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  2. Hello it has been some time so thought that I would bring this subject up again. Receiving some good old fashion paddling's as in my school days still is a desire of mine. The school paddling's that I got are not the sole reason for my spanking interest yet certainly a factor. Warm Regards to all
  3. Hello again to everyone. A question still stands for me. Are there females that enjoy and become aroused from administering a good spanking without it having to lead to sex? Warm Wishes from Texas!
  4. Thought that I would bid everyone a hello. Finding the right woman or perhaps couple is still of interest ! ! ! Warm thoughts, Male2spank in Texas
  5. There are ladies with a secret fantasy to take control and spank a male. Most however are too afraid to act on these desires. Bob, like you paying for it takes a lot away from the experience. I tried several Pro's and always felt empty afterwards. Pro's serve a role, just not what I am looking for. Finding a woman for a spanking relationship that would enjoy spanking me is what I seek and if she is aroused by doing it even better. I am not seeking sex. Just friends that can on occasion go out to eat, places of interest and such then finishing up with some good spankings!!! Keep looking she is out there. When you find her cherish the friendship and by all means keep her secret! male2spank
  6. Thank you for your reply. Though not clear on the pro's and con's regarding school paddlings I do not wish to debate the topic in this forum. However It did create a current day longing to be paddled. My question is to see if others that were paddled in school share the same desire .
  7. Hello Texasgirly, Wishing you success in finding Mr. Right. Warmest of Regards ! ! !
  8. An attractive woman holding a hairbrush, paddle or switch with a sultry look I find incredibly sexy. Combined with the knowledge that she is going to be using it on my bare bottom is sexually arousing! However, I only seek a non-sexual Spanking Relationship . One where both parties feel safe in finding excitement and arousal from the act of corporal punishment without the risks and complications of sex. Are there others that feel the same or am I alone? Warm Regards, Male2spank in Texas
  9. I'm a male in Texas that is interested in getting together with a female led couple for platonic domestic spankings.
  10. A switch combines well with plenty of "Yes Ma ams" ! ! !
  11. Perhaps a horse hair whip is what you seek. Regards, M2S
  12. Thought I'd check back in. I would like to revisit the excitment of those school boy days. Finding a female that would enjoy using a school paddle on my bare bottom (perhaps in her office) is still of interest. Best wishes to all ! ! ! M2S
  13. Your thoughts about Ms. Edelstein are seconded. I remember the same line and it's affect on me. Though not a glamour queen she is pretty, sexy and has a very compelling look that I seek in a woman disciplinarian. Having to take a good bare bottom hairbrush spanking from Lisa well past the point of composure making my legs kick and sending my bottom stinging out of control is quite a thought!!! Yes, I too would like Lisa Edelstein to spank me.
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