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  1. Was thinking about you..

  2. I have been told that a switch is best used first before other implements ..... for the greatest effect. Also, for those of you familiar with switching, it would be very helpful if you could share how a switch is selected and prepared prior to use. Being from New England, its use was never commonplace here growing up.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly!!!
  4. Sometimes you don't have to understand...you just have to accept

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    2. ReadyOrNot


      Hugs OKS!!! 

    3. ReadyOrNot


      Sorry for your experience Accountability. It's when we stop caring, that the world becomes a scarier place.

    4. AfterGeometry


      Yeah your original statement is VERY VAGUE and open to a million interpretations.  Like for instance the Nazi's...I think the German people were told to just accept things without understanding them.  "Just follow orders!  You don't need to know why!"

      The clarification you add later helps enormously...phew! 

  5. Thank you for the clarification SNutt. Seems like a good topic for a separate post...lol
  6. Hey you!!!  We need to catch up!  I've missed you!

    1. ReadyOrNot


      Hey! I don't know how I completely missed this before,but I did!!!   lol

      And yes I've really  missed you too, and would love to catch up!

  7. That may or may not be true, whether the mentor's wife knows about the mentoring/spanking part or not. There are many "real mentors", or that purport to be, that have no clear boundaries themselves and/or for themselves, much less being capable of "establishing" boundaries for their mentee. I have seen this from both sides, so to speak. Obviously this is not true of all mentors, but just something to keep in mind. Just for clarification SN, are you saying that you consider it cheating on your spouse in terms of the spanking/mentoring or only if it becomes sexual in nature?
  8. You're welcome...anytime! Sometimes, although the logic is there, it just needs a push to the front of your brain...lol Good luck! Hope your weekend next month works out well and you get to meet at least someone from the site. Just be careful and stay safe!
  9. You said you live three hours away and meeting to discuss things wasn't an option. You didn't say in your original post, but is your discipline directed/online in nature only; or do you meet in person with your "er" occasionally? If so, then you could also try just writing important key words and phrases that you can expand on, instead of composing it in letter format which you said is difficult for you. Afterwards, let him know you want him to set aside some time beforehand when you next meet. If online only, or you want to convey your problems to your er in a more timely manner, perhap
  10. No one can ever have enough ? Lol...... nice try !
  11. As a matter of fact BF&GL, I had a chance to ask him about it and he stated he would be happy to add it to his collection. I said I would be happy to oblige! ?
  12. P, once again I really have to agree with you. We both know it would be solely in her best interest bc she is loved!!! ?
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