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  1. I have a lady who has spanked me a number of times in her home and she is more than happy to ask one of her lady friends to witness my spankings. Sometimes they participate even. It definitely adds to the embarrassment!
  2. I would be happy to help you with your discipline needs! Please feel free to write me and tell me more about what you are looking for. I live just north of Greenville, SC.
  3. It has been a long time since I had a switching! But it will have the recipient dancing in no time and there is no way to forget a good switching! That is a very well written article.
  4. Welcome to spankingneeds! It’s great to see spanking couples here. Do you normally discipline together?
  5. Greenville here! I would be more than happy to talk or chat most anytime.
  6. Hi Jay, welcome! I hope you find someone to help. Travis
  7. sman_1


    I travel to Charlotte often!
  8. sman_1


    Greenville, SC here. What part of SC are you from?
  9. sman_1


    I live in the upstate of South Carolina, but travel to Charlotte often.
  10. What area of SC do you live in?
  11. Hey Cobalt! Welcome to spankingneeds! There are lots of wonderful people here. I hope you find what you are looking for here.
  12. I'm not crazy about counting when I'm on the receiving end, but for lengthy spankings I think that it helps me endure more. Counting can also keep me off guard. My first mistress did not always tell me that she expected me to keep a count, sometimes asking me mid-spanking how many licks had been given. And the rule was if I miscounted we would start over. She rarely told me ahead of time how many licks I was due either. We had a constant question and answer going on as well. This developed bonding and trust between us and to this day I find it hard to develop such a story bond with my spa
  13. sman_1


    Please feel free to share with us your concerns. I don't think that it's weird for you to feel this way! A disciplinarian might be very good for you. It's courageous of you to want to explore this. i hope you find what you are looking for.
  14. The punishment does not begin until you want it to end! Having the spankee masturbate before the punishment is a great way to make that happen. Some disciplinarians administer a retention enema, AKA punishment enema, prior to spanking. Tears are not a requirement, but they are a good sign that the spankee is getting the message.
  15. That's great, l am glad to hear that you are getting some good spankings! I hope the strap does you some good too. I've learned many lessons at the end of a strap and they tend to be memorable.
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