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  1. Hey lost your info and could not contact you.   Its Mark give me a shout would love to chat.





  2. Oh wow, this thread is such a tease... I wonder if it has to do with hosting, since that seems like a common problem here? If that's the case, maybe finding a shared venue so hosting isn't a problem could improve your luck..?
  3. Why do I want to be spanked? Beats me! But really though, when I think about it, I also like the idea of giving up control completely to someone--with my butt being at the mercy of someone else who will decide when I've had enough. But there is another level to it: spanking is humiliating! Being punished in a way that targets your derriere is embarrassing Having someone else pull down your pants is embarrassing Your reactions to having a sore butt are embarrassing (...and is probably kinda funny to watch) Spanking positions are embarrassing Crying is embarrassing The entire thing is ridic
  4. Honestly, I probably like it more because it's one of the few ways a harsh spanking can happen while still wearing a diaper--though I guess a pullup won't really save you if someone went to town on your butt with a paddle. ...Also the humiliation is real, I can't think of a more humiliating way to get spanked than to be locked into a diaper wedgie while it's happening.
  5. I used to get spanked as a kid and absolutely hated it... Though, even so, I would sometimes fantasize about getting it when I was about 13-ish. It was so weird to simultaneously love and hate something. Eventually when I got older (Probably 17-ish), my brain finally decided to settle on loving it.
  6. This is very much my thing... It's weird though, being put into bulky padding after a harsh spanking is both humiliating, and kinda can work like aftercare since diapers are really soft. Also, if you are wearing some thin pullup, a spanker can actually wedgie that and spank your bare bottom without taking it off. Now that is humiliating.
  7. Well, thanks Alex..! And stuck you say? Maybe I can help? I've always been kind of the "teachy" type. Also kudos for diving into the command line--you can do some pretty gnarly things with it when you get used to it. One of the biggest tips I can give if you don't already know about it is Tab completion. If you hit [Tab] when typing something like a folder or file name, it will try to guess what you are trying to type. Command lines like Powershell and Bash have really good completion that can complete commands and parameters, though the Command Prompt just completes filenames IIRC. Either
  8. A lot of people here are pretty young, who says that only one age group can like spanking? Anyone can..!
  9. Oh yeah? Well, I haven't tried them myself, but I hear CodeAcademy and Khan Academy are both a really nice way to learn JavaScript. The code I wrote here isn't really the best example of best practices because I am trying to keep everything inside of a kind of simple markup called "Org", but if you want to take a look at the source behind the pages, here is the Git repo.
  10. I'd imagine so... Medium is supposed to be painfully average. Literally. :V Sweet..! Glad I could save you two the time. If you have any suggestions, feel free to gimme a heads up. Uh oh!
  11. Did this happen again this week? It looked like the database went away, then the site completely 404'd. ...hee. Famous last words.
  12. Oh hey. Good catch Zhal. I've fixed it. Sorry for the delay.
  13. Alright, the two are now "pants-down, on your underwear", and "pantsless, on your underwear" instead of just the first half...
  14. Ah..! When I put that in there, I meant no pants at all, but still with underwear. (As opposed to simply having the spankee's pants pulled down enough to have their underwear exposed.) I wonder what the best way to communicate that is...because that can definitely be a bit confusing. I think I'll add another state "naked from the waist down" for now to try to differentiate the two until I figure out a better way to describe it.
  15. Hmm... I'm not 100% sure how that would work on the interface -- though I guess I can brainstorm it a bit. (Again, no promises..!) Ah! That is kinda silly... So silly, in fact, that that will no longer happen by default. (Though I added the option in the "Switching it up" section):
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