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  1. Thanks...let me know next time you are coming this way.....private message me and we can discuss your approach..thanks
  2. Also from upstate NY...Mohawk Valley/Utica area....if close by, get in touch and we can discuss your discipline needs
  3. Too bad.....I am probably a good two hours away...could certainly use a good parent figure like you who believes in spanking!
  4. hello....older male here who responds ver well when put over the knee of a much younger disciplinarian...believe strongly in the value and benefits of a good sound spanking when behavior warrants...I have private home where spankings can take place without issue.....live about an hour west of albany......let me know if interested
  5. PS...also happy to host if you cannot..let me know...or have a very strong dad friend who could spank the both of us.
  6. Live about an hour and 1/2 from Western Mass border...how close are you to that? Open for a nice drive when this is all over and get down to some honest sound spanking with another male who also needs his own attitude adjusted as well...Let me know what you think.....happy to exchange pics if needed
  7. Hello how are you....I live about an hour and 1/2 from the Mass border. We should discuss a possible meet and the possibility of putting each of us over the others knee for a good firm spanking. No doubt we are both overdue for a genuine kick and cry!
  8. LIve down the thruway in the Utica/Rome area...If you ever get down this way I will be happy to pout you over my knee for a good sound spanking...happy to let you turn the tables as well and spank my fanny like dad used to...let me know if interested
  9. Hello I also am in the Utica/ Mohawk Valley/Syracuse area and would very much be interested in discussing a trip over your knee...big believer in spanking and it has not been easy to find another male willing to spank a guy like my dad spanked. Grew up in pro spanking home and dad was the primary spanker, so I see it as something a man does when another guy misbehaves. Let me know if interested in discussing this further. I am also open to spank as well. Sometimes we all need a good sound spanking
  10. I live in the Utica area and also would be interested......prefer to be spanked by strict men...would that be an issue??
  11. Live in central NY and would find it very powerful to go over the knee of a younger man for a good sound spanking for recent misbehavior...let me know if you ever get this way?
  12. Do you spank both men and women?? I live between Albany and Syracuse...hope to hear from you
  13. where in central NY are you...also from central NY...I could use a good trip over a strict guys knee...let me know if interested
  14. I am not under 40 but in great shape and would be happy to put you over my knee and give you a good sound spanking and then put you back into diapers for acting like a misbehaved infant....live an hour west of Albany off the thruway
  15. sorry thought I was posting to OTKspank518....happy to be a parental figure to any bad boy without the diapers as well...always happy to accommodate the genuine discipline of any young man that still needs to go over Dads knee....Live in the Mohawk Valley
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