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  1. OMG....Laughing my ass off!!! amazing and funny.
  2. I'll bring that book tomorrow. Remind me to give it to you!

  3. Tat, The Falls are beautiful. I went in 2008 with some girlfriends. We had a great time and took some awesome pics!!
  4. I have told my few very close friends about it. They are supportive and never judging. They just wish me to be safe, but happy.
  5. Well, aside from the fact that I am a really really good girl, my new Dom is also very new to the lifestyle so the spanking is a work in progress. He did try a few swats with the hairbrush, paddle, and a wood spoon throughout the weekend. He pulled the bathbrush out of the toy bag and i begged him not to use that and gently told him that it's on the harsh side and more for punishment. So he opted for the paddle instead. I'm positive that the next time will have more learning of spanking techniques and implements.
  6. So my Dom came down to spend the weekend with me. I was so excited to have him here all to myself for 3 days. He arrived Thursday afternoon and like a good girl, I welcomed Him properly. He accompanied me and my friends to a dance club for the night and we had a wonderful time being out together. Friday we were lazy and spent half the day in bed sleeping and cuddling. He's such a great cuddler. He graciously went with me to the mall so i could window shop before we went to a local coffee munch and dinner. How lucky am i?? He even allowed us to go out after dinner for karaoke. (even He sang!
  7. bella, i'm so glad to hear that you are finally truly able to put this behind you and can now fully move on. You are such an amazing woman and deserve the best this life can offer.
  8. he acted surprised when i posted it on fetlife. like what did he think i wanted the pic for????
  9. Serin very much liked this post, PG. lol. esp the plum whiskey part.
  10. This is all I've got to say.....
  11. has a new Dom. :)

    1. spankyboy


      nice to have someone tending to your spankings - isn't it?

    2. MichiganHeadmaster


      You gained a dom; he gained a brat. :-)

    3. LibbyAustin


      hey! I'm not a brat!!

  12. I have met with several spankers for sessions and that was that. We literally got along in person so we had play sessions and nothing more occurred. No emotional baggage or connections. No feelings of loneliness or whatever. i feel tired after they leave, but nothing else. I still have only 2 spankers that I see for fun and we are friends and that is all. nothing sexual. no emotional attachments beyond that of friends. i have 1 spanker that i see very very rarely and yes that one can be more sexual but that is because of the attraction between us. I say all that to say, that YES it is possib
  13. LOL. Just trying to make things as clear as possible for those interested in helping.
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