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  1. hey,, my name is lynx. Im near hartford CT. Im 24 and in college and sorta new to coming out and activly looking for partners to spank or be spanked. I only went to a female dom once. I loved it. She pretended to be my nieghbor and caought me smoking weed and instead of calling the cops she spanked me otk. It was crazy LOL but if you interested still, let me know email lynx451@yahoo.com

  2. Crystal


    What part of CT are you in? I'm in southern, MA. I'm strictly a bottom, who sometimes spanks for fun, so I can't really help with the taking in hand, but I am always looking for friends, or the right guy to put me in mah place. ;-) I'm Crystal, btw.
  3. I love your new Av pic! *swoon* ;-)

  4. Crystal


    I can deal with a pretty high amount of crazy, so I think I'll fit right in.
  5. I have a delightfully sore bottom tonight. :)

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    2. Steve_2222


      Crystal what is FL. I'm looking for a site to post some before and after shoots.

    3. Crystal


      Steve, it's fetlife. http://fetlife.com/ it's kind of like Facebook for kinky people.

    4. otkspankee


      I'd be interested in trying my hand at spanking

  6. Crystal


    I'm Crystal. I'm a 28 year old spankee from Massachusetts. I'm not looking for anything in particular. I just hang out in the chat to be all chatty and stuff. I'm pwned, so I'm not looking for a mentor or anything, but I never turn down the opportunity for a local spanking. (After all the "you're only *kinda* crazy, therefore safe" stuff is dispensed with.) So, yeah... see ya around.
  7. This is a month old, but are you still around? I'm a non-athletic 28 y/o girl from MA.
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