. Speaking only for myself, I would much rather have a spanking relationship with a woman, whether I'm the ER or the EE. I think, when it comes down to it, I'm probably afraid of intimacy of that nature, with a guy.
  13. I'd send you out to cut the switch, sans pants and panties.
  14. Hi Vikki! Welcome. Try Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking. She has a stellar reputation, from what I know.
  15. I haven't landed. I'm a switch, and it's based on the person with whom I'm interacting. I also go through phases. For example, lately I've been craving a spanking. If I get one, which seems unlikely, I'll probably be ready to spank someone else. In the meantime, if the opportunity presented itself for me to spank, I wouldn't hesitate. But there's a good possibility I might ask for the favor to be returned.
  16. I've never really had the guts to come right out and ask, but for most of my spankings, while I might not wish them to be longer, I do wind up wishing they had been more thorough, especially when the sting starts to fade almost instantly.
  17. I want this from a strict female spanker, so bad that it isn't funny. I know I'd not like it, but I need it. The ultimate would be to be thoroughly spanked, and then soaped at both ends, but I'll settle for whatever I can get.
  18. I never put two nd two together before, but I was often lonely as a child. I still am, which may be why I crave a spanking so badly lately.
  19. This sounds like it would make me puke. That's only from the experience I've had being hit there, and how it made me feel. Bottom only for me, thanks.
  20. So tonight I pulled the trigger. I saw a guy's post on Fetlife about being spanked by a man, and how it wasn't always sexual, so I responded to an ad on doublelist. I'm not sure if I should've, and I tried to throw some cautionary things into my response, but I'm so desperate for a spanking right now, there didn't seem to be much else that I could do. Would anyone here have done it? I don't know.
  21. Well, in the case of several of the girls on Realspankings, I know for a fact that Michael knows these girls personally as well as professionally. Maybe their relationship helps them get into the right mindset of being scolded, whether they are actually guilty or not. Other times, maybe they are being punished for something that they did several years ago. Nobody said that when they were "late to class" or whatever, that it had to happen two minutes ago.
  22. I've never seen any personally, but I've always loved this photo.
  23. Ideally, if giving, I would rather be older than her, and if I'm receiving, it would be better if the spanker is older. That said, I would still gladly take a spanking from a younger lady, and I have thoroughly punished a few who were older.
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