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  1. Poison is banned for picking on a poor defenseless chicken...
  2. No....second from left and maybe just maybe my pink colored glasses were on..... And upon taking a second look, it still looks pink....
  3. I like the pink one...matches certain bottoms I have had the fortune of witnessing...what's the material covering it...enquiring minds want to know?
  4. I don't typically get into discussions with anyone that doesn't share this interest. If, however, someone was truly interested, I would explain the relationship without getting too terribly detailed and go deeper if I detected further unbiased interest.
  5. I wasn't going to post on this but I decided I might have some food for thought. The legal age of adulthood in Nebraska is 19 which is one year beyond most states. That being said, at 22 you are an adult by every societal standand put forth at least as far as the number of years you have been alive. Your stated behavior(s) however are not representative of you acting like an adult in any capacity. Before I personally would be willing to address your questions, I would like to point out that as an adult, you have assummed a certain level of responsibility by exercising your privilege to acquire a credit card, for example, and use that card responsibly fulfilling the "adult" promise you made to the company to pay as required. A couple of things come to mind; First, there are lots of natural consequences headed your way regarding your behaviors. Having your car impounded because of excessive parking tickets certainly is one but eventually (and I'd say sooner rather than later) you will be forced to surrender your driver's license until the traffic issues are taken care of. Additionally, your credit cards, if not paid, will also have natural consequences up to and including destroying your credit, garnishment, and incarceration. Secondly, the first step in trying to resolve this situation, as an adult, is to admit you have issues that require intervention, and "want" to resolve these issues. Your post suggests you are wanting to change things and if this is the case, it's a start. Every relationship in this area starts and ends with you. A mentor/disciplinarian can only do so much.You have to decide and dedicate yourself to whatever your goals/needs are. It won't work any other way. Good luck to you.
  6. Nothing in life is perfect. We all take certain risks to get where we think we need to be. This is true in what some would consider vanilla life and even more so here. There is a constant battle between good and evil here and patience, determination, and education will hopefully allow the good to prevail, ensuring the best possible outcome. Some don't know what it is they want while others know but don't know how to communicate it. It's taken me years to become comfortable with where I am. Like you, I wouldn't want it any other wsy. I'm very happy that you've been able to find your groove. It makes me smile thinking about it. It also gives others hope that the struggles and frustratinon they feel todsy will someday be rewarded with exactly what they are looking for. Huge Hugs P


    Hahaha....I think we both know my jackass analogy had nothing to do with you so perish the thought....I do agree however the thought is slightly amusing...


    Healthy debating is a wonderful thing....someone acting like a jackass however is not....
  9. A consentual relationship between two people regardless of the dynamic is none of my business and I think sometimes people have hangups based on their own life issues which pours over into their attitudes when they respond to questionable posts. I choose to refrain from responding to situations I consider questionable mostly out of respect for the "different strokes for different folks" mindset I try to maintain unless I have something meaningful to contribute. I will add one caveat in that someone just starting out questioning whether or not they are being treated fairly or whether they might be in an abusive relationship. In that case...I'll make my opinion known and why, in a respectful way.
  10. I have something that I'm seeing that I'm going to open up for discussion. I'll start out by saying that my interactions here are guided by two fundamental cornerstones of my core belief system. The first one is honesty and the second one is respect. Every post I write, or relationship I have, at the end of the day will be measured by these two standards. I never demand respect from anyone and will not freely give it either. If I want someone to respect me, I have to earn this by my words, my actions, and my behavior in general. On the flipside I would never respect someone just because the person labels themself something that they falsely perceive is superior to what I am. Sadly, I see new members who know nothing about this or, any person for that matter, that has labeled them self an "ee" expected to "bow" to an "er" regardless of whether they have any relationship with the other person or the person has made any effort to earn the respect of them. Sadly, there seems to be a false perception that an "ee" or even a woman in general wants to be dominated at every level and especially relating to the active needs or interests here or worse "NEEDS" to be regardless of their actual needs or wants. Without earned trust and respect, the only thing this accomplishes, in my honest opinion, is placing fear in the person and creating a false impression of how relationships are supposed to develop. Not only don't I demand such behavior, having someone "bow" to me just because, means very little to me unless I have done something to earn their respect. Make no mistake, I have a dominant personality in every respect but I do not and will not make unreasonable demands of someone forcing them to disregard their own human dignity and "if" someone attempts to bow to me just because they see my "er" label, I will quickly point out that I am no better than they are. I know I've opened myself up to drawing fire on this subject but I think it needs to be brought into the open. I also realize that "ee" are very capable of being disrespectful and would never condone such behavior either. The door swings both ways.
  11. After what I saw in kc last night, all I can say is good luck in the pennant series...
  12. Tell him you've been thinking about ^this^ subject and your brain has been wondering if trying different optional changes might be helpful in some way. You aren't telling him what to do, you are opening a dialog about you and what you are thinking about. The choice is ultimately his, but you are communicating which I definitely would not only want but expect.
  13. Woobie is banned again for making up stories...
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